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Driveclub VR Will Be Available At PSVR Launch Despite Evolution Being Closed Down

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Driveclub VR

Sony Japan has just announced that Driveclub VR is going to be one of the PlayStation VR launch title i.e. the game will be releasing on October 13 alongside PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.0 Beta Signups Now Open, Link Inside

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PS4 Firmware 4.0

Sony has announced today it is opening signups for PlayStation 4 beta firmware 4.0, introducing a range of new stuff we absolutely know nothing about. As of now, indeed, the Japanese platform holder has not provided any detail or insights.

Druckmann Accuses Square Enix Of Copying Nathan Drake Collection Cover For Rise of the Tomb Raider

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 Nathan Drake Collection Cover For Rise of the Tomb Raider

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Creative Director Neil Druckmann has accused Square Enix of copying The Nathan Drake Collection cover art for Rise of the Tomb Raider PlayStation 4 version.

AMAZON Spain: PS4 Neo Releasing On October 13, Price €399

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PS4 Neo

Amazon Spain has listed a new PlayStation 4 Model to be released on October 13 for €399. This listing doesn't contain any detail about this new model, so we don't really know whether this is the PlayStation 4 slim we've been talking about for a while or PlayStation Neo itself.

PS4 Neo Is Less Powerful Than Project Scorpio By 2 Teraflops, Official PS4 Neo Specs Leaked

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PS4 Neo Full Specs

The official specs of PlayStation 4 Neo has been leaked and the detail in it confirms that PS4 Neo is less powerful than Xbox Scorpio by 2 Teraflops.

PlayStation VR Is About "Short" And "Intense" Experiences: Sony

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PlayStation VR

According to House, virtual reality experiences are something shorter than games as currently thought, content that can be more "intense" in comparison and offer a more immediate enjoyment rather than long-term adventure you can invest a lot of time on.

Gran Turismo Sport's Kazunori Yamauchi Praises PS4, Details Why PS3 Didn't Work For Them

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Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital, the developer behind upcoming racing game Gran Turismo Sport, has praised PlayStation 4 specs power and also revealed the reason behind why PlayStation 3 era did not work for them as expected.

PS Plus July 2016 Free Games Reveal Coming On Today (June 29): Sony (Updated)

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PS Plus July 2016 Games

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Plus Free Games for July 2016 announcement will be revealed today (as it is the last Wednesday of the month).

PS Plus July 2016 Games Announcement On June 28? Reveal Incoming At Usual Time On The Blog: Sony

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PlayStation Plus July 2016

Sony has clarified whether PS Plus July 2016 free games announcement will be made on June 28 or not? According to Frannier, PS Plus Community Manager, July 2016 Instant Game Collection line-up incoming at the usual time on the blog.

Massive PS4 Neo Leak: GPU 2X Powerful With High Clock Speed, 5.5TF, Price $499, Dev Kits Already Out

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PlayStation 4K

PS4 Neo GPU is going to be 2X more powerful (with High Clock Speed) than PS4, it will offer 5.5TF performance, has a new CPU and will be priced not more than $499. The dev kits of PS4 Neo is already available, Capcom's Deep Down is one of the title in development for it.