Why Xbox One Should Be The First Choice of Gamers for Next-Gen

A stage is all set for a fierce battle to take place in video gaming industry in just few months time. Gamers across the globe waited for this moment for a very long time, two gaming gaints Sony and Microsoft will go head-to-head against each other this Fall with their respective next-gen consoles "PS4 and Xbox One". The heat is already on and the competition between Sony and Microsoft is getting more and more intense with each passing day, and so the showdown between Xbox One and PS4 will definitely go down in the history books.

Xbox One

The battle has just began and Sony clearly has a upper hand, "perfect reveal of PS4, more appealing price point as compared to Xbox One, Indie Developers self publishing rights, no always online DRM" and many more things. On the other side Microsoft completely botched Xbox One reveal with poor messaging, high price tag, DRM and Self publishing flip-flop.

Questions has been raised by both critics and gamers on Microsoft's overall vision for Xbox One. Whatever might be the opinion of fans and critics on Xbox One, today we will take a look at list of features that make Xbox One "First Console Choice" for next-generation.

Microsoft has already stated that Xbox One is an "All In One Entertainment System" carrying a price tag of $499. I know PS4 is a hundred bucks cheaper, but if you buy a PS4 and end up wanting the extra features if they are a hit and work well then you spent $400 and are left wanting. In comparison spending an extra $100 is less risky and get more feature rich device.

I know some of you will agree with my thoughts mention below and some will not and so curse me for this, but no regrets you are free to share your views with us in the comment section below.

Multitasking (Snap Mode)

Xbox One Snap Mode Feature Offers Multitasking

Similarly to Windows 8, the Xbox One will be able to snap applications (such as music, video, Skype, and Internet Explorer) to the side of the screen as a form of multitasking. This simply means Xbox One gamers will be able to pause one game, hop over to the dashboard, an app, or another game, and then be able to flip back to the first game without any progress being lost.

In Microsoft's words, "Why choose between two things you love when you can do both at the same time? Xbox One lets you quickly jump from TV to a movie to a game. And then snap them side by side to do two things simultaneously. Music and games. Skype and live sports. Split your screen, not your time"

Although this feature is nothing new to PC or handheld gamers, but this is an advancement for consoles. Sony's PS4 has multitasking capabilities but they aren't as convenient as Xbox One.

TV integration

Xbox One TV Integration

The Xbox One will also serve as a pass-through for an existing television set-top box over HDMI. This functionality allows users to watch live TV from their existing provider through the console, and access features such as show recommendations, an electronic program guide, and voice commands. The set-top box is controlled by the console through either an IR blaster or the HDMI-CEC protocol.

In Microsoft words, "Connect your cable or satellite box to Xbox One and watch all your favorite television shows right through the console.1 All your favorite channels. All your favorite shows. All with the sound of your voice. You can even create your own personal channel by pinning the shows and apps you watch most. Gone are the days of switching inputs to watch TV or play a movie. Xbox One can do it all."

Dedicated Servers and Cloud:

Xbox One Cloud Powered and Dedicated Servers

Xbox One will allow developers to access Microsoft's Azure Cloud Computing platform right from the console launch. All downloaded and installed games / achievements can then be synced to the cloud and accessed and played on any Xbox One you decide to log into. These new additions will also make the process of holding down a multiplayer battle pretty less tedious. Hoping for the best, those battles with the lag will be a thing of the past, with stable, dedicated servers hosting every multiplayer game.

Better Matchmaking

Better Matchmaking on Xbox One

Earlier this summer, I talked with Micheal Dunn, Program Manager on Xbox Live Services, about Microsoft is introducing a brand new matchmaking system to Xbox One called as Smart Match. The key to this new feature is that gamers no longer have to sit and wait for a game to match them with other players. With Smart Match on Xbox One, players can put in match request, then switch over and catch up on the posts on Xbox One or watch TV or a movie. When a match is found, Xbox One tells them so they can re-enter the game instantly. Smart Match also matches you with players like yourself, making your multiplayer gaming even more tailored to your game style.


