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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Details Revealed: 4 Themed Expansion Packs With 16 Maps And More

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Battlefield 1 Premium

The very first details regarding Battlefield 1 "Premium Pass" has been leaked ahead of its official announcement. It offers access to FOUR themed expansion packs with 16 maps, new game modes, elite classes, 20 new weapons and many other things.

First Dark Souls III DLC Is Called "Ashes Of Ariandel", Releasing On Oct 25, New Weapons Magic and more (Update)

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Dark Souls III: Ashes Of Ariandel

The first DLC of Dark Souls III will be called Ashes of Ariandel and it will be available on retail shelves on October 25. The DLC will give player access to new weapons, new magic, snow area and many more things.

First PS4 Slim Unboxing Video Arrived, Revised DualShock 4 Included With PS4 Slim

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PS4 Slim

The very first PlayStation 4 Slim unboxing video has arrived on internet. It has been confirmed in the video that the revised DualShock 4 controller is included with PlayStation 4 Slim.

2K Reveals Massive Mafia III Licensed Soundtrack

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Mafia III

2K and Hangar 13 today revealed the complete soundtrack of more than 100 quintessential 1960s tracks for Mafia III. Mafia III will treat players to an incredible soundtrack of more than 100 licensed songs from an iconic era in music.

Hines Explains Why Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Exact Release Date Not Yet Decided, It's Going To Be A Long Delay

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Fallout 4 Mods for PS4

Bethesda's Pete Hines has explained why the Fallout 4 Mods release date for PlayStation 4 is not yet decided. Hines stated that until evaluation process of Mods is complete, Bethesda can't provide an exact release date.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Unlock/Launch Times Revealed For PC, PS4 and Xbox One (Update)

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Twitter account has just revealed when we'll be able to start playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is releasing tomorrow for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can already pre-load it, so you can play the game right away as soon as gates are opened.

No Man's Sky Patch 1.05 Out Now, Size 35MB, Players Lists New Changes and Bug Fixes

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No Man's Sky

A new patch 1.05 is live now for No Man's Sky PlayStation 4 version. The size of the update is 35MB and it fixes some of the nasty bugs. Check out the details now.

Crazy Theory About Death Stranding Is Silent Hills/PT Pops Up On YouTube

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Death Stranding

What if Silent Hills and Death Stranding were the same games? A curious and almost crazy theory about this being the hidden truth behind Konami and Kojima's split has appeared on YouTube and, since it's very, very crazy, we like to share it with you.

Nier Automata Is "A Lot Longer" Than 25 Hours, Side Quests Leading to Alternative Endings: Dev

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NieR Automata

Platinum Games and Square Enix have provided, throughout the Gamescom 2016, a series of important information about Nier Automata. First, the game is releasing on PC via Steam alongside the already announced PlayStation 4 version.

Respawn Defends Titanfall 2 Pre-Alpha Quality, Offers First Changelog

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Titanfall 2

Lead engineer Jon Shiring has issued some interesting tweets about Titanfall 2 and the work Respawn Entertainment is currently conducting upon the latest public build, a pre-alpha, just released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without any entry restriction.