Saints Row could give GTA V and GTA series a run for its Money says Cliff Bleszinski

According to ex-Epic Games and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, Saints Row is one of few series that could give GTA V GTA series run for its money.

Saints Row vs GTAOn Twitter, Bleszinski praised Volition's work on Saints Row series by stating that gameplay and other elemets are better represented in Saints Row than in Rockstar’s GTA.

Bleszinski tweeted, "The SR team is one of the few that could actually give GTA a run for their money. BF didn't go after COD by putting dicks on their guns."

He further added, "Game mechanic wise I found SR3 to be more fun than many recent GTA games. Controls, pacing, etc... are all great."

And this one a bit personal Tweet, "Yes, I think the dildo is hilarious. (I also had a big dildo as a prop in our wedding's photo booth.) It doesn't help industry perceptions."

In a recent THQ auction, Deep Silver acquires Saints Row, Metro and Volition.

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Mac83uk's picture
Mac83uk (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 13:23
Saints row is the filler you play whilst waiting for GTA to come out, Think of it as an ad break
Chester's picture
Chester (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 04:07
Well, with THQ going bankrupt this is really just a philosophical exercise, isn't it?
DEXISWOLF's picture
DEXISWOLF (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:58
This made me laff nobody plays sr3 anymore but loads still play gta isn't that the actual facts. I loved saints row 1 played it nonstop liked saints row 2 but it felt like saints row 1 so I got bore of that saints row 3 came out there was less guns less cars they took all the good muscle cars out too left us with nothing it's like I payed £40 for a 3 legged horse it was useless but yet I payed £25 for gta in 2008 and I'm still playing it today and so is many people so I'm sorry but there's ya facts
reason's picture
reason (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:46
Saints row is terrible!!! I get it, for most SR fans thats as close to sex as they're ever going to get but seriously thetebis free porn allnover the net. I din't need it infiltrating my game. GTA is king for a reason. Jokes, story and gameplay that lasts. In a decade GTA will still matter. So not true for SR! I'm a grown ass man. I need a man's game! Not one made for horny little boys!
Agree's picture
Agree (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:40
I agree with Holly jugeing by Daves ill fated attempt at a comment im inclined to belive all GTA fans dont know the touch of a women.
best1 's picture
best1 (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:34
Wait can i change my vote to Saints Row call it a change of heart. Go Saints Row!
pastanickswild's picture
pastanickswild (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:29
I agree with Unknown SR and GTA shoulden't even be legaly allowed to be put in the same sentaince. Becose we all know SR has no equal.
Theworldwillend's picture
Theworldwillend (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:22
Cosidaring the fact that 85% of all game mags were promoting SR3 and barly any were doing so for GTA 4 id say the world knows whos wining this war plus there's a reason why they call SR the GTA Killer.
Holly's picture
Holly (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:17
Anyone who like's GTA over SR is a Virgian sorry but its true trust me my bf is SR all the way his big bro GTA fan (Virgian) lol losers
Anon's picture
Anon (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:11
Gta sucks shit i played Gta 4 for like two days and then i got SR2 and played that for a year and a half - SR 4 Life Bitch!!!
Jimmy's picture
Jimmy (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 03:07
GTA is so so so......... Bad! the only reason GTA fans get so pissed at Saints Row is becose aftter only 3 games SR is litraly knocking on GTAs door. You guys relly need to grow up GTA V will get a worse score than GTA IV and SR 4 will blow it out of the warter.
john's picture
john (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 01:36
And then he woke up
Znd's picture
Znd (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-01-27 01:31
How completely if putting dicks on guns and dildos everywhere is what makes or breaks a game. I've played both, but I've played GTA for hours and hours on end, and I think I've played Saint's Row for maybe a total of 5 hours my whole life. It's boring. The storytelling sucks...I don't like all the cartoon BS...I don't like these boring cities, I don't like how unrealistic it is. GTA strikes the perfect balance between what is realistic and what is now. Saint's Row is just completely unrealistic and stupid. Saint's Row will never be what GTA is. Nice try.
TheManThatStoleYourgirlfriendfromyoulastnight 's picture
TheManThatStoleYourgirlfriendfromyoulastnight (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 23:11
gta is a game where you can play it over and over and not get bored but saints row 3 was ok , i liked the stuff you could but i think gta v will crush them . Saint row 3 ending was terrible as well as the story line .
Unknown's picture
Unknown (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 18:36
Lol don't even put saints row and gta in the same sentence !!! I have played all saints row games and i found them all really damnnn boringg as fuckk, gta v will put every other game on its ass you just can't fuck with rockstar games and who ever thinks saints row is better then gta you need help.
robin's picture
robin (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 17:59
saints row was fun for a month. cliffy b obviously has no idea wtf hes talking about because no one knows much about gta v, and when we finally get to play it, pants will be shat
Saints Row Rocks's picture
Saints Row Rocks (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 16:40
Saints Row kick GTA ass. Much more enjoyable than GTA could ever be
DontheIII's picture
DontheIII (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 15:58
Saints row is made for 11 year olds and played by 11 year olds. Grand Theft Auto is made for 18 to 30 year olds and even played by 11 year olds
craig's picture
craig (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 13:44
Saints Row 3 was cool for like a day, then got boring really fast. I cannot bear to even play it again.
anonymous's picture
anonymous (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 13:11
Have these people even read or seen the things that can be done in GTA V? It's going to blow any "competition" out of the water. This game is being severely underestimated by many people, which surprises me. With what has been confirmed, it will be a game that will revolutionize the industry. It will do what San Andreas did a decade back for the video game industry.
best1's picture
best1 (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 13:00
yes saints row the third is SHIT!!! you fuckin twat shit face!!!!
dave's picture
dave (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-01-26 12:45
You tucking mad you twat, saint's row the third is shit. Dick head

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