TitanFall And CoD: Ghosts Runs At 720p: Leaker Issue Clarification, Also Comment on Rumor Sources

Earlier today gaming community was hit by a massive rumor that "Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p". It was started by a popular NeoGaf user "fam0usmortimer".

TitanFallXbox fans were not at all happy with this and accused "Famousmortimer" of being "Anti-Microsoft and Anti-Xbox". Seeing this RAGE of Xbox fans, fam0usmortimer via Reddit has issued a clarification of "Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p" rumor and also commented on his source.

Take a look at what Famousmortimer said in clarification via AMA on Reddit:

Q: What do you think about this rumor? I know you said that you don't know if it's true or not, but you must have a feeling about it. Do you believe this rumor or not?

Famousmortimer: Earlier in the day I didn't. The non-answers from Albert are making me think it's true. For those who follow gaf you know I had the driveclub thing also.... and each non-answer was further proof (or, at the very least, relaxed me... not wanting to be wrong on a big stage is nerve wracking).

Q: Can you explain how you first heard the 720P rumor of COD Ghosts on Xbox One? Some are discrediting you by saying it was someone you heard say it "looked" like 720P during behind closed door gameplay, without any real technical analysis.

Famousmortimer: I can't get into specifics even slightly about who it was because a blacklist from activision could murder any game based website. But I can say that, no, he/she isn't like a digital foundry pixel counter. I don't know how the 720p number was come up with, whether it's a guess or was told... and at this point if I asked I would get silence.

Q: How thoroughly do you confirm your sources before you post a rumor? Did the leaked rumors of titanfall and COD match with what you heard?

Famousmortimer: I don't post a rumor unless I have two sources most of the time. Sometimes I have one... but it's someone actually working on the thing that's being talked about. But in general I like two. I think game journalism is pretty much "fun" and not "journalism." If I'm going to dislike them for that I need to hold myself to the same standard even if I'm on gaf or reddit or whatever.

That said... this was done with one source and I never felt great about it. I teased it because, honestly, I'm dumb and couldn't control myself. There was a thread that was vaguely about what I heard and what I was trying to find a second source for and I teased and Bishop (the head mod at gaf) gave me a real hard time about it. So when I got home I said what I knew even though I didn't have a second source. As for other folks like Thuway and whoever else.... I have no idea if they have real sources or not. I wouldn't be surprised if my story just made it in a circle so many times that I'm the same source to like 9 different people who all think i'm someone different. The internet is stupid.

But like I said above... I wasn't sure if I believed it before. Once MS PR got evasive... something started to stink. But that's not fact - still conjecture.

So far the only official words we have received on this TitanFall 720p Xbox One rumor is from Microsoft's Phil Spencer.

When quizzed whether this rumor is TRUE or FAKE, Spencer replied:

"As first party I don't get builds of 3rd party games. I know what our 1st party games are doing."

Share you views with us on this in the comment section below.

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Deeboo's picture
Deeboo (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-10-28 15:34
All news outlets spout lies and the truth. The same can be said for Pete Dodd.
MamousFortimer's picture
MamousFortimer (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-10-28 15:32
I will be getting both on launch day. The xbox has me more excited honestly. I really like what sony is doing too, but I know the xbox will get more use in our house.
satchmo's picture
satchmo (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-10-25 20:19
Buying a playstation is like your friends with a kid trying to get you to have one. People just want you to be miserable and have kids because they are miserable and already made the mistake. If MLG is ok with using xbox, so am i
wanderlei's picture
wanderlei (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-10-24 04:54
NeoFAG is an Sony agenda ridden marketing web site run by a man named Tyler Malka. Tyler Malka is "self employed" because of his earning from NeoFAG. With no? traditional means of monetization one has to wonder what is the true source of his revenue? The true purpose of NeoFAG is to manipulate the market VIA word of mouth and using an army of sock puppets. They commonly use techniques like "down talking" and "running themes.". When that doesn't work they simply resort to cyber bullying children.
lol's picture
lol (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-10-25 13:38
whatever you say cunt
JustMe's picture
JustMe (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-10-24 01:27
All I can say that where there are smoke there are usually a fire, no matter how small. There are at the moment just too many smoke "clouds" about the eXB0Ne to ignore the fact that that something is up and M$ are doing absolutely nothing to dispel all these rumours with facts. All we get are even more confusing PR BS from Nelson and a few others which at this moment are doing nothing to sooth my concerns unfortunately. It's only a month and still very little information and specifications forthcoming.
Lolcommunityu's picture
Lolcommunityu (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 22:25
Look at this way. You'll go with whatever bad news comes up about Xbox one because you don't like it and make it into something drastically is this what the day and age is all about now?
Charles Krauthammer's picture
Charles Krauthammer (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 21:58
Another NeoGAF rumor based on nothing more than unicorn farts. They even closed the thread out of embarrassment.
Hunty's picture
Hunty (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 21:53
This rumor is false. Find better articles to write.
g's picture
g (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 20:49
Hard to say if it's legit. He does seem like a trustworthy source though and you're clearly a fanboy crapgamer. He was completely reasonable about the rumour and situation. Either way, both systems have their merits. I would say PS4 is leading the way with specs, price, and prospective games, but people obviously have their preferences and would choose the xbox for things such as Halo or the controller or the TV capabilities.
medman's picture
medman (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 19:15
I am really struggling to understand why, at this point with all the lies and subterfuge from Microsoft, anyone in their right mind would pay more for an Xbone with it's inferior tech specs when they could pay less for the system with superior specs and the best first party developers on the planet. I guess some folks just like throwing their money away.
Eric c's picture
Eric c (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-10-25 01:19
... Nintendo is the best first party developer. Microsoft has been games then Sony, nintendos first party games are 100% better then Sony or ms...
lol's picture
lol (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-10-25 13:40
err.. no. nintendo has the worst 1st party games
RandomRandy's picture
RandomRandy (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 19:46
Because they like the product? Do you go up to a person with an iPhone, while you have an Android, and spit in their face for spending money on an "inferior" product in your eyes? No, because that would make you a crazy dick of a person. I actually like the Kinect. Being able to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, get a notification that my multiplayer match is set up, tell my Xbox to switch to it and have it switch instantly, play the match, then go back to watching the show while another is set up is amazing. Enjoy your PS4, but don't tell someone their idiotic for buying a great product with their hard earned money.
FZ6SOLDIER's picture
FZ6SOLDIER (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-10-24 04:26
Why would you waste time on Brooklyn nine nine?
RandomRandy's picture
RandomRandy (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-10-24 04:27
Because it's surprisingly comical, actually.
lolbox's picture
lolbox (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 17:58
umadbro xfail is doing what it always does.
miky's picture
miky (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 18:27
U tried.
Crapgamer's picture
Crapgamer (not verified) posted on Wed, 2013-10-23 16:20
So basically the guy doesn't like Microsoft and wanted to stir the pot without any proof. Seems like a douchebag thing to do.

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