E3 Is About Dreams - Why Microsoft Failed At E3 2017 Despite Having Xbox One X

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E3 2017 - Everything Wrong With It

What all things was wrong at E3 2017 for Microsoft and Xbox One X? E3 2017 was a disappointment for Xbox fans because expectations from was high, but no games showcased true power of Xbox One X.

Spencer: Xbox One X Pre-orders Going Live Soon, FCC Approval Done, Won't Be Too Much Longer

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Xbox One X Pre-order Announcement

Phil Spencer comments on Xbox One X pre-orders. On Twitter, Spencer said Xbox One X has got FCC approval, pre-orders will go live soon, announcement incoming.

5 Major Improvements And Benefits Xbox One X Brings To 1080p TV

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Xbox One X Improvements For 1080p TV

Should you buy Xbox One X for 1080p TV? YES, Xbox One X brings lot of benefits and improvement for 1080p TV. Here's list 5 biggest benefits 1080p TV users will get with Xbox One X.

Xbox One X 2 Already In Work, Might Be A Xbox One X Refresh, Not Releasing In 2019

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Xbox One X 2 Already In Development

Insider reveals that work on Xbox One X successor (Xbox One X) is already underway. This Xbox One X successor might just be a refresh and might now release in 2019.

Xbox One X: 4K Sells, But Who's Buying? [Hidden Truth]

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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X - Who Wants 4K?

Xbox One X is powerful, really powerful, but Microsoft's True 4K claims (for Xbox One X) sounds a bit off for many reasons - PS4 Pro has been on shelves for almost 1 year and is capable of touching 4K (Native and Checkerboard).

Mike Ybarra Confirms "Gift To A Friend" Feature Coming To Xbox One Store Very Soon

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Game Gifting Feature On Xbox Store

Team Xbox is bringing "Gift To A Friend" feature to Xbox One Store very soon. Mike Ybarra confirmed it while speaking to a fan on Twitter.

Phil Harrison On Why PS4 Managed To Beat Xbox One By 2:1 Ratio, Xbox Made A Fantastic Recovery

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Xbox One X - A Recovery For Microsoft

Phil Harrison unveiled reason behind PS4 managing to beat Xbox One with 2:1 ration, and why Xbox still managed to make a recovery, Xbox One X the factor behind Microsoft's return to the competition?

Microsoft Defends Xbox One X 2017 Line-up: Different Types Of Games For Different Types Of Gamers Now

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Microsoft Defends Xbox One X 2017 Line-up

Xbox Head of Operations defended Xbox One X 2017 line-up. In a recent interview, David McCarthy stated 2017 line-up for Xbox One X offers different types of games for different types of gamers.

Xbox One X Is Expensive, Appeals To Narrow Demographic Of Gamers, To Sell 17 Million Units By 2021

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Xbox One X Sales Expectation

Analyst David Cole calls Xbox One X an "Expensive" system which appeals to only a narrow demographic of gamers who wants high-quality graphics in games but don't want to spend their money on high-end PC.

Shawn Layden Explains Why Sony Is Making Lots Of Story-Driven AAA Games For PS4 - The Last Of Us And More

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The Last of Us Part II Ellie

Sony's approach is different that Microsoft, they are making story-driven AAA games for PS4 a lot such as The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and many others. The reason is simple - They Are Playing To Their Strengths.