Skype on Xbox One

A simple voice prompt will let you begin or end a call, and although the demonstration today of the new Skype was carried out on the Xbox One, it is possible that the Xbox 360 will also be supported in some capacity.

Skype was Microsoft's largest recent acquisition and so it was always going to play a major role in supporting Xbox One. Skype has been specially designed for Xbox One. Chat with friends on your TV in stunning HD. Use Skype in Snap mode to chat while you watch TV. Or do three-way Skype calls with people around the world, all from the comfort of your living room.

A simple voice prompt will let you begin or end a call on Skype.

Kinect 2

Xbox One Kinect

Microsoft has made Kinect 2.0 a compulsion with Xbox One (a move fans didn't like at all), but here are its advantages, this time around developers will take in more seriously and will implement exciting new features in the game. Apart from this Kinect 2 will also be used for other convenient things like scanning QR codes to redeem DLC instead of inputting 25 digit codes and quickly navigating the UI with voice commands and hand gestures.

Halo Television Series for Xbox One

Microsoft and 343 Industries has already announced planeed for a live-action Halo TV series in partnership with Hollywood veteran Steven Spielberg exclusively for Xbox One.

Exclusives Launch Lineup

Forza 5 on Xbox One

Xbox One exclusive launch lineup are pretty exciting to lure any gamers to its side. The list includes Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome. One should also not forget Respawn Entertainment's "TitanFall" (although it will arrive on Xbox One between Day 1 and the end of March 2014 – the "launch window.")


Xbox One SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass will provide extended functionality on the Xbox One, allowing Windows Phone smartphones, Windows RT, and Windows 8 tablets to be used as a "second screen." A demo during the E3 press conference demonstrated its use for setting up a multiplayer match in another game in the background on a tablet while playing another game on the television


Twitch TV on Xbox One

Twitch.tv television service to allow live streaming through the Xbox One. This service will be complimentary to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This service will not only allow users to stream television content from Twitch, but will also allow players to easily stream their own gameplay and view other such streams.

An exclusive partnership between Twitch and Microsoft is not totally unexpected, as Twitch currently streams on the Xbox 360 but not the Playstation 3. This move by Microsoft seems specifically targeted at countering the sharing functionality on the PlayStation 4.

The NFL on Xbox One

The NFL on Xbox One

Xbox and the NFL are partnering to shape the future of football – forever changing the game. Xbox One will transform the way fans experience the NFL from the living room, through an unparalleled, integrated fantasy experience on the television that is truly social and personal, and new innovations in connected experiences with Skype and Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox is proud to be the Official Interactive Content Provider of the NFL.

