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Xbox One console games news, videos, downloads, reviews and updates.

Lords of the Fallen Runs At 1080p on PS4 And Just 900p on Xbox One, "There's No Other Difference" says Dev

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Lords of the Fallen

Resolution-gate controversy between PS4 vs Xbox One still exists, Lords of the Fallen, an upcoming action RPG from Deck 13 will run at 900p on Xbox One and 1080p on PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy XV on PS4/Xbox One Won't Feature Any Female Playable Characters, "Strong Road Movie Vibe" says Dev

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Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will not feature playable female character, and the development team are making it to get "Road Movie" like vibe.

First WWE 2K15 Gameplay Trailer On PS4/Xbox One, Shows Vast Graphics, Lighting And Character Models Improvements

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WWE 2K15

2K Games has shared the first official gameplay trailer of WWE 2K15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No doubt, graphics/visuals are simply amazing. The game features ton of improvements, watch the trailer below to see them all in action.

Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid Hit By "Completion Bug", Players Not Receiving Rewards After Completion

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Destiny's hardest challenge "Vault of Glass Raid", seems to have be bugged as players who have finished the raid are reporting that they have not received loot at the end of it.

New Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Gameplay Footage Shows Rain Effects, Now As Good As PS4 Exclusive DriveClub?

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Forza Horizon 2

Take a look at this new Forza Horizon 2 gameplay on Xbox One showcasing Rain Effect. Graphics/visuals in the footage is impressive but not as good as what Evolution Studios has achieved with DriveClub on PS4.

Ton of New FFXV Details via Famitsu: Massive World To Explore Thanks To PS4/Xbox One Power, Combat System And More

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Final Fantasy XV

Ton of exciting new details about Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV has been leaked via Famitsu's interview with new game director Hajime Tabata

CoD: Advanced Warfare Resolution Better Than CoD: Ghosts on Xbox One Confirms Dev, But 900p or 1080p?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games co-founder has confirmed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare resolution will be better than Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One, 900p or 1080p?

GTA V on PS4, Xbox One and PC Will Receive First Person Mode In Car And Foot Confirms Rockstar

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Rockstar Games are working first person mode for Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Xbox One Won't Receive Screenshot Feature In 2014 Confirms Xbox Developer

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Xbox One

Xbox One won't get screenshot feature in 2014, according to details shared by Xbox Developer on Neogaf

Sillent Hills/P.T Not A PS4 Exclusive, Will Arrive On Xbox One Also Hints Game Writer At TGS 2014

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Silent Hills/P.T

The much talked about Silent Hills/P.T from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro is not a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will arrive on Xbox One as well, according to details shared by game writer.