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The Last Guardian Install Size Is Just 15GB, PS4 Pro Support Delayed

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The Last Guardian HDD Install Size

The Last Guardian back cover unveils Install Size which is 15GB. The PS4 Pro support for the game has been delayed, it won't be available at launch.

SuperData Lowers PlayStation VR Sales Forecast For 2016: From 2.6 Million Units To 750K Units

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PlayStation VR Sales Forecast Brought Down

Analysis firm SuperData has lowered PlayStation VR sales forecast for 2016. The firm says that PSVR is expected to sell under 750K units by end of 2016.

Dev: PS4 Pro Released To Support VR, It Is Just Rhetoric, PS4 Not Powerful Enough

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PS4 Pro Released To Support VR

Devil Third's Dev shared his view on PS4 Pro. Firstly, Itagaki termed PS4 Pro as "rhetoric" and Sony released just to support VR because PS4 is not powerful enough to do the task.

Fallout 4 Welcoming PS4 Pro Support In The Next Patch, No ETA Yet

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Fallout 4 PS4 Pro Support Patch

A new patch for Fallout 4 will bring PS4 Pro support, Bethesda has officially confirmed it via Twitter. Sadly, the company didn't provide an ETA for it.

PS4 Pro Sold 65,194 Units In Japan In First Four Days

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PS4 Pro Japan Sales Figure

Famitsu unveils PS4 Pro first four days sales figure. The console sold 65,194 units, whereas standard PS4 sales were 28,318 units.

PS4 Sales Jumps 204 Percent In The UK Thanks To PS4 Pro Launch

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PS4 vs PS4 Pro Sales Comparison

Since PS4 Pro launch, the sales of PlayStation 4 jumped 204 percent in the United Kingdom, according to UK Chart Track.

PS4 Pro: Top 13 Features It Brings To 1080p TV

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PS4 Pro: 13 Benefit It Brings To 1080p TV

PS4 Pro has lot of benefits on 1080p TV. Here is a list of 13 Features PS4 Pro brings to the 1080p TV.

PS4 Pro Comes With Firmware 3.70, Players Will Have To Update It To Firmware 4.05

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PS4 Pro Firmware Revealed

One key PS4 Pro Firmware information: The console comes loaded with Firmware 3.70. Buyers will have to update it to firmware 4.05.

PS4 Pro: Maximum Power Consumption, Noise and other analysis

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PS4 Pro: Heat, Noise, Power Consumption

Specs wise PS4 Pro is the most powerful console in the market today, but what about Power Consumption, Heat and Noise, is there any improvement on these fronts?

New Tech Analysis Offers Insight On PS4 Pro Featuring 8.4 TFLOPS

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PS4 Pro Tech Analysis on 8.2 TFLOPS Claim

Youtuber NX Gamer has came up with their PS4 Pro tech analysis and offers an insight details on console's 8.4 TFLOPS.