PS2 is Edge's "Best Consoles of Past 20 Years", X360 in Second Place and PS3 in Seventh

Edge Magazine Issue 258 will go on sale in just few days time, but details regarding what it will feature has already arrived.

Edge MagazineIn Edge #258, the publication has awarded Playstation 2 as "Best Consoles" in a special coverage on "10 best consoles of the past 20 Years". Microsoft's Xbox 360 comes in second place with original Playstation console in third place. Playstation 3 is way behind in seventh place.

You can take a look at the Top Ten List below.

  1. PlayStation 2
  2. Xbox 360
  3. PlayStation
  4. Nintendo 64
  5. GameCube
  6. DS lite
  7. PlayStation 3
  8. Wii
  9. Xbox
  10. Dreamcast

Do you agree with this Top Ten list from Edge Magazine?, if you share your personal 10 best consoles of the past 20 Years with us in the comment section below.

Other Details That Will Feature in Upcoming Edge Magazine Issue 258 Are Listed Below.


  • An audience with Mark Cerny
  • The ten best consoles of the past twenty years
  • The ten amendments
  • An audience with Katsuhiro Harada
  • The next 20, what lies ahead for videogaming two decades into the future
  • An audience with David Braben
  • The making of Year Walk


  • The Sims 4
  • Hawken
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Cube World
  • EverQuest Next
  • Sonic Lost World

Source: NeoGaf

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dan's picture
dan (not verified) posted on Fri, 2014-01-10 22:50
No one console is better than the next, depends on the games you own for it..
Ha.'s picture
Ha. (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-09-09 05:51
1. PS2 explains itself 2. Wii explains itself 3. Xbox 360 doesnt deserve any higher than 3rd because of Xbox live. (Gold membership+Halo 4+BO2=$180) 4. DS explains itself 5. PSONE explains itself. 6. PS3 focused on what developers wanted more than what people wanted 7. Xbox (no comment) 8. PSP uncomfortable big "ugly" brick; PsP Go® didn't play psp games. 9. DreamCast Cool and vibrant overall but too many poorly developed games. 10. Game Cube
Truth's picture
Truth (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-08-28 11:41
Putting the PoS2 at number 1 is a joke. It was the most overhyped system in history. Aside from that, the PoS3 has been even more overhype and underdeliver. Nuf said.
shaun's picture
shaun (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-08-28 09:58
Putting the 360 at number 2 is a joke. It had one of the most massive failure rates of any system in history. Aside from that ps3 has sold more system since launch. Nuf said.
KJAM's picture
KJAM (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-08-28 05:41
Depends if you're talking about sales or actual features, controllers, games, etc. of the console. IMO, PS2 was the weakest of that generation. Dreamcast, GC, and Xbox all had four players. PS2...two players. GC and Xbox had better graphics. Dreamcast was innovative with mini-gameboy like memory cards and 2K sports. I could go on and on and I know the PS2 sold like hot cakes, but popular doesn't = better. See "Nickleback." I could make a similar argument for the PS1 and this is all coming from a lover of his PS3.
Mahmoud Abbs's picture
Mahmoud Abbs (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-08-28 03:21
Bias or not. The ps2 should be number 1, and the ps1 should be number 2.
Celes's picture
Celes (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-08-28 02:28
It's pretty insulting to see the 360 in 2nd. It wasn't innovative, it didn't strive to be something amazing, it was just...average. Consoles that offered unique and diverse experiences all throughout and redefined gaming, those are what should be at the top. With this in mind, I'd say PS1 and SNES should be top 2 (order is irrelevant to me). They did the most to diversify and create amazing and unique experiences.
Ayv's picture
Ayv (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 22:09
PS3 way better than XBOX360. it has quality games and exclusives and late in its life cycle it sells more probably online features are a little behind
Douche McTimber's picture
Douche McTimber (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 19:12
Hahaha, look at all the PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAGs crying again. Cry me a river paupers!
old school gamer's picture
old school gamer (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 19:09
the list should have went like this. 1, SNES 2.PS1 3.PS2 4.PS3 5.PS4 6.NINTENDO 64 7.WII 8.XBOX 9.360 10.x1
wolfgang's picture
wolfgang (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 17:50
1.PlayStation 2 2.PlayStation 3.PlayStation 3 4.Xbox360
Kamille's picture
Kamille (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 16:35
These guys are nuts... Saying that the GameCube is better than the PS3 is just crazy!
Kamille's picture
Kamille (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 16:37
The conspiracy was indeed true, Edge really do hate the PS3.
True gamer's picture
True gamer (not verified) posted on Tue, 2013-08-27 15:25
Good list

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