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PS Plus July 2016 Free Games Reveal Coming On Today (June 29): Sony (Updated)

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PS Plus July 2016 Games

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2016 announcement will be revealed today (as it is the last Wednesday of the month).

PS Plus July 2016 Games Announcement On June 28? Reveal Incoming At Usual Time On The Blog: Sony

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PlayStation Plus July 2016

Sony has clarified whether PS Plus July 2016 free games announcement will be made on June 28 or not? According to Frannier, PS Plus Community Manager, July 2016 Instant Game Collection line-up incoming at the usual time on the blog.

Massive PS4 Neo Leak: GPU 2X Powerful With High Clock Speed, 5.5TF, Price $499, Dev Kits Already Out

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PlayStation 4K

PS4 Neo GPU is going to be 2X more powerful (with High Clock Speed) than PS4, it will offer 5.5TF performance, has a new CPU and will be priced not more than $499. The dev kits of PS4 Neo is already available, Capcom's Deep Down is one of the title in development for it.

Gran Turismo Sport E3 2016 Build vs Reveal Build, A Massive Upgrade In Graphics

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Gran Turismo Sport

These new Gran Turismo Sport Gifs and video of E3 2016 build confirms a massive upgrade in terms of graphics and visuals.

PS4 Firmware 3.55 Live Now, No Changelog Yet, Mostly Improves Stability

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PS4 Firmware 3.55

Sony has just released PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.55. The update is now available for download for all PlayStation 4 owners across the globe. The size of Firmware 3.55 is around 300MB, and it mostly improves stability.

Guerrilla Games Explains Why Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Female Protagonist Instead Of Male Lead

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games finally revealed the reason behind why Horizon: Zero Dawn has a female lead protagonist (Aloy) instead of male lead like the previous franchise that the studio worked on.

Sony: No Plan To Abandon Console Generations After PS4 Neo Launch

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PlayStation 4 Neo

Sony's Andrew House has clarified that Sony is in no mood to abandon console generations after the launch of PlayStation Neo.

Insider: PS4 Neo Priced At $399, Comes With 4K Blu-ray Drive, Devs Loving GPU Power

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PlayStation Neo

Well known industry insider Tidux has leaked PlayStation 4 Neo price, it will be available for $399 in 2016, will come with a 4K Blu-ray drive and the additional GPU power is loved by developer.

PlayStation Neo Could Still Release In 2016: Report

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PS4 Neo

According to the report from Digital Foundry Insider, PlayStation Neo could still launch worldwide in 2016.

Sony Did Not Use PlayStation Neo To Reveal E3 2016 Games, All Were Running On A PS4: Yoshida

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Sony's E3 Reveal Were On PS4

Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony E3 2016 games were running on Standard PlayStation, not on PlayStation Neo.