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Nintendo America Boss: More To Be Announced For Nintendo Switch 2017 Line-up

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Nintendo Switch - More Games Still Coming In 2017

Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that there are lot still left to be announced for Nintendo Switch for the year 2017. What these announcements could be: third-party games or any other stuffs?

Nintendo Switch Shortage Expected to Continue Till 2017 End, Production Capped Due To Component Shortages

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Nintendo Switch Shortage Issue

Nintendo Switch shortage is expected to continue till 2017 end, according to an Analyst. Nintendo still not managed to increase the Nintendo Switch production due to component shortage.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 Brings 6 Splatoon 2 Characters For User Icons and New System Functionality

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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update

Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 firmware update is out that brings new system functionality for the console.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: A Tactile Adventure Game For Nintendo Switch

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a new exclusive game for Nintendo Switch that brings tactile adventure and a unique partnership of Mario with Rabbids to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Miyamoto Believes Nintendo Switch Lifespan Can Be Bigger Than 5 Years

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 Nintendo Switch Lifespan

Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview says Nintendo Switch Lifespan can be more than standard five years.

Nintendo Paid Online Service starting from 2018, Price Revealed

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Nintendo Paid Service

Nintendo Paid Online Service starts from 3.99 USD, to be launch in year 2018 offering a wide array of features for Nintendo Switch users.

Nintendo Switch Passes A 1000 Feet Drop Test, No Screen Broken

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Nintendo Switch 1000 feet

Nintendo Switch survives a one thousand feet drop test, only a left controller was broken, the screen remains intact and it also worked.

NPD: Nintendo Switch Takes The Best Selling Console Crown In April 2017, Also Leads In Software Sales

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Nintendo Switch - NPD Best Selling Console In April 2017

NPD has named Nintendo Switch as the best-selling console in April 2017. Also, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was named as the best selling video game, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as the third best selling game.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 2.3.0 Out Now, Improves System Stability, says Patch Notes

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has released firmware 2.3.0 for Nintendo Switch. It improves system stability to enhance the user's experience.

Nintendo To Third Party Developers - Release Major Games For Nintendo Switch As Early As Possible

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Nintendo Switch Third Party Dev Support

Nintendo is making sure that Nintendo Switch gets its share of major third party games on time and on that note they have asked third-party developers to release their major games for Nintendo Switch as early as possible.