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How does the Logic Gates Works in Fallout 4 Contraction

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How does the Logic Gates Works

Logic Gates in Fallout 4 Contraction are used to power up the connected machinery via simple logic. This Guide will show you how each Logic Gate works and where you can apply them.

Fallout 4 Contraption: What are the Rank and Perk Required to Make Weapons, Armor, and Ammo

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What are the Rank and Perk Required

There are hidden perks required in order to make weapons, armor and ammo in Fallout 4 Contraction and this guide will show you all the perks and ranks required to unlock the higher level builds.

UK Video Games Producers And Retailers Offer A Statement About Brexit

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UK Video Games Producers Reaction On Brexit

Brexit has shaken Europe in a big way and caused a series of undesired effects and all productive segments in United Kingdom including Video Games Industry.  TIGA, the UK video games association, has issues a press release to express his position on Brexit.

Fallout 4 Gameplay vs Modded Screenshot On XB1 Will Blow Your Mind, These 10 Mods Made The Difference

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Fallout 4

Modded Fallout 4 on Xbox One looks and play much better than the official one and it took just 10 mods to make all the differences. Take a look at the comparison screenshot and the video, the difference is mind blowing.

Destiny Rise Of Iron To Introduce Rituals, New Exotics And Infusion System, Info Revealed

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Destiny: Rise of Iron

YouTube user Arekkz has shared new Destiny: Rise of Iron information about addition of Rituals, new exotics and infusion system. These new details came from Destiny developer interview with Playboy.

ReCore Just Got Delayed To December 2016 For PC and Xbox One, According To Amazon (Update)

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Amazon UK seems to have confirmed Recore release delay for Xbox One and PC. The details from the retailer states that Recore has been delayed to December 2016. It was initially scheduled to launch in September.

Games With Gold For July 2016 Leaked By Insider, Line-up Looks Legit

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Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Games  With Gold July 2016 line has been leaked by well known industry insider from Neogaf, Ekim. According to Ekim, Banner Saga 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is part of Xbox Games With Gold July 2016 line-up.

Resident Evil 7 VR Will Make The Hairs On Your Neck Stand Up, "It's Too Real, Creepy and Scary As Hell"

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Resident Evil 7

According to few impressions on Resident Evil 7 VR: The game is too real, creepy and scary so much so that it will going to make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Top 5 Reasons Why Every PS4 Owners Must Upgrade To PS4 Neo

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PS4 To PS Neo Upgrade

PS4 has a massive install base and they need a strong reason to upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation Neo. Here is a list of 5 Biggest Reason Why Every PlayStation 4 Owners Must Upgrade To PlayStation Neo.

Pachter On Xbox Scorpio: "Bold Move From Microsoft", Talks About PS4 Neo and Nintendo NX Launch Date

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Xbox One vs PS4

Analyst Michael Pachter has commented on Xbox Scorpio announcement, "it's a bold move from Microsoft". Pachter also talked about the PlayStation Neo and Nintendo NX launch date.