Topless Strippers in GTA V Have Extended Role, Gameplay Mechanics Detailed via Leak Screen

Strippers in GTA IV were given limited role, they were just providing a non-interactive lapdance to NPCs and to our lead character Nico. The next installment in the franchise GTA V has evolved on numerous front and stripper role has been extended as well.

GTA VIn GTA V, all our three lead characters (Michael, Trevor and Franklin) will be able to interact with strippers (To Flirt Press A, Hold RT to Touch Stripper).

In addition to this, players will have to watch out for bouncer who will be patrolling hallway in front of the lapdance boot, if you get caught touching/flirting with strippers you will be thrown out of the club premise.

Furthermor, players will have an option of tiping the pole dancer (stripper), tip amount range from either a dollar (with A button) or "make a rain" (i.e six dollar donation) by (pressing X button). Check out new leaked screenshots below, giving out few details about Topless strippers.

GTA V: Topless Strippers Leak Screen

All in all these new GTA V details suggest that GTA series sexual theme has been taken to yet another level with GTA V.

GTA V arrives on retail shelves on September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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