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Tomb Raider's Ending Was Set To Be Darker, But Had To Kill More Characters In The Process

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Tomb Raider: Alternate Ending

Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider Writer Rhianna Pratchett has revealed some startling details related to ending of both the games, both were initially set to have a darker tone, but the idea was drop because it would have required to kill more characters.

Nintendo Boss Explains Why Nintendo Switch Won't Struggle Like Wii U

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Nintendo Switch: Why It Won't Be A Failure As Wii U

Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime gave two reasons why Nintendo Switch is not going to be a failure like Nintendo Wii U.


2017 Is Set To Be A "Fun Year", With "New Experiences" For Xbox: Phil Spencer

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Spencer Promises 2017 Will Bring New Experiences To Xbox One

Phil Spencer has assured Xbox fans that 2017 is going to be a "Fun Year", with new experiences as they won't rely exclusively on Halo or Gears of War game.

Spencer: Phantom Dust Releasing Before June 2017, Mech Assault Comeback Hinted

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Phantom Dust Releasing Before E3 2017

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox One exclusive Phantom Dust (reboot) will launch before June 2017. Also, Spencer hinted at the return of Mech Assault comeback.

Call of Duty: People's Army (Set In Vietnam) Is Fake, Here Is The Proof Of It

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Call of Duty: People's Army Confirmed As Fake

The so called Call of Duty: People's Army (the new Call of Duty game scheduled to launch in 2017) is FAKE. Twitter users managed to crack the lie behind this "People's Army" title and submitted a proof of it being fake.

Deals With Gold For January 17, 2017 Week: List Of Discounted Games

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Deals With Gold: January 17 Week

Xbox website has been updated with Deals With Gold for January 17, 2017 week. Sadly, this week offering is not good, but players can can have Insomniac's latest, Song of the Deep, at a 50% discount.

Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.09 Now Available, Fixes Multiplayer Exploit And Nerfs Weapon

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Watch Dogs 2 Patch 1.09 Changelog

Ubisoft has released Watch Dogs 2 patch 1.09 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It fixes multiplayer exploit, nerfs weapon, and many other things.

Fast RMX Runs AT 1080p/60FPS On Nintendo Switch

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Fast RMX Will Run At 1080p/60FPS

Shin'em has officially announced that Fast RMX will run at glorious 1080p/60FPS on Nintendo Switch.

It Takes 10 Hours To Beat Resident Evil 7?

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Resident Evil 7 Game Length Revealed

A new Resident Evil 7 rumor on internet states that it takes just 10 Hours to complete the game (start to finish in just 10 hours).

Nintendo Switch Would Be A "Complete Disaster" If It Was Home Only, says Digital Foundry

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Nintendo Switch Tech Analysis: A Disaster?

A Short Nintendo Switch Tech Analysis from Digital Foundry is out. Richard Leadbetter states that the Nintendo Switch would have been a "complete disaster" if it was home only.