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Microsoft Points At Balance For Performance And Price With Project Scorpio: Spencer

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Xbox Scorpio Price vs Performance Specs

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer wants Project Scorpio to have a console price point. Spencer also clarified that Project Scorpio is not competing with high-end PCs.

December 2016: Xbox Games With Gold Announced

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December 2016 Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Games With Gold line-up for December 2016 has been announced. Included in the line-up is Square Enix's Sleeping Dog Definitive Edition, Outland and Outlast.

Microsoft Apologies For Dead Rising 4's Racial Grunt

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Dead Rising 4 Email Controversy

Microsoft has apologized for the Dead Rising 4 email controversy. The issue was related to the zombie saying "NNNGGGHHHHAAAA".

Xbox Project Scorpio: 6 Teraflops Is Not The Only Thing "That Makes It Powerful", says Phil Spencer

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Project Scorpio - GPU Debate

According to Phil Spencer, for Xbox Project Scorpio, 6 Teraflops GPU figure is not the only thing that makes it powerful, there are many other factors.

New Image From Microsoft Shows Ever Xbox Console and Controller Made In Last 15 Year

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All Xbox Console In 15 Years

Xbox Turned 15 (Years) yesterday, and on this note Microsoft released an image showing all Xbox and Xbox Controller released so far.

Spencer Again Hints Xbox Scorpio Price Will Have "Higher Price", More Than Xbox One S

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Spencer On Pachter's $399 Price For Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Division Boss Spencer reacts to Pachter's claim that it will be a suicide if Xbox Scorpio is price over $399. Spencer hinted Xbox Scorpio will have a "higher price".

Aaron Greenberg: Xbox Scorpio Brings "True 4K Games, Never Seen Before On The Console"

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Xbox Scorpio 4K Claim Turns To "True" From Native

Microsoft Marketing head Aaron Greenberg termed Xbox Scorpio as "the powerful console ever" and it will bring "really true 4K games, never seen before on the console."

Sea of Thieves Loot And Encounters New Details As Provided By Phil Spencer

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Sea of Thieves New Info on Loot and Encounters

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer played new Sea of Thieves build. He provided some new information on Loot and Encounter that players will come across in the game.

Phil Spencer Doesn't See 4K vs HDR As "Trasformative" As HD From SD Leap

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Spencer On 4K vs HDR Differences

Phil Spencer has commented on 4K vs HDR differences. He termed the differences not as "transformative" as in the case of HD vs SD leap.

Xbox Scorpio Will Support Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility: Microsoft

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Xbox Scorpio Is Backward Compatible With Xbox 360

Microsoft has officially confirmed Xbox Scorpio will be backward compatible with Xbox 360 i.e. Xbox 360 games will be playable on Xbox Scorpio with a slight improvement in graphics and FPS.