GameStop Hosting GTA V Midnight Launch Event, Full List of Locations for US

Few Select GameStop stores in United States will be holding a midnight launch event for probably the biggest game of the decade "Grand Theft Auto V". The details regarding which GameStop stores will be hosting GTA V Midnight launch event is out.

GTA VHere is the full list of stores, the text from GameStop reads something like this: "Join us on Monday night, 9/16, at 9pm to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto V."

GTA V MidNight Launch Stores: GameStop US

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Chris Barrows's picture
Chris Barrows (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-09-07 19:45
This is not right... They wouldn't do it in JUST Kansas. That would make GameStop look bad.
Kris L.'s picture
Kris L. (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-09-09 19:15
This defiantly is not right. For proper listings of midnight releases for gta I would suggest visiting just punch in your location and it will tell you which ones are doing a midnight release. Most gamestops are doing midnight releases due to high demand.

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