Infamous: Second Son Seems To Run Well Over "30 FPS" Says Early Impression

Yesterday Sony lifted the embargo on Infamous: Second Son, and as expected tons of details arrived about the game via preview. Our Friend Game Reactor also posted the preview of Infamous: Second and commented something interesting about resolution at which Infamous: Second Son runs on PS4.

Infamous: Second SonGame Reactor hinted that they don't know exact FPS figure at which Infamous: Second Son runs, but can confirmed that its well over 30 FPS.

Read the full quote in this regard below: "Infamous: Second Son is probably the best-looking title on PlayStation 4 we 've seen so far. The highly detailed models, the lighting effects, high-resolution textures, the amount of particles on the screen... Infamous: Second Son is an undisputed visual treat."

"What is even more impressive, considering that this is an open world game, is that there's a fluidity to the action that seems very high. We do not know if it's running at 60 frames per second, but it seems to be well over 30."

Please NOTE: Our Friend Game Reactor was one of the select few Press who got access/play a near finish build of Infamous: Second Son at recent behind-closed-door event held in Santa Monica by Sony.

You can read full Hand-Ons Impression HERE. As soon as embargo lifted, Sony released some gorgeous looking in-game screenshots of Infamous: Second Son in glorious 1080p resolution, you can take a look at it HERE.


Just had a Twitter conversation with Sucker Punch on Infamous: Second Son Resolution, and this is what it has reach so FAR:

Some Pure In-Game Infamous: Second Son gameplay footage below:

inFAMOUS: Second Son - New Gameplay (PS4) [1440p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

Infamous: Second Son - Preview Build BRoll Footage

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Anders (not verified) posted on Thu, 2014-02-13 18:58
InFamous: Second Son is my most wanted PS4 game.

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