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Nintendo Switch Powered By Older Nvidia Maxwell Architecture, Not Pascal

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Nintendo Switch - Older Nvidia Maxwell Architecture:

A new rumor on internet states that Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia Maxwell architecture and not the most recent Pascal.

Bethesda And Nintendo Have Discussed Prey Switch Version, But Is It Powerful Enough?

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Prey Coming To Nintendo Switch Port

Prey for Nintendo Switch has been discussed by Nintendo and Bethesda, but is the console powerful enough?

Nintendo Switch Early Hands-on: Dates And Cities For The U.S. Demo Tour Revealed

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Nintendo Switch Hands On Event Cities Information

A Twitter user leaked Nintendo Switch early hands-on demo dates and cities for the United States.

Nintendo Switch January 2016 Event Exact Timing Announced

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Nintendo Switch January Event: Date And Exact Time

Nintendo has announced the timing for Nintendo Switch January 2016 event. The event will start at 04:00 am GMT, and Nintendo will share details on Switch's launch line-up, price, and many other things.

Nintendo Switch Final Dev Kits Out for selected Developers, Max Battery Life 8 Hours: Rumor

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Final Developer Kit is out, as per a video shared on YouTube, the device will deliver max 8 hours of output. Also Jimmy Fallon gets the first Switch. 

Insider Leaks New Nintendo Switch Exclusive RPG Game With Images, Reveal In December 2016

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Heaven The Game - Nintendo Switch Exclusive

A new Nintendo Switch exclusive RPG game has been leaked with images. According to insider, the reveal is in coming in December 2016. Users on Reddit states that the game is Seasons of Heaven from Any Arts Production.

Nintendo Switch Running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Gameplay Shown At Jimmy Fallon Show

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Nintendo America Boss Reggie showed the first gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on Nintendo Switch. Reggie also showed the gameplay of Super Mario Run running on iPhone.

Nintendo Switch Supporting GameCube Titles Via Virtual Console Emulation?

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Nintendo Switch To Support GameCube Games

A reliable source has revealed that Nintendo Switch will support GameCube games via virtual console emulation.

Nintendo Switch Adding More Power When Docked, To Easily Reach 1080p Resolution On TV

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Nintendo Switch Dock Adds More Power

When Nintendo Switch is connected to Dock via USB-C, it adds some extra power to help reach magical 1080p resolution figure on 1080p TVs, according to reliable sources.

Nintendo Reveals The Reasons Why Switch Is Called Like This

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Nintendo Unveils Reason Behind Using Name Switch

Nintendo unveil the reason behind naming their new console as "SWITCH". According to Nintendo, there are two reasons to name it as Switch.