GTA V Coming to PC on November 22, 2013?

Some good news for PC gamers, GameSeek (a retailer in UK) is taking pre-orders for yet to be officially announced GTA V PC version. Not only this, the listing also carries a release date of November 22, 2013 (this date falls on Friday).

GTA VYou can check out the Listing HERE, and to be on the safer side we have taken the screenshot of the listing just in-case GameSeek decides to take it down.

GTA V PC Listing GameSeek

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Rais Najam Chachar's picture
Rais Najam Chachar (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-09-22 05:45
Hope it 'll be better & good to players.
john's picture
john (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-09-19 20:05
Hmmm seeing as how that's the release date for the Xbox one I will remain a skeptic
astring's picture
astring (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-09-19 17:37
hope it is fells bad when some people are enjoying things and some are only reading news........
zeo's picture
zeo (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-09-19 13:26
It says PC CD-ROM... be a heck of lot of CD's O.o

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