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Xbox One console games news, videos, downloads, reviews and updates.

Xbox At Gamescom 2017: New Game Announcements Confirmed, But Not E3 Level

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Xbox GamesCom 2017

Xbox Marketing Boss Aaron Greenberg commented on Xbox GamesCom 2017 line-up: Many new game announcements will be made at the event, although it won't be of E3 level. He also stated that a lot of exciting thing is going on at Team Xbox.

About 4 Millions Copies Sold Within 3 Months of Launch of PlayersUnknown's Battleground

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 Playersunkown Battleground

Within the 3 months of launch PlayersUnknown’s Battleground has able to reach 3 million copies.

Creative Director Michel Ancel Shares First Gameplay Video of Beyond Good and Evil 2

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Beyond Good And Evil 2

The first gameplay video of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is updated on YouTube on the official Ubisoft US channel, where Creative Director Michel Ancel talks about the game engine and many other elements.

The Lost Legacy Perhaps Is Not The End of The Uncharted Series

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 Uncharted Lost Legacy Chloe

The Uncharted Series will not be ending up with The Lost Legacy, Chloe’s adventure will continue without Nathan Drake.

Project Cars 2 Will Run At Native 4K/60FPS On Xbox One X, Can't Define Resolution On PS4 Pro Yet

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Project Cars 2 Xbox One X

Project Cars 2 will perform on 4K resolution at 60fps on Xbox One X confirms game director.

The Evil Within 2 Off-Screen Gameplay Cover System, Gunplay And More

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Evil Within 2 Booth Video

The Evil Within 2 gameplay video from E3 2017 booth. The video reveals some gunplay, and cover system from Kidman DLC.

Destiny 2 Beta Exact Start Time For PS4 And Xbox One

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 Destiny 2 Beta Time Date

Destiny 2 Beta coming out first for those who pre-ordered on PS4 and Xbox One, and later a general access. The same for PC is not announced.

Friday The 13th New Patch Out On PS4/Steam, Not On Xbox One Due to Memory Leak

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Friday The 13th Patch

Friday The 13th Patch 1.05 is rolled out for PS4 and Steam, the patch is delayed on Xbox One due to memory leak.

LA Noire Remastered Coming With VR and First Person Mode For Switch - Rumor

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LA Noire VR

LA Noire Remastered will be coming with VR and First Person Mode according to some tweets.

Devil May Cry Director Hideaki Itsuno Apologize For No E3 2017 Announcement

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Devil May Cry E3 Announcement

Hideaki Itsuno Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma Director express regret of E3 2017 absence, but assure about a new project.