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Mike's picture
Mike (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-08-03 02:42
The vita IS going to support remote play for EVERY SINGLE PS4 game that doesn't require the PSeye. That's a fact. Sony announced that during E3 and there are countless articles written about it. Not to mention iOS and android phone/tablet apps with the ability to add other facets to every game. Does xbone do that? I'm not sure. I plan on getting both systems either way, but the PS4 feels like it was made for me, a gamer. I like games. The tv stuff is cool but not worth the extra $100. I preordered a ps4 and I'll get an xbone when they drop the price or when they release an exclusive that's a MUST HAVE. So far they have 2 games that slightly peaked my interest; Ryse and Killer Instinct (only for nostalgia). And from what I've read about Ryse, it's not as cool as it looks. I guess we'll see
joben's picture
joben (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-08-02 22:35
@Jb223 ps4 will not be able to do a lot of the things x1 does. As much as you try to reach it just can't and that also goes the other way around. I support both systems getting both day 1
jb223's picture
jb223 (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-08-04 19:10
really though? What exactly? the few media features that the ps4 can't do that the one can just aren't that innovative or cool to me, and i think that would go for most people, nobody wants the one to shout voice commands to watch the tv, they are buying the one to play dead rising and forza at launch...i'm not saying that anyone should pick a ps4 if they like microsoft's products and games, all the more power to them, choose the system you want. But when it comes to gaming features, at this point there simply aren't any that the one does that matters to people who just like to game...i have no doubt they will come, and i might get one down the road when the price comes down, but i'm primarily a single player gamer, and sony just has had hands down a better environment for single players this gen, and that trend still looks to continue....it's cool that you can get both day 1 though, i wish i had those kinda funds haha
jb223's picture
jb223 (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-08-02 21:13
To each their own, you reserve the right to your opinion, but some of these points are not differentiation at all Multitasking, as you stated, will also be available on the ps4, but to make the claim that it will be "less convenient" than the xbo is really reaching....beyond the fact that there are no facts to base those claims on, multitasking is multitasking, so that would be down to preference, although many people who've used windows 8 do not like it....also, how many ads will you have to sift through just to get to those tasks? TV integration is an area where microsoft are missing the boat, tv is on its last legs, and even these tv features are now being utilized by products like apple tv, so it's not some exclusive feature, definitely if you take the fact that this will only be available in the us at launch, and even then w/ a narrow range of services and boxes....if you don't have the right services, you have to upgrade, costing you even more money for what is essentially only voice remote technology that benefits microsoft much more than the consumer Dedicated servers and cloud functionality is also an area where sony possess an analogue which could be much better for gamers. First off, the 'dedicated servers' have come under heat for possibly not being what they are advertised as...also, all of azure's functions will also be possible under sony's cloud, w/ the added benefit of future game streaming, and possibly a netflix style games service, adding the one thing that microsoft definitely don't have: backwards compatablitity Better Matchmaking/Skype. I will totally concede that the one might be looking like the better multiplayer platform (although all of this is conjecture at this point since we haven't actually gotten hands on either system in any meaningful way), but i'm personally more of a singleplayer guy and microsoft have never been very big w/ story driven exclusive content in the way that sony has...there are literally no games on the 360 that even come close to breaching some of the subject matter and story ability that the last of us did, which brings us to: Exclusives....If you like microsoft's launch lineup, thats great, but for my money, sony have a proven track record and many first party studios, whereas microsoft have all but dropped the 360, sony still has a bunch of exclusives still coming this year to the 360's barren wasteland....Sony also has much more variety in their exclusives beyond the same old fps', that has always been the case, and as for now, that looks to continue....also, it stands to reason that many of the one's "exclusives" will only remain that way for an unknown amount of time...the titanfall devs have all but guaranteed it will see a ps4 release, and we all know how long exclusivity in the dead rising series lasted this gen Kinect 2.0...the argument that forcing the kinect on the one will also allow devs to develop knowing that everyone has one, hence making better kinect integration is very thin...if a gamer doesn't want motion controls, how is that an argument for its forced inclusion? The killer app motion game that converts the hardcore has still yet to emerge, and kinects forced inclusion wont quicken that, beyond that, for all of its glory, where are the new kinect experiences? There are no dedicated kinect games at launch, why should we expect it to be an integral part of the system? Heck, even the ps eye, an optional accessory, has already shown more intriguing integration in the playroom demo...where is microsoft's "innovate ideas" for this piece of hardware? Let's talk in 5 years, then see if any of this has changed (Hint: It won't) Smartglass: Also, sony has the same tech available for the ps4, plus the added bonus for those who own a vita being able to use remote play among many other features Twitch.tv: Can't "Counter" sony's ustream options, simply down to the fact that sony's is much more dedicated, even down to the numbers, sony records the last 15 minutes of all gameplay, microsoft only the last 5 I will concede that the one might end up being the better mp system, but even that will come under fire because the ps4 will sell better, esp. when you factor in things like Better Tech Specs, Better Online offers of free games, Included headset, More exclusive studios, and Lower Price....Usually it's down to preference on what console you want, but if there is any argument to be made for people who are on the fence, Sony wins hands down in concrete facts alone, all of these "features" microsoft lists are Speculative at best and outright Deceptive at worst
