WWE 13 DLC resetting Save data and Universe Mode Settings, Fix Available

THQ has issued a temporart fix for the nasty bug in WWE 13 DLC that reset gamer's save data. This bug has affected both Xbox 360 and PS3 version of WWE 13.

WWE 13In addition to resetting the save date this bug reset player's Universe Mode settings and Superstar Threads data. You can follow the below temporary fix from THQ in-order to avoid this bug.

  • Download and install DLC from WWE Shop menu.
  • Return to the Main Menu and do not select any other options.
  • Let the console sit for 10-15 seconds to ensure everything saves properly.
  • Power down the console.
  • Reboot and enjoy with saved settings and new DLC.

Are you facing the same issue?, and does the above mention fix works for you?. Let us know in the comment section below.

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spamazoid's picture
spamazoid (not verified) posted on Sat, 2012-12-08 03:22
Dont have that issue but instead DLC downloading but not adding to the roster. Specifically Goldust/Dre McIntyre (3 downloads for them to actually add), AJ Lee/Natalya so far 4 attempts and tho they are downloaded they are not on the roster, yet Yoshi, Tensai, Minstry attire, the belts, Ryback added 1st go.

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