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Xbox One console games news, videos, downloads, reviews and updates.

Cliff Bleszinski Comments On Project Scorpio: "Microsoft Is Trying To Make Up For Past Wrongs"

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Xbox Scorpio

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has provided his point of view about Xbox Scorpio, saying he understands what Microsoft is trying to do with Project Scorpio, some kind of effort to emulate the smartphone business model.

Destiny: Rise of Iron's Next Livestream To Be Held At Gamescom 2016: Bungie

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Destiny: Rise of Iron

New information about the Rise of Iron Destiny expansion will be released in late August, when Gamescom 2016 officially kicks off in Koln and developer Bungie will offer another livestream to properly introduce its fan to the latest news about what's next and in store for them.

Xbox One S Is The Most Pre-Ordered Product On GameStop

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Xbox One S

Despite being each and every day beaten by PlayStation 4, it seems there's still some hope for Microsoft and Xbox One to come up with a decent amount of sales during this generation. Anticipation for Xbox One S is pretty good, indeed.

BioWare Doing "Progress" On Its "Secret IP" Releasing After Mass Effect Andromeda

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Bioware's New IP

BioWare is working on a brand new IP and this sure is not a secret – they even wore a t-shirt with some references about it no one notice at GDC 2016, as they revealed in a later series of tweets. Anyway, we have today some progresses to share about it, so here we go.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt First Person Mod Now Works Much Better, Reminds You Of Skyrim

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The Witcher 3 FPS Mod

Do you remember The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod that allows you to have a first person view on its world? Well, it just got way, way better in comparison with the first time it actually showed up, when it had a lot of head-bobbing and stuff.

GTA V: Online Could Be Receiving A Bikers Based DLC, Hints Scripts In Game Code

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Rockstar Games could be developing a brand new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, and this one could be finally based on bikers. According to scripts found in the game code through the Cunning Stunts update, it really seems like there's such DLC on its way.

Watch Dogs 2 vs Ghost Recon: Wildlands Sales: Watch Dogs 2 Will Sell Better, Admits Ubisoft

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Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft will launch a bunch of new titles between this fall and the first few months of next year, beginning with Watch Dogs 2 and going on up until to South Park: Fractured but Whole and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. During a meeting with investors, CFO Alain Martinez talked about sales' expectations for those games.

AMD Proud Of Supplying Technology For Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio

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Microsoft's Project Scorpio

AMD CEO Lisa Su has recently talked to investors about that and clearly said she is proud about the way it working together with Microsoft on Xbox Scorpio.

Konami Wants To "Earn Fans Back" Soon After Kojima/MGS Debacle, But How?

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Konami vs Hideo Kojima Feud

Konami has made itself a very bad name after all the stuff that has happened between the Japanese publisher and Hideo Kojima. Its image is severely damaged in the eyes of gamers, and probably there's nothing they can to in order to improve it.

5 Video Games to Buy in August 2016 for XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

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5 Video Games to Buy in August 2016

This article will show you the Top 5 Most Anticipated Games for August 2016 you need to buy. Video games to Buy for XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.