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Nintendo Switch Leak From Foxconn Manufacturer Suggests It's More Powerful Than Xbox One

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Nintendo Switch: More Powerful Than Xbox One?

A new Nintendo Switch leak (possibly a reliable one) hints that the console is more powerful than Microsoft's Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch available for 198.50 UK price at pre-order

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Nintendo Switch

Gameseek, a online UK retailer is offering Nintendo Switch on Pre-order for 198.50 Bright Pounds and assures that if the price is higher buyers will not have to pay any additional pence.

Xenoblade X: Nintendo Switch Version Not In Development At Monolith, They Are Working On Something New

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Nintendo Switch Zelda Release Date Leaked

Xenoblade X for Nintendo Switch is in development at an external studio, Monolith is working on something completely different, according to insider sources.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Releasing Before April 2017: GameStop

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Release Date

New GameStop promotional material hints The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is releasing before April 2016.

Nintendo Switch: "Game Changer" For GameStop, Almost 30% Members Will Buy It

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GameStop Predicts Nintendo Switch Sales

GameStop CEO calls Nintendo Switch a "Game Changer" and predicts that almost 30 percent of its users are going to buy Nintendo's new console.

How to Get Eevium Z and Eevee Z Crystal in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon - Eevium Z Crystal

To unlock Eevium Z and Eevee Z Crystal in Pokemon Sun and Moon, players need to battle against elite four and get victory in the storyline.

Todd Howard Confirms Skyrim On Nintendo Switch, Praises The Console, says "I Love It"

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Skyrim Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Todd Howard played on Nintendo Switch. He praised the console by stating "I Love it" and also went on to confirm Skyrim Special Edition for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch's First Year Lineup Including Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker Port, BG&E 2: Report

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Nintendo Switch - First Year Lineup

Insider has leaked Nintendo Switch's First Year lineup. Its a mix up of third party and first party games with a mixture of few surprises.

Nintendo Switch FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

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Nintendo Switch FAQ - Everything You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017. This unofficial Nintendo Switch FAQ explains everything about the console from games, specs, price, and many other things.

Mario RPG Crossover With Rabbids Coming To Nintendo Switch At Launch, In The Making At Ubisoft: Report

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Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids For Nintendo Switch

One of the Nintendo Switch launch game is coming from Ubisoft, and it is going to be crossover between Mario and Rabbids, according to the report from reliable insider.