Gran Turismo 5 Patch 2.12 Live Now, Removes Hacked and Hybrid Cars

Sony and Polyphony has just released new patch 2.12 for Gran Turismo. The update weighs just 24MB in size and is available for download for all Gran Turismo 5 players.

GT5No official changelog has been revealed yet but Polyphony Digital but according to reports we received from some of our readers, Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.12 removes hacked or hybrid cars in the game.

This means if you own a car which is modified beyond game's normal parameters, it will be reset or removed after applying Gran Turismo 5 patch 2.12

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brian d's picture
brian d (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-04-25 02:19
i had a 150+ realistically hacked cars that most were from realy good hackers that don't hack any more I think its stupid that it has come so far that gt5 wont recognize what real potencial cars have I built 2 cars that I happen to own a 1986 buck regal 1250hp and an rb26dett 240sx that I love it pisses me off when I cant get simmilat cars in a "RACING SIMULATOR" don't you think they should build on the hacks in stead of anning them
dale's picture
dale (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-04-23 16:07
allright i see why they did this (X1's etc) but what about the realistic cars? like for instance i spent £5 for a R32 with the S15 engine & the spoiler removed? as i have a R32 outside with no spoiler. anyway my point is why not put these features in so that hackers dont need to be hackers?

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