Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V: Rockstar Offers $420,000 In GTA Online For Free Starting April 30

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GTA V - How To Get Free Money In GTA Online

GTA V developer Rockstar Games is offering GTA Online players $425,000 in-game currency for free starting from April 30.

Red Dead Redemption Mod for GTA V project canceled

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GTA5 Red Dead

Mr. Leisurewear announced the shutdown of Project Red Dead Redemption Mod for GTA V, the actual reasons behind is still not clear.

Upcoming GTA Online Ban will stop ongoing in-game cash hacking attempts

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GTA Online Ban

Rockstar is working on new ban that can block hackers attempt to rob in-game currency of unsuspected players.

GTA V: GTA Online Unlocks Vehicles That Usually Require To Complete Heists

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GTA V: GTA Online Unlocks Vehicles

GTA V: GTA Online - In a sudden move, vehicles that were usually required to complete Heists have been unlocked.

Red Dead Redemption Coming To PC, Kind Of

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Red Dead Redemption Is Coming To PC As GTA V Mod

A well-known modder has announced their plan to include Red Dead Redemption in to the world of GTV as mod.

GTA IV's Liberty City Coming To GTA V Thanks To A Mod

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Grand Theft Auto V Mod To Add Liberty City

A new mod is in development that will add the Grand Theft Auto VI's Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto V.

Steam Unveils Most Sold Games In 2016 List

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Valve's Steam: Best Selling Games of 2016

Steam has finally announced the list of most sold games in 2016. The list includes some of the controversial games like No Man's Sky, Tom Clancy's The Division, and many others.

New GTA V Secret Has A Woman Tied To A Rock In The Deep Sea, Map Location Revealed

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New GTA V Secret Discovered, Map Location Revealed

A new GTA V secret has been discovered. It is situated in a deep sea, has a woman tied to a rock. Youtuber ItsTinyTroll discovered this new GTA V secret and posted map location for everyone else.

GTA V 70 Million Copies sold on gross revenue of 65 Million

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Rockstar GTA V

Rockstar has crossed 70 Million copies of GTA 5 and the online version is gradually growing.

GTA V: Online Map DLC Might Be Getting Older GTA Cities Until 2020

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GTA V: Online Turning Into MMO

Rockstar plans to turn GTA V: Online in to a MMO by adding older GTA Cities maps until 2020. The list of older GTA Cities that can be added includes Liberty City.