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11 Outstanding 4K Game Titles You Must Play

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11 Outstanding 4K Game Titles

4K revolution has arrived and here are the Outstanding 4K Game Titles you must play on your PC. This list of top 11 Ultra HD gaming with images that your PC can handle.

Shocking: GTA V Redux Is Possibly Another Mod's Rip-Off, User Shares Proof

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GTA V Redux

Reader Casey Barrett has just offered us a clarification about the GTA V Redux mod, which has become really popular lately because of the way it improves GTA V PC version in terms of graphics. As it seems, the mod is something of a rip-off from the work previously done by other modders.

GTA V Redux Mod Now Available, Size 3.3GB, Looks Absolutely Stunning

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This is why GTA V Redux mod is now available and really makes this amazing open world game, one I really loved despite I've never been a huge fan of the genre, shine. Have a quick look at improvements promised by modders.

GTA V Publisher: Video Games Industry Is Now A "Mature" Business

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Take Two Interactive Strauss Zelnick has provided his vision about the state of the industry, claiming the business is now much more mature in comparison with a few years ago, a much riskier business where the more you invest, the more you get in return.

GTA V: Online Could Be Receiving A Bikers Based DLC, Hints Scripts In Game Code

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Rockstar Games could be developing a brand new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, and this one could be finally based on bikers. According to scripts found in the game code through the Cunning Stunts update, it really seems like there's such DLC on its way.

GTA V Patch 1.35: All New Car Prices, Specs And Image Leaked, Changelog Details All Bugs/Glitch Fixes

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GTA V Patch 1.35 Cars

A user on Reddit has leaked prices, specs and images of new cars included in GTA V Patch 1.35. Rockstar Games has releaed patch 1.35 changelog detailing all the new additions and bug fixes.

GTA V Redux Mod Releasing On August 26, All New Addition Detailed: Overhauled Weapon System and more

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GTA V Redux Mod

Modder Josh Romito has announced GTA V Redux Mod release date along with the full list of new additions and changes that are coming with the mod.

GTA V Redux Mod Improves Graphics Dramatically: Screenshots Released

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There's a new Grand Theft Auto V mod in town, or it almost is. Modder Josh Romito has posted a series of screenshots showcasing GTA5Redux, a mod which promises to improve latest open world title from Rockstar Games' title on PC.

New GTA V Glitch Allows You To Earn $30,000 In 20 Seconds, Works Post Patch 1.35, Details Revealed

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GTA V Money Glitch Post Patch 1.35

A new glitch in GTA Online allow players to earn $30000 in just 20 seconds. This glitch works post patch 1.35. Here are all the details you need to know about the working on the glitch.

GTA V Publisher Comments On Nintendo NX And PlayStation VR's Releases

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Nintendo NX

Take-Two President Strauss Zelnick commented on Nintendo NX and virtual reality, including PlayStation VR. Strauss stated that as a publisher, Take-Two very "interested" in Nintendo NX.