Two Reasons Why GTA V won't release in March 2013

Recently Online retailer Amazon updated their GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) listing with a new date "March 26, 2013", many GTA series fans were of the opinion that this new date looks pretty LEGIT since the day falls on Tuesday which makes sense in US for launch.


However according to me, GTA V will not launch in March 2013, and i have listed below two important reason behind this theory of mine. Check them out below and let me know in the comment section whether you agree with it or not, and when would you like to see (month) GTA V launch?.

1: Take-Two vs Take-Two with GTA V and BioShock Infinite?

According to latest Amazon rumor, GTA V will launch on March 26, 2013. This new launch date is right next to another big games (BioShock Infinite) that's developed by a firm owned by publisher Take-Two Interactive. It will really be a strange thing if Take-Two releases both GTA V and BioShock Infinite in the same month, isn't it?. Both these games appeals to different genre of gamers, and so Take-Two, Rockstar Games and Irrational Games in every possible way would like to avoid a situation of eating into each other profit share.

2: Huge Competition with Fuse, God of War: Ascension and Tomb Raider

March 2013 is already a busy month with a number of new games, which include Fuse, God of War: Ascension and Tomb Raider. This healthy competition could prove a Double-edged sword for all the above mention games (including GTA V and BioShock Infinite). With GTA V being the most anticipated games of 2013, Take-Two and Rockstar would like to have a clear path for it's release.

Rockstar Games has already confirmed Spring 2013 release window for Grand Theft Auto V i.e (March-May). If we eliminate March month from this period for all the above mention reason, we are left with April or May. Now considering the fact that last Grand Theft Auto game released at the end of April in Europe and North America, it only adds to the likelihood of April and May for a GTA 5 launch.

So guys let us know in the whether you agree with this post? and also when would you like to see GTA V release?.

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Sam's picture
Sam (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-01-01 09:48
6/4/13 perfect date my b day
robin's picture
robin (not verified) posted on Sat, 2012-12-29 22:41
Doesnt matter when it comes out or what games release near it, it's grand theft auto. GTA shits allover any games coming out near it and this is coming from a halo fan
'EreDisBoy's picture
'EreDisBoy (not verified) posted on Sat, 2012-12-29 00:01
None of these are real competition for GTA5. Especially not Tomb Raider or Fuse (LOL seriously Fuse?). Gears, Bioshock and God of War might dent sales at best. God of War is an exclusive, GTA will only compete with it on PS3 and still thrive on other platforms, hell even on PS3 it will sell like crazy guaranteed. Same goes for Gears and the 360. Bioshock is a big game, but not even a blip to GTA5. GTA is comparable in sales to CoD, and CoD release in a midst of quality titles every year, people seriously think GTA is gonna struggle against Bioshock, God of War and Gears?
fuck you commies's picture
fuck you commies (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 23:12
Youre out of your fuh huh huh ha hucking mind! There is no competition for v so you bite your damn tounge. V will come out as soon as they burn the discs and put them in the damn box. Get off their back with all this damn analyzing jesus four months and the game will b here k?
BT's picture
BT (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 23:01
I don't agree with your second point. GTA sets its own release date - everything else moves around it - not the other way round. Fuse, God of War and Tomb Raider would all move their own dates to avoid clashing with GTA. Having said that, I agree with your first point and would expect that come March 2013 we will all still have a long wait for this game. Sad but true
zzzzz's picture
zzzzz (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 19:12
I think this article should be called, "Why all these other titles wont be released in March." They are the only ones that have to worry about being sold. GTA5 will sell out.
Al's picture
Al (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 18:33
We need some new information. R* Has been very stingy for releasing some gameplay footage.
Charles's picture
Charles (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 17:33
I would buy a GTA game ANYDAY over any of those titles, trip A or not. I'm sure a lot of people feel this way.
Polenz357's picture
Polenz357 (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 14:25
Of course this release date hasn't been confirmed by either Rockstar or Take-Two but I think its unlikely that any of the games you mention will be able to compete with GTAV. Besides, I don't think Bioshock is a direct competitor of GTAV, they seem to be different games for different publics but I do think one of the two is going to be delayed, I hope its Bioshock!
drake's picture
drake (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 11:55
I think you are wrong. none of those games have a chance to rule over a GTA and it's not only that i love GTA but the fact that it has the best sales. Nevertheless i may agree about one part of your article : April or May BUT i think it will be 1st half of April because as Amazon "predicted" 26th of March its more likely to see the game between 10th-20th of April.
Nedal's picture
Nedal (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 11:00
For god sake we still doesn't have any confirmation from Rockstar but why would amazon the biggest online store i suppose would do that also amazon did leak other games release date and it was legit,and we still don't know if Take-Two really want to release GTA V in March and delay Bioshock to May
Steven's picture
Steven (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 06:47
Really? One of your arguments is that it will be competing with TOMB RAIDER?
Mason's picture
Mason (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 05:08
I think when your game has GTA in the title, you don't need to worry about any other games around it's release. If anything, any other game should be worried about releasing around GTA.
a's picture
a (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 08:57
yeah and new games are constantly being released theres always going to be some competitioN
Dirk's picture
Dirk (not verified) posted on Fri, 2012-12-28 03:54
Theory sounds good, but reality is where things are actually located. What is reality is we don't really know when it will be released. Bioshock Infinite and GTA 5 are 2 very different games. As long as they don't release the same week I could see both being launched in the same month or quarter.
lee's picture
lee (not verified) posted on Thu, 2012-12-27 23:08
HMV (uk) has the date as 05-04-2013
Bj's picture
Bj (not verified) posted on Thu, 2012-12-27 22:33
I was gonna hate on your article, but then I realized that it does make sense, but Remember this,god of war won't effect it a lot because its a ps3 exclusive game. By I still doubt any single game in the world can mess with a rock star games video game sales
Sam's picture
Sam (not verified) posted on Thu, 2012-12-27 22:27
Both arguments are illogical. GTA V is a different genre from nearly every other game being released at that time, as you stated several times. There's no risk in releasing several games of different genres, even if they're produced by the same company. If Take-Two were producing GTA V and Saint's Row 4 and released both simultaneously, then yes there would be a conflict. But seeing as the different genres bring in different revenue, the risk is not nearly as high. I believe a March release date is highly possible.
Scott's picture
Scott (not verified) posted on Sat, 2012-12-29 03:49
Not exactly true. Genre matters little, its the buying audience that counts. And I know plenty of gamers who are excited about all of these games, different genre or not.
Tyler's picture
Tyler (not verified) posted on Thu, 2012-12-27 17:53
Sounds like a logical theory to me, getting much closer now, hopefully they'll release a specific release date soon. Any clue what the usual space of time for GTA is between the announce of the release date and the actual day it's released?

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