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FBI Starts Investigation Against LizardSquad For PSN/Xbox Live Outage With DDoS, "Yawn" says Hacker Group

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PSN/Xbox Live Hacker Lizard Squad

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has started investigating Lizard Squad, the notorious hacker group that took down PSN and Xbox Live with DDoS attack on Christmas (the downtime continued for three days).

Fix For "PS4: Unable to connect to PSN" Issue

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For the gamers still struggling with their PSN Sign-In issue here is a guide which will help you login to your PSN account Successfully.

PSN and Xbox Live Christmas 2014 Outage Shows Sony and Microsoft's Inability To Protect Their Consumers

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DDoS Attacks

Christmas 2014 had been pretty rough for the gamers who had long ago planned a game with family. PSN and Xbox Live services went offline, are Sony and Microsoft to be blamed?

PSN Login Issue On PS4: Updated Fix/Workaround For PS4 Owners Who Can't Connect Even After Setting MTU To 1473

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PlayStation Network

Another fix/workaround of PSN Login Issue on PS4 has been discovered. This one is for those PS4 owners who can't connect to PSN even after setting MTU option of 1473

Lizard Squad Explains Why They Took PSN And Xbox Live Down With DDoS Attack

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In an exclusive interview, Hacker Group Lizard Squad explains the reason behind taking down PSN and Xbox Live Down.

PSN Remains Down/Offline For Third Day In A Row, Xbox Live Back Online, Sony says: "No ETA Available Yet": Updated: PSN Back Online

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PSN Down

PSN is still offline following DDos attack from notorious hacker group Lizard Squad. PSN outage was started on Christmas eve, which was extended on Christmas Day. LizardSquad has stopped DDoS attack on PSN, but service is still OFFLINE.

Xbox Live and PSN Live Now, DDoS Attack Stopped, Thanks To Deal Between LizardSquad And MegaUpload Founder DotCom

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Xbox Live PSN Down

DotCom struck a deal with Hacker Group LizardSquad to stop attack on PSN and Xbox Live. To stop DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox Live, DotCom offered 3000 Mega lifetime premium vouchers for all members, and LizardSquad accepted it.

Lizard Squads Takes PSN Down With DDoS Attack On Christmas Day, Login Issue Reported, Xbox Live Also Facing Outage

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PSN Down

PSN and Xbox Live are currently DOWN. Hacker Group Lizard Squad have taken Down both PlayStation Network (for PS3, PS Vita and PS4) and Xbox Live (for Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

Beatshapers announce #killallzombies PS4 Update for US PSN

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Beatshapers, the developers behind Ready to Run have announced a brand new update for their game kill all zombies, this updates adds 4 new weapons for PS4 and Xbox One along with many new features.

FinestSquad Provided proof for Taking down Lizard Squad from Twitter, Confirms sending vulnerabilities to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Owners

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FinestSquad has provided an image which claims to be the proof of wiping out Lizard Squad from Twitter. They also claim sending vulnerabilities to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Owners.