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Injustice 2 - How To Fix Random Level Lost Bug

Sehran Shaikh Add Comment
Injustice 2 - Random Level Lost Bug

A bug in Injustice 2 is affecting players progress i.e. they are losing level of their characters randomly. A fix for it has been discovered, you just need to follow these three steps.

Map Location And Unlock Guide - PREY

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Unlock Map Guide - Prey

This PREY guide details how to Map Location and how to unlock it. Once you unlock the map in PREY, it will be easy to travel around the entire place.

Prey 2017 - How To Get Infinite Materials In Three Easy Steps

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Prey - Infinite Material Glitch

A glitch in PREY (2017) gives player infinite materials. Just follow three steps: Find a recycler, add any material to it, split the material stack around 9 times, and recycle it to get more, REPEAT.

PREY PC Error - Fix For No Dialogue, Audio And Subtitles, Improve FPS, Crash, And More

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PREY PC Error Guide And Fixes

This PREY PC error guide provides fix for bugs and glitches such as: No Dialogue, Audio and Subtitles, tips to improve FPS, crash after every 15 minutes, and many other issues.

How To Skip Intro Guide - Dawn Of War III

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Dawn of War III - Skip Intro Trick

This Dawn of War III guide shows steps to follow, to Skip Intro in the game, you just have to press to common keys and that's it Intro Skipped in Dawn of War III.

How to Transfer Multiplayer Rewards to SinglePlayer in Mass Effect Andromeda

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mass effect andromeda

In the Mass Effect Andromeda, you will earn different rewards by sending out strike teams and playing APEX Strike missions in the Multiplayer.

Outlast 2 - How To Fix Kaspersky Anti-Virus Issue

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Outlast 2 - Kaspersky Anti-Virus Error Fix

An easy fix for Outlast 2 Kaspersky Anti-Virus issue has been released by the developer on Steam.

Origin: How to Backup and Restore Games

Rameez Joya Add Comment
EA Origin Client

How to Backup, Restore and Relocate downloaded games on EA Origin Client for PC.

Persona 5: Guide to Make Easy Money by Selling Items

P. Avanthi Add Comment

In the Persona 5, you can buy many weapons and equipment etc from different shops, but you can sell items at only one shop. Check out where to sell the items in the game to make some money. 

Persona 5: How To Get The Good Positive Ending

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Persona 5 The Good Ending

In the Persona 5, you will find 4 Endings, out of which 3 are Bad Endings and One good Positive Ending. Check out the few instructions we have given on how to avoid bad endings and get best possible good ending.