Fast RMX Shows Nintendo Switch Is More Powerful Than Wii U

Digital Foundry has provided his analysis of Nintendo Switch launch title Fast RMX, a Shin'en Multimedia racing game that is a sort of port from the original Wii U Fast Racing Neo. Despite its nature of port, the game has been pretty much revamped in terms of graphics and technology, with lots of differences and improvements upon that basis.

Fast RMX Confirms Switch Is More Powerful Than Wii U

According to the tech outlet, "the first major enhancement is resolution. On Fast Racing Neo on Wii U, Shin'en employs a temporal upscaling of sorts, transforming a 640x720 image into a 1280x720 one. Wii U's scaling works but shimmering and combing artefacts are prevalent, giving the impression that the game is running at a lower overall resolution. On Switch, Fast RMX ditches the temporal upscaling technique entirely and instead makes the jump to an adaptive resolution feature, where the game dynamically adjusts rendering resolution based on GPU load.

In docked mode, the game jumps regularly between 900p and 1080p - or even lower in very select circumstances - while portable mode drops the resolution ceiling to 720p where minor drops in pixel-count can also occur, mostly in pre-race fly-bys."

On top of that, "the faster GPU featured in the Switch allows the team to implement a more robust atmospheric light scattering system," which means there's a true improvement in comparison with the older gen console, instead of early reports claiming the hardwares were basically the same.

Good news, definitely, for Nintendo fans who are eager to have more and more graphics from their Nintendo first party titles -- and hopefully something that will convince third party developers and publishers to offer further support to the platform along the road.

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