Call of Duty: Black Ops censorship details revealed

Treyarch has now revealed all censor details about the upcoming
first-person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops. As usual, Germany is
affected by the censorship.

Call of Duty Black Ops screenshot

Here are the details at glance:

  • A scene where an enemy is shot in slow motion with copious amounts of gore has been toned down for the German release.
  • A torture scene involving a prisoner has been completely eliminated from the German version.
  • The song Sympathy for the Devil by Mick Jagger has been removed.
  • No explosions that lead to limb loss.
  • Removal of what Germany deems 'anti-constitutional symbols'.
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Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified) posted on Fri, 2010-11-19 21:34
bloody freaks. return to a bit of emotion and flesh-and-blood. go through a torture if you can't see how it is. you've been numbed into watching wars and bloodshed televised, while you can't even stand your neighbour's brain spilling onto your doorstep. they make you stand that, so that you can stand any atrocity your government commits overseas.
mark's picture
mark (not verified) posted on Sun, 2010-10-03 19:34
will just be germany's edition anon
Seemas's picture
Seemas (not verified) posted on Sun, 2010-10-03 18:27
Scenes which are too brutal and thus be deleted in certain countries from the game, new method of Activision order to gain attention. This shows me that I made the right decision when I pre-ordered with the Uncut Version.
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified) posted on Sun, 2010-10-03 18:09
IS this Germany that this applies to or will the above changes apply worldwide e.g. limb loss from explosions
Piemaster1337's picture
Piemaster1337 (not verified) posted on Tue, 2010-10-05 15:18
i'm pretty sure it's only for germany, but i think it is censored for japanese versions, as well. i don't think activision is trying to cause controversy, just that they want the gamers to have the game be more exhilarating than any other games they've made ^^ although, i don't see how a torture scene is so bad.

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