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Destiny 2 Wants To Get Closer To Lone Wolfs - That's Me!

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Destiny 2 - Cover Art

A rundown of what all things changed from Destiny to Destiny 2, and how the game is trying hard to get closer to the Lone Wolfs (Paolo Sirio), who has not being a big fan of original Destiny.

Project Scorpio At E3 2017 - 5 Announcements That Microsoft Needs To Make To Get Back On Track

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Project Scorpio - Announcements Need To Be Made At E3 2017

E3 2017 is important for Microsoft and Project Scorpio. Here is a list of 5 announcements that Microsoft must make at the event in order to get things in order and lead the next-gen console war against Sony.

Different Risks Led Mass Effect Andromeda And Hitman To Similar Failure - Here's What Went Wrong

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Mass Effect Andromeda - What Went Wrong, How It Failed

EA has decided to cut short Mass Effect Andromeda development team and put the IP on hold. Square Enix is in talk with few publishers to sell out Hitman IP and IO Interactive. What went wrong with these two series: successful in the past.

Sony Could Win E3 2017 With These 5 Mind Blowing Reveals

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PlayStation At E3 2017 - Announcements That Makes Sony Win Again

What Sony needs to do to win E3 (2017) again against Microsoft and Xbox? We list out 5 Mind Blowing Announcements that Sony could make at E3 2017 to continue their dominance.

Project Scorpio: 3 Reasons Why Sony Won Handsomely Against XB1, Microsoft Needs To Tackle Them

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Project Scorpio - Issues Microsoft Need To Fix

It seems like Sony will be repeating their PS4 success against Project Scorpio: Here are the 3 reasons how Sony managed to beat Xbox One handsomely, and they are on track on repeating that success and story.

The Latest Denuvo DRM Technology Has Been Cracked

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Denuvo logo

For the first time hacker group managed to crack 64-bit version of the Denuvo, the anti-piracy DRM. Many publishers have removed the DRM protection following this latest hack: Bethesda, Microids, 2Dark, and others. We expect others to follow suit soon.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Releasing On PS4 And Xbox One, Sooner Or Later

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PC sensation PlayerUnknown's Battleground is all set to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to the details shared by the developer.

Dangerous Practice From Activision, Youtubers Can't Monetize Call of Duty: WWII Videos

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Call of Duty: WWII - YouTubers Can't Monetize Content

Activision is planning a dangerous backdoor game with Youtubers making Call of Duty content. In short, they are disallowing YouTubers to monetize Call of Duty: WWII videos.

Map Location And Unlock Guide - PREY

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Unlock Map Guide - Prey

This PREY guide details how to Map Location and how to unlock it. Once you unlock the map in PREY, it will be easy to travel around the entire place.

Destiny 2 To Feature Seasonal Events Like Overwatch?

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Destiny 2 Seasonal Events

If new report is to believe, Destiny 2 will have Seasonal Events very much similar to what we have seen in Overwatch.