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Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Porygon to Gen 2 Porygon

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Gen 2 Porygon

A simple tip to evolve Porygon to Porygon 2 in Pokemon Go, you will need Up-Grade Tool for that.

How to Handle Groups of Enemies in For Honor

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For Honor Tackle Group

Tackling group of enemies are quite a challenge in For Honor, if you are able to do this, you don't really need much support to penetrate the enemy camps. Try some of our tips.

How to Get Honorable Kills in For Honor

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Honorable Kills For Honor

Honorable Kill is an easy way of taking the opponent down when you are fighting face to face. Checkout the guide to know how to perform this.

How to turn on Quick Chat in For Honor

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For Honor Quick Chat Settings

Quick Chat is an essential way to staying in touch with your team members when you are playing multiplayer battles. Refer the guide to find a way to turn it on.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Best Offensive and Defensive Moveset

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Moveset

With 80 plus new Pokemons in Generation 2, it is hard to know which move set is best against the opponent. So we bring a short guide with the best offensive and defensive moves for each of them.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Nest Migration: What Spawn Locations Changed?

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Nest

After introducing the Generation 2 Pokemon, nest migration has occurred already. A few are replaced with new gen pokemons, while a few of them are completely removed. Check the tips for details.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Highest CP and Strongest Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Gen 2

Pokemon Go Gen 2 brings a lot of pokemons to catch, if you are confused what to go for, then refer this list to find the best with high CP  or the most strongest ones for gym battles.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: List of Pokemons that turn into Ditto

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Gen 2 Ditto

Some trainers around the globe reported their newly captured pokemon like Hoothoot, Yanma, Sentret and Spinarak turned into Ditto in Pokemon Gen 2.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Unlock Rare, Legendary and Regional Pokemons

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Pokemon Go

Generation 2 Pokemons have been added in the game, so we made this short guide that shows a glimpse of which of them are rare, legendary and regional.

How To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in Nioh

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Umibozu Eyestone

Umi-Bozu is a boss that appears at the end of Chapter 6 The Ocean Roars Again.