Xbox Game Pass: Auto-Renew Enabled, Turn It OFF If You Don't Want To Be Charged After 14-Day Free Trial

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Xbox Game Pass - Auto Renew

Xbox Game Pass service enables auto-renew option as soon as Xbox Live Gold subscribers starts the 14-day free trial. It needs to be manually disable in order to avoid a charge after the end of free trial.

Beam Rebrand As Mixer, Offers Co-streaming Feature, 4 PC Streamers In Single Stream With Split-Screen

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Mixer CoStream Feature

Mixer is a video game streaming service from Microsoft. It offers Co-streaming feature which allows 4 PC streamers to broadcasts into a single stream with split-screen views.

Phil: Destiny 2 On Scorpio Will Be Very Best Console Version, Exclusive Marketing Deal Not The Strategy

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Project Scorpio - E3 2017 Showing

Phil Spencer commented on Sony's Exclusive Marketing deal (for PS4) with Destiny 2, Far Cry 5, Battlefront 2 and others. Spencer termed the deal as "great", but it's not the strategy they are looking to follow.

Project Scorpio At E3 2017 - 5 Announcements That Microsoft Needs To Make To Get Back On Track

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Project Scorpio - Announcements Need To Be Made At E3 2017

E3 2017 is important for Microsoft and Project Scorpio. Here is a list of 5 announcements that Microsoft must make at the event in order to get things in order and lead the next-gen console war against Sony.

Project Scorpio: 3 Reasons Why Sony Won Handsomely Against XB1, Microsoft Needs To Tackle Them

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Project Scorpio - Issues Microsoft Need To Fix

It seems like Sony will be repeating their PS4 success against Project Scorpio: Here are the 3 reasons how Sony managed to beat Xbox One handsomely, and they are on track on repeating that success and story.

Phantom Dust HD Remastered - Microsoft Address Fan Concerns On Re-Using Original Assets From 2004, No 60FPS

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Phantom Dust HD Remaster

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, on Neogaf address lot of fans concern on Phantom Dust HD Remastered, starting from no 60FPS to micro-transactions, and why re-use assets from original game that was released way back in 2004.

Project Scorpio New Tech Demo Comparison Screenshot Reveal Remarkable Differences With Base Xbox One

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Project Scorpio Tech Demo Comparison Screenshot

Take a look at these Project Scorpio tech demo comparison screenshots showcasing some startling graphic differences when compared with base Xbox One.

Don't Worry - Consoles Won't Disappear By 2020, Here's Why

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Michael Pachter Prediction On Consoles Future In 2020

Here's why I don't agree with the latest Michael Pachter's prediction of consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) disappearing by 2020. PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo consoles are here to stay for a long long time.

Michael Pachter Predicts Sony Dominance (With PS4 Pro And PS4) To Be Over In 2019-20

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Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro

Michael Pachter is on the opinion that Sony's dominance in video game industry market is going to end by 2019-20. Is it due to the arrival and success of Project Scorpio? NOPE.

Project Scorpio Customization Affects The Way CPU And GPU Work More Efficiently

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Project Scorpio GPU and CPU Customization

Microsoft has explained the tech behind Project Scorpio's CPU and GPU customization, and how that helps it to function efficiently.