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Pokemon GO Easter Special Event Eggstravaganza Kicks Off, Double XP, Lucky Eggs Cost 50% Off & More

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Pokemon GO Easter Special Event Eggstravaganza

Earn Double XP Bonus, Buy Lucky Eggs at 50% Off, Epic Pokemon Hatches in 2KM eggs during Eggstravaganza in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO Daily Users Dropped To Just 5 Million

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Pokemon Go Daily Users Count Falls By 80 Percent

A big downfall in Pokemon Go daily users figure. The app has seen a drop of 80 percent.

Pokemon Go: How to Find, Catch a Shiny Golden Magikarp and Red Gyrados

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Shiny Magikarp and Red Gyrados

The following guide shows how to Find and Capture Shiny Magikarp in the Pokemon Go and Red Gyrados Evolution.

Pokemon GO Update Now Available, Random Evolution Item Coming With First PokeStop of the Day

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Pokemon Go

Niantic today released a new patch for Pokemon Go. The update adds lot of interesting thing, and one of the being the random evolution item coming with the first PokeStop of the day.

Super Mario Run Coming On Android In Three Days

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Download Super Mario Run For Android Release Date

The release date of Super Mario Run Android version has been announced. It is just three days away from its official release on Android platform worldwide.

Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Porygon to Gen 2 Porygon

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Gen 2 Porygon

A simple tip to evolve Porygon to Porygon 2 in Pokemon Go, you will need Up-Grade Tool for that.

Pokemon GO: Solution To White Sky Loading Screen Issue On iPhone

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Pokemon Go Gen 2

Here is a guide on how to fix Pokemon Go sky loading screen issue on iPhone. This is not an official fix, it was shared by a user on Reddit.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Best Offensive and Defensive Moveset

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Moveset

With 80 plus new Pokemons in Generation 2, it is hard to know which move set is best against the opponent. So we bring a short guide with the best offensive and defensive moves for each of them.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Nest Migration: What Spawn Locations Changed?

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Nest

After introducing the Generation 2 Pokemon, nest migration has occurred already. A few are replaced with new gen pokemons, while a few of them are completely removed. Check the tips for details.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Highest CP and Strongest Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Gen 2

Pokemon Go Gen 2 brings a lot of pokemons to catch, if you are confused what to go for, then refer this list to find the best with high CP  or the most strongest ones for gym battles.