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Valve Discusses Future, Still "A Development Studio", Hints At Future Games

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Valve Discuss Future, Half Life 3 And More

In a recent interview, Valve's Doug Lombardi talked about the future of Valve, which is still a development studio, and also discussed the future games.

Sony Won't Release PS5 In 2018 To Compete With Xbox Scorpio, New Consoles Every Three Years: Pachter

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Michael Pachter On PlayStation 5

Michael Pachter thinks that Sony will not release any new console (PlayStation 5) to directly compete with Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio. The console cycle has been cut short to every three years.


Valve's Gabe Newell Explains Effects Of Muslim Ban On His Company

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Valve Boss On Donald Trump's Muslim Ban

Valve Boss Gabe Newell has commented on Donald Trump's Muslim Ban and it's effect on his company.

In Heartfelt Video Message, Insomniac Games Opposes Donald Trump's Ban On Muslim Immigration

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Insomniac Games On Trump's Immigration Ban

All section of the society is opposing US President Donald Trump's ban on Muslim immigration. Video Games developer Insomniac Games release a video message on firm's stance regarding the BAN.

Kojima Discusses His Relationship With Konami, "53 Years Experience Won't Lead Me Astray"

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Death Stranding Dev Kojima Discusses His Fallout With Konami

Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima talked about his relationship with Konami. He told IGN that his "53 years experience won't lead me astray."

PC Gaming Hardware Business Sets New Record In 2016, Drove $30 billion In Revenue

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PC vs Xbox One vs PS4: Business In 2016

PC gaming hardware continues to set new benchmarks. In 2016, the PC gaming hardware business droves in whooping $30 billion in revenue.

Misleading Australian Gamers About Refund Will Cost Valve 3 Million AU Dollars

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Valve Fined $3 Million For Misleading Consumers

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has ordered Valve to cough up $3 million Australian Dollars as a penalty for providing misleading information to Steam users.

Nintendo Switch Sold Out Until September, Project Scorpio Shipping At $399: Pachter

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Project Scorpio Price Is $399

According to Michael Pachter, Project Scorpio will carry a price tag of $399 at launch. Also, Nintendo Switch is going to be sold out by September 2016.

Pokemon Go: Everything you need to know about Holiday Pikachu

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Holiday Pikachu

Holiday Pikachu is spawning at various places, when you find it locate it at places with high traffic around, it will be in your inventory. Also to get Gen 2 Baby Pokemons, you will need to gather new eggs. 

Microsoft On DLC Coming First To PS4 Than Xbox One: "Sony Just Decided To Write A Lot Of Cheques"

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Xbox One vs PS4 DLC Exclusivity Deal

A lot of DLCs are coming first on PS4 than Xbox One? According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, it is due to the fact that Sony decided to write a lot of cheques.