Deals With Gold For January 17, 2017 Week: List Of Discounted Games

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Deals With Gold: January 17 Week

Xbox website has been updated with Deals With Gold for January 17, 2017 week. Sadly, this week offering is not good, but players can have Insomniac's latest, Song of the Deep, at a 50% discount.

Microsoft Still Willing To "Take Risks" After Scalebound: Phil Spencer

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Scalebound Cancellation: Microsoft Still Willing To Take Risk

Scalebound Cancellation was a big disappointment for Xbox fans. Is it going to stop Microsoft from taking risk in respect to going for more third party game exclusive deal? According to Phil Spencer, they are still willing to "take risks."

Platinum Games On Scalebound Cancelation: "We Are Very Disappointed Things Ended Up This Way"

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Scalebound Cancelled: Platinum Breaks Their Silence

Now Platinum Games breaks their silence on Scalebound Cancelation. In a post on official website, Platinum Games CEO Kenichi Sato said: "We Are Very Disappointed Things Ended Up This Way"

Crackdown 3 Has Had Technical Issues, But It's Safe: Shinobi

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Crackdown 3 Also Has Technical Issue

According to well-known insider Shinobi602, like Scalebound, Crackdown 3 also has some technical development issue, but it is SAFE and is all set to launch in 2017.

$30 Media Player Ultra App Now Available For Free For Xbox One and Windows 10

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Media Player Ultra App Now Available For Free

Limited Time Offer: Media Player Ultra App is now available for download for free of cost for Xbox One and Windows 10. Previously, it carried a price tag of $30. It'll keep being free for the next eight days

Microsoft Just Stealthly Confirmed Crackdown 3 Is Releasing In 2017

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Crackdown 3 Release Confirmed For 2017

After announcing Scalebound cancellation, Microsoft stealthy confirmed that Crackdown 3 will release in 2017 for Xbox One, and possibly for Xbox Scorpio as well.

Deals With Gold: January 10, 2017 Discounts Revealed

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January 10: Games With Gold Revealed

Check out all the discounts that are available on January 10 under Deals With Gold promotion.

Windows 10 Game Mode Details Leak: Already Available For Devs To Prepare Ground For Project Scorpio

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Windows 10 Game Mode To Prepare Ground For Project Scorpio

More interesting Windows 10 Game Mode has been leaked. It is already available to selected few developers to prepare ground for Project Scorpio.

January 3, 2017: Deals With Gold For Xbox 360 And Xbox One

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January 3: Xbx Deals with Gold Revealed

January 3 Deals With Gold has been revealed. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get a big discounts on few interesting games, especially for Xbox One: Assetto Corsa, Dead Island Remasters, and many others.

2017 Is Going To Be Project Scorpio's Year, "Ready for the Beast?": Microsoft

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Project Scorpio: 2017 Is Year Of Beast

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has fired the first shot on the first day of New Year (2017). On Twitter, Aaron called 2017 as "Project Scorpio's Year" and asked Gaming Community, whether they are "Ready for the Beast?"