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New Nintendo Switch Info: Share Button, No Friends Code, Red Dead Redemption 2 And Andromeda Ports

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More Nintendo Switch Leak

Launch Kate Dale leaked more Nintendo Switch information in a Q&A session with a YouTuber. Laura confirms Share Button for Nintendo Switch, but deny Friends Code support. Also, She confirms Red Dead Redemption 2 and Andromeda will not release on Switch.

Nintendo Switch To Support Bluetooth And 5 GHz Wi-fi: FCC Filing

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Nintendo Switch FCC Listing

Some new Nintendo Switch information has been leaked via console's FCC filing. Switch will support Bluetooth and 5 GHz Wi-fi.

Assassin's Creed (2017) Releasing On Nintendo Switch, "Release Parity" Promised By Ubisoft: Insider

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Assassin's Creed 2017 Releasing On Nintendo Switch

According to multiple insider sources, Assassin's Creed 2017 will release on Nintendo Switch alongside PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft has promised "release parity" to Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch: Dev Kits Power, Ethernet Port, New IP Announcement And CGI Teaser - Report

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Nintendo Switch Dev Kits Details Leaked

Insider Laura Kate via Reddit AMA shared lot of new Nintendo Switch information, ranging from power of the new developer Kits, Ethernet Port, new CGI teaser in the making of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and many other things.

Nintendo Switch To Support Up To 4K On TV Mode: Report

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Nintendo Switch Supports 4K Resolution in TV Mode

According to few industry sources, Nintendo Switch will support up to 4K resolution in TV mode. When in portable mode, Nintendo Switch will support 720p to conserve battery life.

Nintendo Switch Sold Out Until September, Project Scorpio Shipping At $399: Pachter

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Project Scorpio Price Is $399

According to Michael Pachter, Project Scorpio will carry a price tag of $399 at launch. Also, Nintendo Switch is going to be sold out by September 2016.

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Seasons of Heaven First Trailer Is Said To Be Running On PC

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Seasons of Heaven Trailer Running On PC

According to report, Seasons of Heaven first trailer is running on PC, and not on Nintendo Switch. The details were shared by well known insider Laura Kate Dale.

Nintendo Switch speculated clock speed could be 1 GHz CPU and 300Mhz GPU

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch a hybrid gaming console is set to release next year with powerful configuration, yet nothing is officially revealed, the speculated speed is counted around 1Ghz for the Tegra X1 processor. 

Nintendo Switch Lowering CPU Usage In Portable Mode

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Nintendo Switch CPU Usage Details

A new Nintendo Patent shares a new information on Nintendo Switch. According to the information in the patent, Nintendo Switch lowers CPU usage in portable mode.

Nintendo Switch Powered By Older Nvidia Maxwell Architecture, Not Pascal

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Nintendo Switch - Older Nvidia Maxwell Architecture:

A new rumor on internet states that Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia Maxwell architecture and not the most recent Pascal.