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Xbox One X Is Not For Everyone, With $399 Price Tag It Wouldn't Have Be Possible To Deliver True 4K

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Xbox One X - $499 Price Controversy

Phil Spencer and Mike Ybarra clarifies Xbox One X's $499 price tag is perfect because the console is not for everyone, and if they have put a $399 price tag then it wouldn't have been possible to deliver a True 4K experience.

Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Games Will Not Have Achievements Support

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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility - No Achievements

Original Xbox backward compatible games will not have achievement support, according to the details revealed by Microsoft.

Devs: PS4 Is Like A 5 Year Old PC, Xbox One X Is A High-End PC Crammed Into Tiny Little Box

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Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro - Devs Share Their Views

Multiple developers shared their views on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The first one compares PS4 to a 5-year-old PC, whereas the second one says that Xbox One X is very much like a high-end PC.

Spencer: We Have Signed Big Exclusives For Xbox One X and XB1, Committed To Big AAA Exclusive Games

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Xbox One X - Spencer Has Signed Big Exclusive Deals

Spencer finally admits that big exclusive for Xbox One X and Xbox One have been signed and development has already started, but not shown at E3 2017 as they will take 2 to 3 years time to complete. Spencer repeated his commitment for big AAA console exclusive.

Not Many Developers Will Be Able To Utilize Full Power Xbox One X, Suggest Sony's Jim Ryan

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 Xbox One X VS PS4

Jim Ryan suggests that not all developers will be able to utilize the extra power of Xbox One X.

2 Reasons Why Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games Library Won't Be Large, Working Explained

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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Library

Phil Spencer confirms Original Xbox Game Library won't be as large as Xbox 360 games due to two reasons: Rights And Technical Difficulty. Also, the working of Original Xbox backward compatibility is going to be similar to Xbox 360.

Xbox Head Not Amused With Sony's Defense On Blocking Cross-Play

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 Xbox One X PS4 Cross play

In a video interview Phil Spencer scoff off  Sony’s defense against not offering cross-play support for popular games like Minecraft and Rocket League.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks On 60FPS Mandate On Xbox One X

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 Xbox One X 60FPS Gaming

Phil Spencer in an interview to Gaming Central at Microsoft Media Briefing on the E3 2017 Event talk about the 30 vs.60fps frame rate mandating on Xbox One X.

VP of Xbox Program Management Compares Xbox One X To $1500 Worth Gaming PC

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 Xbox One X PC Comparision

Mike Ybarra talks about Xbox One X Performance, he compares the 4K console with $1500 Gaming PC and says it will deliver better gaming than PS4.

Microsoft Selling Xbox One X At Loss Despite $500 Price Tag, Games Is The Money-Making Part - Spencer

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Xbox One X - Microsoft Selling It At Loss

Phil Spencer admits Microsoft is selling each Xbox One X unit at loss despite high price of $500. He further added that in videogame business, hardware is not the money-making part, it's the games.