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Pokemon Go Buddy System: How To Get Free Candies

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Pokemon Go Buddy Feature

Pokemon Go Buddy System distance chart gives player an idea of how far they need to travel with their buddy Pokemon to generate a Candy.

Pokemon GO Appraisal - How to Calculate IV from the New Update

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How to Calculate IV from the New Update

The Pokemon Go introduced a new appraisal feature, by using which Team leaders can share commentary about trainer's Pokemon, which can be used to determine which Pokemon is best for the battle.

Mobius Final Fantasy: Change Jobs Guide

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Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy is a game, which comes with the feature of many jobs. By changing the jobs, you can switch between different weapons, elements and Cards. This guide details how to change jobs in Final Fantasy.

Pokemon Go Getting Buddy Pokemon System, Here's How It Will Work

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Pokemon Go

Niantic has just confirmed a brand new update for Pokemon GO is coming, introducing a Buddy Pokemon system that highly recalls about the animated series where protagonist Ash Ketchum constantly has a Pikachu on his side. Let's take a look at what this system is in detail.

5 Useful Tips and Tricks For Level 30+ Pokemon GO Players

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5 Useful Tips and Tricks For Level 30+

Here are the top most useful Tips and Tricks for every Pokemon Go Trainer who has crossed Level 30 in the game. From Boosting your XP to learning new tricks to catch Pokemon is shown in this article.

French Mayor Wants Pokemon GO Creators Asking Permission Before Launching App

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Pokemon GO

French town Bressolles, northeast of Lyon, has its mayor launching a decree to Niantic and The Pokemon Company in order to harm its popularity among citizens. The Mayor wants Niantic to add a program which will ask for permission before launching the game.

Pokemon Go Permanent Account BAN: How To Put Unban Request To Niantic

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Pokemon Go BANNED

Is you Pokemon Go Account got banned permanently? here is a way by which you can put forward a request to Niantic to Unban it.

Pokémon GO New Bug Has Impact On Accuracy And Escape, External Websites Block Explained

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Pokémon GO

A new bug Pokémon GO affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus. 

Pokemon GO - How to Get Unique PokeStop Bonus(100XP)

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How to Get Unique PokeStop Bonus

PokeStop in Pokemon GO is where you find all the Pokeballs, Potions, and others. This Pokemon GO hack guide will show you how to unlock the unique PokeStop bonus to get more items and 100 XP.

Nintendo and Niantic Remove Legendary Pokémon From Pokemon GO Accounts

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Niantic and Nintendo have been removing first legendary Pokemon i.e. Articuno from several Pokemon GO accounts, after those were assigned because of an error or hack?