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Spider-Man E3 2017 Gameplay In-Depth Analysis - What We Know That You Don't

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Spider-Man PS4 Demo Analysis

Spider-Man PS4 was one of the best games at E3 2017. Here is an in-depth analysis of the gameplay featuring some interesting points on QTEs, Combat, supervillain, Miles Morales, and many other things.

Can Bioware's Anthem be Xbox's Destiny?

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Bioware's Anthem - Can It Be Xbox's Destiny

Team Xbox is in desperate need for a third-party developer deal, especially a deal similar to Sony-Activision for Destiny. Can Bioware's new IP, Anthem could be the option, can it be turned into Xbox's Destiny?

Xbox One X Reveal Was Disappointing - I Don't See A Vision Behind The Console

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Xbox One X Reveal Was Disappointing

Xbox One X re-reveal at E3 2017 fails to impress our Editor Paolo Sirio, and concludes that there is hardly any vision is visible from Microsoft behind the console apart from the simple "we're doing the most powerful console in the world, ever, etc."

Talking About BioWare's Anthem

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Bioware's Anthem - What We Know So Far

BioWare's Anthem reveal at EA Play did not came as a surprise. We name the Anthem reveal at E3 as an attempt to sweep Mass Effect Andromeda mess under the carpet from Electronic Arts and Bioware both.

3 Fighting Games, Including Injustice 2, That'll Save The Genre

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Injustice 2 And Tekken 7 - Fighting Genre Saviour

Street Fighter V debacle came as a big shock to fans of the fighting video game genre. They all were pretty sure about the genre getting buried alive. Thankfully, these 3 games seems to have save the genre and have put forward a way for the future.

Usman Ally Interview - Meet The Man Who Plays Asav, The Main Villain In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Interview With Asav

Gamepur Interview Usman Ally, the voice actor behind Asav, the main villain in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Not much is known about Asav expect that he was has worked for the Indian government before, and has a connection to Nadine Ross.

RIME Review - You Can't Say It's A Total Disappointment

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Rime Review

Rime Review - The game hits the right note at many front, but fails to carry on the same experience right till the end. So it will be too harsh to call Rime a total disappointment.

Pricing Project Scorpio

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Project Scorpio - What Dilema Microsoft Faces In Pricing

Project Scorpio Price? The pricing for Project Scorpio needs to be bang on, and Phil Spencer knows this very well. Our Editor Paolo Sirio tries "pricing Xbox Scorpio".

5 Soulslike Games You Should Give A Try, The Surge Included

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5 Best SoulsLike Games Players Must Try

Nowadays we hear the term "Soulslike" at lot, it has become a Special Genre of video games. Here is a list of 5 must try Soulslike games, and included in the list of Deck13's The Surge, who are the other 4 games?

Destiny 2 Wants To Get Closer To Lone Wolfs - That's Me!

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Destiny 2 - Cover Art

A rundown of what all things changed from Destiny to Destiny 2, and how the game is trying hard to get closer to the Lone Wolfs (Paolo Sirio), who has not being a big fan of original Destiny.