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Project Scorpio Edition Of Xbox One Pays Homage In Great Way, Looks Absolutely Stunning

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Project Scorpio Xbox One X Limited Edition

Retailers leaked Project Scorpio Edition of Xbox One X. It is a Limited Edition that pays homage to original code name of Xbox One X i.e. Project Scorpio.

Spencer To Share Xbox One X Pre-order Information On August 17, Admits Fans Are Frustrated [Updated]

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Xbox One X Pre-order Announcement On Aug 17

Phil Spencer will share Xbox One X pre-order information tomorrow i.e. August 17 (as confirmed via Twitter). In another news, Mike Ybarra admits that there is frustration about Xbox One X pre-order.

Pachter: Xbox One X Won't Sell Well Because It Cost 2X More Than PS4, Smartly Explains Why

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Pachter On Xbox One X Holiday 2017 Performance

Michael Pachter has revealed that Xbox One X price is a disappointing factor, cost twices as much as PS4 and hence sales won't be soo good.

Spencer: Xbox One X 4K HDR TV Bundle In Work

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Xbox One X 4K HDR TV Bundle

Phil Spencer confirms that there is Xbox One X 4K HDR TV bundle in work. The announcement is going to take place soon, possibly at the time Xbox One X pre-orders reveal.

Spencer: Xbox One X Pre-orders Going Live Soon, FCC Approval Done, Won't Be Too Much Longer

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Xbox One X Pre-order Announcement

Phil Spencer comments on Xbox One X pre-orders. On Twitter, Spencer said Xbox One X has got FCC approval, pre-orders will go live soon, announcement incoming.

Xbox One X Biggest Issue - Consoles Don't Sell Because Of Tech Specs, It Sell Because Of The Games

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Xbox One X - Can It Sell Based On Powerful Specs?

MIDiA Analyst unveils Xbox One biggest issue that could leads to failure. Karol Severin states it will be difficult for Xbox One to sell because of Tech Specs, in today's time Consoles sell because of games.

Xbox One X 2 Already In Work, Might Be A Xbox One X Refresh, Not Releasing In 2019

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Xbox One X 2 Already In Development

Insider reveals that work on Xbox One X successor (Xbox One X) is already underway. This Xbox One X successor might just be a refresh and might now release in 2019.

Phil Harrison On Why PS4 Managed To Beat Xbox One By 2:1 Ratio, Xbox Made A Fantastic Recovery

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Xbox One X - A Recovery For Microsoft

Phil Harrison unveiled reason behind PS4 managing to beat Xbox One with 2:1 ration, and why Xbox still managed to make a recovery, Xbox One X the factor behind Microsoft's return to the competition?

Microsoft Defends Xbox One X 2017 Line-up: Different Types Of Games For Different Types Of Gamers Now

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Microsoft Defends Xbox One X 2017 Line-up

Xbox Head of Operations defended Xbox One X 2017 line-up. In a recent interview, David McCarthy stated 2017 line-up for Xbox One X offers different types of games for different types of gamers.

Spencer Clarifies His Statement On Original Xbox BC Not Getting Widescreen Support

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Original Xbox Backward Compatible Information

Original Xbox Backward compatibile games will have wide-screen support if it has supported the format originally, as per the details clarified by Phil Spencer.