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PS4 Guide to Fix Display flickering, HDMI, Power, Audio, Video, Red Light and Freeze issues

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PS4 issues

Nowadays we crave for games which play at a high resolution. We buy such games and just cant wait to start an awesome gaming session, but baaam!!

This Weekend's PSN Flash Sale Details Leaked, Includes Portal 2, Mirror's Edge And More

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PSN Flash Sale

It seems like this weekend's PlayStation Network Flash Sale details has been leaked via Latin American PlayStation Blog and games that are being offered includes: "Miku, Portal 2, Mirror's Edge, Mortal Kombat Kollection and more"

PSN Down, Undergoing Unscheduled Maintenance, Preparation for PS4 Firmware 2.0?

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PSN Down

According to reports coming out from PlayStation 4 sub-reddit, it seems like PlayStation Network is currently down. As soon as players try to login to the PlayStation Network, an error message is generated which reads: "PlayStation Network is Down For Maintenance".

PSN Down Currently Down Across The Globe, DDos Attack From Hackers or Sony Rolling Out PS4 Firmware 2.0?

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PSN Down

According to report coming out from PlayStation 4 sub-reddit, PlayStation Network is currently facing some issue and is down. This downtime comes as a surprise as no maintenance has been scheduled today.

PS Plus Free Games for October 2014 Will Go Live on Oct 8, Official Announcement On or Around Oct 1: Sony

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PS Plus

Sony has official confirmed that free PlayStation Plus games for October 2014 will start arriving on October 8, and official details regarding content will be made around October 1.

PSN Down For PS4 Owners, Error Code NW-31201-7 Reported, Minecraft PS4 Edition Main Culprit Not DDoS Attack

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PlayStation Network is down again for PlayStation 4 owners but this time around DDOS attack of hacker group Anonymous is not the main culprit, it's Minecraft PS4 Edition.

Who Should Play Nathan Drake In Uncharted Movie to release in June 2016

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Nathan Drake

Which actor you think should play Role of Nathan Drake in uncharted movie? Uncharted movie release date is June 10th, 2016.

PSN Down Again, this time its not the Lizard Squad but "Planned Maintenance"

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PSN Down

PSN Down Again, this time its not down because of the DDOS attacks or the Lizard Squad but "Planned Maintenance." Also error codes PSN NP-9769-1, NP-9771-4, NP-9765-7, NP-9766-8 mean that PSN is down for maintainece.

Mega Man X4, X 5 to release for PS Vita and PS3 in September 2014

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Mega Man X4, X5 coming to PS3 and PS Vita, release dates revealed.

PSN down again, DDOS or maintenance?

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PSN down

PSN is down again, is it attacked by Lizard Squad or is it down for unscheduled maintaince?