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FFXV Episode Gladiolus - How To Unlock Shirtless Costume Rugged Attire For Gladio

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FFXV Episode Gladiolus Shirtless Costume - How To Unlock

If you complete challenge mode in Fina Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus you will unlock Rugged Attire i.e. a shirtless costume for Gladio.

Destiny 2 Pre-order Bonus Leaked, Cayde-6 figure Made By Bigshot Toyworks

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Destiny 2 Pre-order Bonus For Limited Edition

Retailer GameStop seems to have leaked Destiny 2 pre-order bonus. Few Twitter users pre-ordered Destiny 2 from GameStop and got Cayde-6 figure as a pre-order bonus.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus Trophy List Leaked

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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus

The full trophies list of Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus has been leaked. There are 5 Bronze trophies, One Secret and One Gold trophies.

Destiny 2 Coming To PC As Well, Closed Beta Coming To Xbox One: Leak

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Destiny 2 Beta

A new Destiny 2 leak from Twitter states that Destiny 2 will launch on PC as well. Also, the closed beta of Destiny 2 will be also available on Xbox One.

Persona 5 First Reviews Say Its Better Than Persona 3 But Not 4

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Persona 5 Review

Edge magazine has released their Persona 5 review, and you might not be too happy with the verdict. The publication has termed Persona 5 as better than Persona 3, but Persona 4.

Mass Effect Andromeda Sales Less Physical Copies Than Mass Effect 3 In The United Kingdom

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Mass Effect Andromeda Sales Comparison vs Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Andromeda fails to beat sales figure of Mass Effect 3 (physical copy) in United Kingdom, as per the details confirmed by UK Chart Track.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Release Date Announcement Soon, Hints Voice Actor

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Release Date

Claudia Black hinted that the exact release date announcement of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming soon.

Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.07 Live Now, Size 5.6 GB, New Changes And Improvements Detailed By Players

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Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.07

Square Enix released patch 1.07 for Final Fantasy XV. The update is pretty big, 5.6 GB. A user on Reddit has detailed all the new improvements and changes made to Chapter 13 with patch 1.07.

Mass Effect Androme Error TroubleShooting Guide, List Of Bugs Dev Is Working On

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Mass Effect Andromeda - Known Issues And Bugs

Take a look at the list of Mass Effect Androme bugs and glitch Bioware is currently working on. Also, there is an official Mass Effect Androme troubleshooting guide.

Cyrus II Leads Persia in Civilization VI

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Cyrus II in Civilization VI

2K and Firaxis has announced that Cyrus II will lead Persia in Civilization VI.