Aaron Greenberg Defends Xbox One Exclusive Games vs Horizon: Zero Dawn And Uncharted 4

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Xbox vs PlayStation Exclusives 2017

In a recent Twitter conversation with a fan, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg defended Xbox One exclusive line-up against the likes of Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Greenberg also shared a new marketing image of Project Scorpio created by Crypt Concepts.

Microsoft VR Headsets To Release Holiday 2017, Likely For Project Scorpio As Well

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Microsoft VR Headsets For Project Scorpio And PC

At GDC 2017, Microsoft announced couple of VR headsets for Windows 10 PC. Alex Kipman announced that Microsoft's first virtual reality devices from third party producers will release around October or at the ends of Black Friday/Thanksgiving.

Microsoft: Games With Gold Will Continue, Xbox Game Pass Is Not A Replacement For That

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Games With Gold vs Xbox Game Pass

Xbox's Mike Ybarra has clarified that Games With Gold scheme will continue, recently announced Xbox Game Pass is not a replacement service for that.

Difference Between Xbox Scorpio Native 4K And PS4 Pro Checkerboard Rendering Not So Sharp: Dev

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Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Difference Between 4K vs Checkerboard 4K

Vigil Games is of the opinion that there is not much difference between Xbox Scorpio's native 4K resolution and PlayStation 4 Pro's checkerboard 4K rendering. The developer used the term no "Sharp" differences.

E3 2017 Floor Plan Leaked, Microsoft To Have Smaller Space Than 2016

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E3 2017 Floor Plan Leaked

The initial Floor Plan of E3 2017 has been leaked, and it seems like Microsoft is going to have a smaller space than 2016.

More Crackdown 3 Details On Destruction, Factions And Gameplay Revealed

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Crackdown 3

Microsoft General Manager Shannon Loftis has released some additional new details on Crackdown 3's destruction, factions and gameplay.

Project Scorpio Might Be Getting A New User Interface, Different From Xbox One

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Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio user interface is going to be different for the Xbox One, according to the details coming out from Windows Central.

Spencer Feels Comfortable About E3 2017 Showing, More PC Games Coming To Xbox One

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Phil Spencer On Xbox One, E3 2017

Phil Spencer talks about Xbox One and Project Scorpio showing at E3 2017, and once again confirmed that more PC games is coming to Xbox One.

Microsoft Discusses Project Scorpio Being The Last Xbox Console

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Project Scorpio

Is Project Scorpio is going to be the last Xbox console from Microsoft? Some big executive discussed the matter in a recent interview with our friend at Engadget.

Xbox Head: Never Say Never To Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility On Windows 10

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Xbox 360 Backward Compatible With Windows 10

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer has hinted the possibility of Xbox 360 going backward compatibility on Windows 10.