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ARMS Control Schemes For Nintendo Switch - All 5 Control Schemes Revealed

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ARMS - Nintendo Switch Control Scheme

ARMS for Nintendo Switch supports 5 Control Scheme, and details about all of them has been revealed. These 5 ARMS control schemes are: Dual Joycons, Joycon Grip, Handheld, Single Joycon, and Pro Controller.

Call of Duty: WWII - Nintendo Switch Port Seems To Be In Development, Possibly At Beenox

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Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is in development for Nintendo Switch, and an official announcement is incoming at E3 2017. This comes from an update to Call of Duty website, and a new report from a credible insider.

RIME Review - First Score Revealed, Edge Awards 9/10

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RIME - Review Score

Edge Magazine has revealed their RIME Review score. The publication awarded the game an excellent review score of 9/10. Get Even, the upcoming thriller video game, received 6/10.

NPD: Nintendo Switch Takes The Best Selling Console Crown In April 2017, Also Leads In Software Sales

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Nintendo Switch - NPD Best Selling Console In April 2017

NPD has named Nintendo Switch as the best-selling console in April 2017. Also, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was named as the best selling video game, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as the third best selling game.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Discovers Issue Behind False Home And Screenshot Button Pressess

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Minecraft - Nintendo Switch False Home And Screenshot Button Issue

4J Studios announced that a fix for Minecraft Nintendo Switch issue which false home and screenshot button presses is already in development. No update on when it will be released for general public.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 2.3.0 Out Now, Improves System Stability, says Patch Notes

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has released firmware 2.3.0 for Nintendo Switch. It improves system stability to enhance the user's experience.

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda is coming for Smartphone

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Legend Of Zelda Smartphone

Rumor or Leak, Nintendo is planning its release its popular title Legend of Zelda for Smartphone.

Tatsumi On Nintendo Switch 10 Million Sales Forecast: I Don't Think We Can Readily Achieve The Target

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Nintendo Switch 10 Million Sales Prediction

Nintendo Boss Tatsumi Kimishima is of the opinion that Nintendo might not achieve the forecast of selling 10 million Nintendo Switch units worldwide by March 2018 end.

Nintendo To Third Party Developers - Release Major Games For Nintendo Switch As Early As Possible

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Nintendo Switch Third Party Dev Support

Nintendo is making sure that Nintendo Switch gets its share of major third party games on time and on that note they have asked third-party developers to release their major games for Nintendo Switch as early as possible.

Nintendo Switch - How To Store Credit Card Information

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Nintendo Switch - How To Save Credit Card Information

Nintendo updated Nintendo Switch with a new feature of users, the ability to add and store Credit Card information.