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No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises - A Complete Game That I Would Suggest A Friend Of Mine To Buy

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Is A Game Changer

Atlas Rises Update has changed No Man's Sky completely. We can now use a term "Complete Game" for No Man's Sky, it went through a lot of difficulties in the early days, but it's a full packed experience.

Fortnite Review - A Fun But Paid Free To Play Experience

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Fortnite Review

In our Fortnite Review, we give our opinion on whether you should Buy or Wait for Fortnite? At $40, Fortnite early access is very close to Closed Beta i.e. it is not the full experience.

5 Best Xbox One X Games You Should Buy By Holiday 2017

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Xbox One X Games Holiday 2017

What are Must Buy Xbox One X Games for Holiday 2017? Many critics said Xbox One X 2017 lineup looks weak, but it is not. Here's 5 best games to buy in Holiday 2017 for Xbox One X.

For Honor Comeback Might Be Just Behind The Corner, Ubisoft Finally Listening

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For Honor Dedicated Server Support A Boost

For Honor was disaster at launch, but Ubisoft slowly fixed most of the things. The recent update from Ubisoft hints that For Honor is all set for a major comeback - new content, dedicated servers.

PES 2018 Online Beta Hands-On: Manages To Keep The Fun Promise, Really Entertaining

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PES 2018 Beta Impression On PS4

We played PES 2018 beta on PlayStation 4 and discovered lot of improvements. Hands-On PES 2018: It brings never-seen-before Realism in Goalkeeper Animation, and many more things.

E3 Is About Dreams - Why Microsoft Failed At E3 2017 Despite Having Xbox One X

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E3 2017 - Everything Wrong With It

What all things was wrong at E3 2017 for Microsoft and Xbox One X? E3 2017 was a disappointment for Xbox fans because expectations from was high, but no games showcased true power of Xbox One X.

Why The New PS5 Won't Be Announced At E3 2018

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PlayStation 5 - Announcement Not Coming In 2018

Insider Tidux recently stated PlayStation 5 (PS5) announcement is coming at E3 2018, but in our opinion PS5 announcement is not going to come as early as 2018.

5 Major Improvements And Benefits Xbox One X Brings To 1080p TV

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Xbox One X Improvements For 1080p TV

Should you buy Xbox One X for 1080p TV? YES, Xbox One X brings lot of benefits and improvement for 1080p TV. Here's list 5 biggest benefits 1080p TV users will get with Xbox One X.

Xbox One X: 4K Sells, But Who's Buying? [Hidden Truth]

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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X - Who Wants 4K?

Xbox One X is powerful, really powerful, but Microsoft's True 4K claims (for Xbox One X) sounds a bit off for many reasons - PS4 Pro has been on shelves for almost 1 year and is capable of touching 4K (Native and Checkerboard).

Bethesda Creation Club Is Not Stealing Away Money From Mods Again, Hopefully

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Creation Club For Skyrim And Fallout Is Paid Mods?

Is Bethesda Creation Club a paid mods in different outfit? We clear all Myths surrounding Bethesda Creation Club for Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. To sums up all things in one-liner, Creation Club from Bethesda is not everyone of us thinks i.e. it is not Paid Mods.