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"We've Got A Product To Sell": Microsoft On Being More Aggressive To Sony's PS4 Pro Reveal

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Xbox Scorpio

During a recent interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft's Albert Penello has addressed the aggressive communication policy the Xbox team has seemingly adopted after Sony announced PS4 Pro and Bethesda revealed they wouldn't be making Fallout 4/Skyrim mods to PS4.

PC Gamers Are Like Racists, Xbox Users Could Get A PS4 Pro Instead: Pachter

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PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio

Analyst Michael Pachter has provided his comment about the way PlayStation 4 Pro is getting considered around the world of video games, in particular by PC gamers and Xbox fanboys.

Video Games Business Growing This Year In The US, eSports Beat NFL On Social: Report

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Xbox One vs PS4

Adobe Digital Insights has released a new series of stats and predictions about the health of video games industry in the U.S., detailing the VR and eSports markets are getting bigger and bigger on a YoY basis.

Hideo Kojima Keeps Trolling Us About P.T. And Metal Gear Solid V's Chapter 3

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Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima spending some time trolling people who are still waiting for P.T. to return to be a reality and Metal Gear Solid V’s chapter 3 to be officially announced.

EA Positive About Console Hardware Upgrades, Project Scorpio And PlayStation Neo

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Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts has shared its company's vision about Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo, detailing how prepared the American publisher is to the concept of scalability.

PokeVision Creator Writes An Open Letter To Pokémon GO Developer Niantic

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Yang Liu took the occasion to talk to the software house and explain why PokeVision keeps being so important for people who play Pokemon GO. 

Former Xbox Boss Robbie Bach Comments on Status Of Console Gaming

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Former Xbox Boss Robbie Bach

Robbie Bach discussed the health of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 considering sales in comparison with older gen platforms.

The Division Movie Announced, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal And Jessica Chastain

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The Division Movie

Finally an official announcement for The Division movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain.

Epic Games' Sweeney Praises Project Scorpio And PS4 Neo, Explains Benefits From Devs Point Of View

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Xbox Scorpio

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney, one who's usually more interested in criticizing rather than praise whatever happens in the games industry, has commented about moves from both Microsoft and Sony regarding Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo. According to him, both consoles actually make sense.

UK Video Games Producers And Retailers Offer A Statement About Brexit

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UK Video Games Producers Reaction On Brexit

Brexit has shaken Europe in a big way and caused a series of undesired effects and all productive segments in United Kingdom including Video Games Industry.  TIGA, the UK video games association, has issues a press release to express his position on Brexit.