Rockstar talks about GTA V: Controls, Customisation, AI, Weapons and More

All thanks to latest interview by CVG with Rockstar Games' Imran Sarwar, some brand new details about GTA V has arrived. Imran confirmed to CVG that in GTA V players will have tons of possibilities and options in GTA V.

GTA VWe have listed all the new GTA V details from this interview. Check them out:

  • Over 1,000 car customization options" (Bulletproof tires, armor, etc.)
  • Car will turn up in an impound if left in the street. Must pay a fine to retrieve it.
  • You can't directly "weaponize" your car, but there are a lot of little options. (Car leaking petrol and light em up, sticky bombs)
  • Guns will be with you throughout the whole game.
  • Customized guns will broaden range of options during missions. (Stealthy vs. loud, Scope, etc.)
  • Moved from static fights to free focus. Quickly switch your focus to other enemies. No longer need to lock on to enemies, although you can lock on if you wish.
  • "Hits are much more satisfying"
  • Each character has different animation. Strength stat has a bearing on each mele/capability
  • Expect really cool destruction/carnage/damage
  • Combat AI much more advance with more knowledge of environment.
  • Enemies will behave different by who they are (SWAT is organized, gang members are more "gung ho"
  • You can Add turbos to cars
  • Horns can be customized
  • Three lead protagonist will feel natural and will not feel like a balancing act, allowing the game to feel more natural. (ex, if Franklin and Michael are in a car, you can drive as Michael, switch to Franklin, and Michael will continue driving)

You can read full CVG Interview HERE.

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