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Sony Confirms PS Plus June 2016 Instant Game Collection Reveal Incoming Next Week

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PlayStation Plus For June 2016

Sony has officially confirmed that PS Plus June 2016 free games reveal will be made as some point next week. The confirmation came from Sony's Frannifer via Twitter.

Fumito Ueda Is Worried About The Last Guardian Launch, He Had To Work Around PS4's Limitations

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The Last Guardian

PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian developer Fumito Ueda has revealed that the development team is currently a bit worried about the launch of the game in 2016 as they have to worked around the PlayStation 4 limitations.

The Order: 1886 Developer RAD To Reveal Its Next Multi-Platform Game Next Week

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The Order 1886

Ready At Dawn, the developer behind PS4 Exclusive The Order 1886 will reveal their next multi-platform game at some point next week, as per the details confirmed by retailer GameStop.

Insider Leaks PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference Details, Going To Be Better Than E3 2015

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PlayStation E3 2016 Press Briefing

A well known insider has leaked PlayStation E3 2016 press conference details, it is going to be better than the E3 2015 showing.

PlayStation Plus June 2016 First Two Free Games Leaked via Weekly PS Email, Looks Legit

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PS Plus June 2016

Two Free Games for June 2016 has been accidentally leaked via Weekly PlayStation Email. Reddit user discovered the details and if it turns out to be legit, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get NBA 2K16 and Gone Home.

PlayStation Neo In Development Because Of PS VR Needing More Power: Report

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PS4 Neo

Sony went ahead with PlayStation Neo development not to get an upper hand against Microsoft or put forward at 4K Gaming on consoles, but due to the need of PlayStation VR. The VR headset from Sony needed more power.

The Last Guardian Confirmed To Release In 2016, Dev Shares Info On New Gameplay Feature, Sounds Impressive

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The Last Guardian

It has been officially confirmed that The Last Guardian will indeed launch on PlayStation 4 in 2016. In addition to this an interesting new gameplay feature has been revealed related to the lead protagonist.

PS Plus June 2016 Free Games Announcement Coming Today or on June 1?

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PlayStation Plus June 2016

Is Sony going to announce PS Plus June 2016 Free Games later today or on June 1? Here is what all things PlayStation Plus subscribers need to consider before making any conclusion.

PS4.5 Production Forced By AMD New Production Process: Rumor

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According to new rumor PlayStation 4.5 productions forced by AMD new production process. Are we just few months away from the official reveal of PlayStation 4K.

Sony Santa Monica Cancelled PS4 IP Details Leaked: Futuristic Setting, Strange Creatures, Dinosaurs

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A well known insider source NerdLeaks has revealed Sony Santa Monica Cancelled PS4 IP Details: It had futuristic setting, strange creatures and dinosaurs.