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Mysterious Pokemon RPG For Switch To Come in 2018 Or Later

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Pokemon RPG Coming To Switch In 2018

A Nintendo report states Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch will release in 2018 or later. No confirmation yet whether this LATER term means Pokemon RPG might get delayed to 2019.

New Skyrim Handheld Mode Gameplay On Nintendo Switch Is Jaw Dropping

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim For Nintendo Switch

YouTuber Filip has posted a new Elder Scroll V: Skyrim gameplay running on Nintendo Switch (handheld mode). The graphics and visuals is absolutely stunning.

Nintendo Switch Online App Download Available Now On Google Play And App Store

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Nintendo Switch Online App Download Link

Download Nintendo Switch Online App now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, links provided. The app offers lot of game-specific features invite friends to play and more.

Nintendo Switch To Sell 50 Million Units In Its Lifetime, Don't Think So It Will Reach 100 Million

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Nintendo Switch Lifetime Sale

Michael Pachter thinks Nintendo Switch will not touch 100 Million lifetime sales figure. Bad news for Nintendo President as he is expecting Nintendo Switch to cross the sales figure of Wii, which sold 101 million units by 2016.

Nintendo Switch Might Play 8-Bit NES Games Via Emulator

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NES Emulator In Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Reported to include a NES Emulator Codenamed "flog", according to a leak but the information is not officially confirmed.

Why Games Porting For Nintendo Switch Is Too Difficult?

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 Nintendo Switch Porting

Game porting on Nintendo Switch is controversial, due to lack of beefy hardware many developers are struggling to launch their titles on this hybrid console.

Sledgehammer Games: Call of Duty: WWII Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Call of Duty: WWII Not In Development For Nintendo Switch

Sledgehammer Games has confirmed Call of Duty: WWII is never going to release on Nintendo Switch. In a Reddit AMA, Sledgehammer confirmed Call of Duty: WWII is not coming to Switch.

Ubisoft Finding It Difficult To Port Steep On Nintendo Switch, Might Get Cancelled - Insider

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Steep for Nintendo Switch Cancelled?

Steep for Nintendo Switch is going through development hell, according to a report from a credible insider source close to IGN France. There is no guarantee that Steep will release for Nintendo Switch, but the development still continues.

Rainway App Makes It Possible To Play The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight On Nintendo Switch

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Witcher 3 Running On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans concerns about big AAA games not releasing on Nintendo Switch seems to have been fixed by Rainway App. The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, and Nier Automata are up and running on Nintendo Switch.

Guest Login And Save Data Transfer Coming On Nintendo Switch According To Leaked SDK - Rumor

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch leak sdk documents say there will be Guest Login And Save Data Transfer two new features coming up.