GTA V Box Art reveal in January 2013 says Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games on their official website has stated that Grand Theft Auto V official box art will be revealed later this month (i.e end part of January 2013).

GTA VGrand Theft Auto V is schedule to release in Spring 2013, no exact release date has been announced yet but it is expected that Rockstar will revealed it as well at the time of unveiling of GTA V box art.

Let us know in the comment section below, What would you like to see on the Grand Theft Auto V cover art?

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R Naresh's picture
R Naresh (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-01-07 05:18
Please release the GTA 5 to PC Version Also. This is kind & Humble request. Regards, R. Naresh - Rockstar Games Fan
Isaac's picture
Isaac (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-01-07 09:51
They are you idiot, you just have to be patient. EVERY GTA Game that has been released on Console has been released on PC a few months later. Just be patient and stop crying.

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