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11 Hidden Nintendo Switch Features That Many Of You Missed

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Nintendo Switch Hidden Features And Hardware

These are the 11 hidden features of Nintendo Switch that we discovered in the three minutes preview trailer.

Nintendo Switch Games Not Confirmed Despite Being In The Trailer: Here's Why

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Nintendo Switch - Games Shown In Trailer Still Not Confirmed

Games showcased in the 3 minutes Nintendo Switch preview trailer are not yet confirmed for the console, according to Nintendo UK Spokesperson.

Is Nintendo Switch (At Least) As Powerful As PS4?

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Nintendo Switch Atleast As Powerful As PS4

A new rumor from Wall Street Journal states that Nintendo Switch is atleast as powerful as PlayStation 4, and more third party developer are moving towards Switch.

Sony's Yoshida Retweets Nintendo Switch Plushie: "Cute"

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Yoshida Tweets Nintendo Switch Dog Tweet

Yoshida retweeted a Nintendo Switch plushie made by a Twitter user TheAnnaTheRed. Yoshida termed the Switch Plushie as "Cute".

Nintendo Switch Is An "Evolution", But What About Price And Specification?

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Nintendo Switch: What About Specs and Price?

Nintendo Switch brings many new things to the table and we can termed it as a "Evolution" (but Revolution), but what about the Price and Specs?

Nintendo Switch Info Leaked By Trailer Actor: "Pro Controller More Comfortable Than Xbox One Joypad"

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Nintendo Switch Information Leaked

Nintendo Switch's Pro controller feels much more comfortable than the Xbox One joypad, according to the details shared by trailer actor.

Nintendo Switch Battery Life Is "Mediocre", Maximum Life Is Just 3 Hours: Insider

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Battery Life is just 3 hours long (maximum), another insider source term Nintendo Switch's batter life as "Mediocre"

Nintendo Switch Not Compatible With Wii U or 3DS, But With Mobile Games

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is not backward compatible with Wii U or 3DS. When asked Nintendo Switch will be compatible with mobile games? "can't answer" said Nintendo.

No Nintendo Switch Games and Release in 2016

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No new games for Nintendo Switch

2016, Nintendo Switch will not get any new games. Official specification will be released in 2017.

Nintendo Switch Specs: Nvidia Tegra Processor, GPU Architecture Similar To Top-performing GeForce Cards

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Nintendo Switch: Specs, Third Party Games

Nintendo Switch Specs looks powerful. Nintendo Switch is powered by Custom Nvidia Tegra Process, GPU architecture is equivalent to today's top performing GeForce cards.