RandomRandy's picture
RandomRandy (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-08-03 00:11
Agreed, multitasking is multitasking. Who knows which one will be faster or which one has a better animation, but your ads comment is pretty stupid. There is one ad on each page on the Xbox 360 that don't have anything to do with gaming. You don't like buying things when they have deals? Yeah TV is on its last leg, that's why they are supporting individual apps from each channel, we just got Comedy Central and Nickelodeon apps on Xbox 360. People don't want to pay for 1000 channels when they only watch 7, hence the app based model incoming. Sony's cloud is game streaming, Microsoft's is meat to help offload some things from a game to the cloud that aren't super intensive, but free up processing power. Show me one article that anybody has released about Sony's cloud that has anything to do with what Microsoft's cloud does. Dedicated servers are dedicated servers, ask the guys from Respawn... Backwards compatibility = BS Sony is not going to give you your PS3 games back for free to stream, as they have no way of telling the game is actually yours, unless you digitally downloaded it using your account. It's not a thin argument about the Kinect 2, you're just reaching. Common sense. More Kinect 2s in the wild = more opportunity = more money lol playroom demo is a joke, looks just like demos I've seen on the PS3 eye with something like eyepet Sony doesn't have the same tech for Smartglass, do they have a dedicated app? Don't think so. Remote play on your vita hasn't been announced for launch, good luck with that. Twitch has a bigger following than UStream. Period. The PS4 will sell better, well thanks for the well thought out analysis, guess we'll see. Better tech? You don't even understand the difference between DDR3 an DDR5. These features aren't speculative or deceptive, you're just not that bright. Good luck with PS3.5
jb223's picture
jb223 (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-08-04 19:03
haha ok...any ads at all in a service i pay for is frustrating for me personally when i just want to play a game, but fair point, it's not that big a deal...any "app based model incoming" would negate the whole point of the hdmi in, and then again it wouldn't be a "unique feature" unless microsoft flat out buy the rights to those apps and disallow sony from having them, so i guess that's a wait & see, as it stands, i still don't care to pick up my remote and hit input, still not a worthwhile feature for anyone who's not a fanboy.....as far as a cloud, what do you think game streaming is? If you think the tech isn't there for sony to do the EXACT same stuff should they so choose, then you're crazy, and "just not that bright", but if you want article links, here's one www.pushsquare.com/news/2013/08/faq_what_are_the_differences_between_the_ps4_and_xbox_one....as far as bc, only time will tell, but regardless, even if i have to pay a monthly fee for access to a bunch of games, it's worth it, and a "unique feature" that would actually matter to gamers, that's what i'm saying, bottom line, 90 percent of the one's "unique features" are not for games....Yeah it's still a thin argument w/ kinect 2, you are just reiterating that thin argument in a different way, let's try to put it in simpler terms for you....motion controlled games=bad (don't want), BETTER motion controlled games=still bad (still don't want)...if it is so much better show us microsoft! Just one thing...the only reason i mention playroom is because, at least sony showed us something, regardless of whether or not motion controls are garbage anyway....as far as smartglass, again, you say that i'm "not that bright" then you make completely uninformed statements, like saying that smartglass is an xbox exclusive feature, and that ps doesn't have a dedicated app, but they do! Do some research before you say these things, at least every statement i made has come from either cold hard facts or well reputed websites...Remote Play on Vita will be there, but the tv features simply cannot permeate a worldwide market at this point...twitch has a bigger following than ustream, you got me there, still doesn't change the fact that the sharing features on ps are more intensive than those on microsoft at this point from what we know....the difference between ddr3 & gddr5: ddr3 is better for smaller data packs, gddr5 is better for larger ones (i.e. next gen gaming)....no one will argue that ddr3 is better for gaming, at least nowhere that i've seen....remember you are the one that took a comment about big companies and pieces of plastic personally, you're just that lonely
Sheldon's picture
Sheldon (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-08-02 15:55
With all these features and the launch lineup of games, I can't understand why people hate the system so much. Off games alone, I think they're way better than PS4.
PS4's picture
PS4 (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-08-04 02:25
Microsofts initial idea of having to be online regulary and not being able to use games on other systems unless you activated them might have been the reason. In my opinion they are media centres. True consoles are now a thing of the past. I do not care for the all round entertainment factor, so in my opinion as 'consoles' they will simply only be as good as the games they finally offer, and no one can predict what the outcome of that will be. Time will tell. I'm very bored of FPS games now, so it will be harder to seek out true gems in the next generations gaming library.

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