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All 44 Lorestones Location In Hellblade

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Hellblade Lorestone Locations

Location guide for all forty-four stones in Hellblade, collecting them will give you a platinum trophy and a secret ending.

How To Farm Creds In Lawbreakers

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Lawbreakers Creds.

Lawbreakers, how to farm more creds, you can find some easiest methods in this cred farming guide that can be later used for upgrades, customization, etc.

Tips On Senua's Combat Systems In Hellbade

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Helllblade Combat System

Hellblade, a pretty tough combat system when it comes to combos, in this guide we brings you some essential combat moves for Senua you can use against enemies.

Hellblade PC Error Fix And Graphics Tweaks - Save Data Location, Increase FOV And More

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helllblade graphics tweak

This Hellblade PC error guide gives fix for Save Data Location, how to skip intro, disable Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration, and few Graphics Tweak to improve performance.

Fortnite: Best Skills For Class Ninja Hero

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Fornite Ninja Skills

Ninja is the fastest character in Fortnite, you can upgrade Ninja to max with its abilities in the Skill Tree by spending Skill points. This guide shows which skills to upgrade for Ninja Hero Class.

Fortnite: Best Skills For Class Outlander Hero

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Fornite Outlander Hero Skills

Outlander heroes are the best explorer, in Fortnite, in this guide we bring you some important Skills from the Skill Tree for Outlanders, by wisely investing Skill Points you can turn them into a strong character.

Fortnite: Best Skills For Class Constructor Hero

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Fornite Constructor Hero Skills

Constructor is another class in Fortnite that is known for building, this guide you can find out which are the best skills you can upgrade by investing your Skill Points in the Skill Tree.

Fortnite: Best Skills For Class Soldier Hero

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Fornite Soldier Hero Skills

In Fortnite Soldier is one class that is good in combat, in this guide you can find the best skills you must spend your Skill Points to evolve it as a powerful contender in battle.

Fortnite Fort Building Guide: Create A Strong Base

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Base Building Fortnite

Fornite has a Storm Shield Missions where you have to build a base and protect it from zombie attacks, in this guide you can get tips on how to build a strong impenetrable base.

Splatoon 2: How To Win All 5 Boss Battles

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Splatoon 2 - 5 Boss Battle Tips

There are total five bosses to defeat Splatoon 2 in which are Octo Oven, Octo Samurai, Neo Octostomp, Octo Shower and Octobot King II.  These tips and tricks shows How to win every boss battle in Splatoon 2.