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Persona 5 PS4 Ending Shido's Ship Palace and Malevolent God Walkthrough

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Persona 5 PS4 Ending

This is Persona 5 Ending, you will fight Shido in a Ship which is his palace and Malevolent God at the end of Mementos.

Persona 5 PS4 October, Sae Nijima's Palace and Casino Walkthrough

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Persona 5 Nijima Palace Guide

In this chapter Phantom Thieves fights with Sae Nijima by entering her Palace that looks like a Casino, and steals the treasure in the end. Also they find the real traitor in the team.

Persona 5: How to Negotiate properly with Shadows

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Persona 5 Shadows

In Persona 5, you can negotiate with different Persona to get the money, items or ask them to join you. The negotiation skills will help you to get more persona that you can later execute at the velvet room to make new ones. 

All Trowzer Locations in Yooka-Laylee

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Yooka-Laylee  Trowzer Locations

In the Yooka-Laylee, you will find Trowzer, a snake wearing trouser in the five different worlds to unlock all the skills. The following guide consists the different locations of the Trowzer in the game.

Yooka-Laylee: All Pirate Treasure Location Guide

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Yooka-Laylee Pirate Treasure

In the Yooka-Laylee, Pirate Treasures are the Collectibles, which can be found scattered in the different worlds of the game, check the guide for locations. 

Persona 5: How To Get Requests For Mementos And How it works

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Persona 5 Momentos

Momentos are open platform in Persona 5 that will help you in gathering some money and EXP. he following guide shows the information regarding how to get Requests and how Mementos works in the game.

Persona 5: Phantom Thieves Battle Guide

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Phantom Thieves Battle

In the Persona 5, you will come across many hurdles while fighting the enemy. Check out some necessary combat tips that will help you to deal with basic and high enemies in the game. 

Persona 5: How To Get, Fuse And Carry More Persona

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Persona 5

In the Persona 5, you can summon creatures called Persona, which can help you in the battles. The guide offers you tips on getting more of the, fusing them to create a new one and get more slots to increase their numbers. 

Persona 5: Which are The Most powerful Confidants?

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Persona 5 Powerful Confidants

Developing a relationship with these powerful Confidants unlocks different abilities which can be helpful and makes things easier while playing through the game. We give you the list of most powerful confidants where you can work more. 

Persona 5: Tips to raise Charm, Proficiency, Knowledge, Guts and Kindness Social Stats

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Persona 5 Raise Social Stats

In the Persona 5, you will find five types of Social Stats like Charm, Proficiency, Knowledge, Gus and Kindness, raising them will help you to gain extra power.