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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy FAQ Clarifies All Criteria For Uncharted 4 Triple or Explorer Pack Owners

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Q&A Controversial

The official Uncharted: The Lost Legacy FAQ explains availability criteria for Uncharted 4 Triple or Explorer pack owners, availability of pre-order bonus, and all controversial questions.

New Destiny 2 4K/60FPS PC Beta Video, Looks Absolutely Stunning

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Destiny 2 PC Beta Trailer

Destiny 2 PC beta starts on August 28 and to celebrate the upcoming launch, Nvidia released new Destiny 2 4K, 60FPS PC beta video featuring never-seen-before gameplay.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Start Screen And Trophy List Leaked, Review Embargo Ends On August 17

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Title Screen

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy start/title screen has been leaked along with Trohpy list (48 trophies in total). Also, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review embargo will end on August 17 at 12 AM PST.

First Leaked Benchmarks Of RX VEGA 64 Underline Performance Similar To GTX 1080

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AMD Radeon RX Vega

Scores from fresh leaked benchmarks of AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 states the card performes near to GTX 1080.

F1 2017 Will Run At Checkboard 4K, 60FPS On PS4 Pro, Packed fp16 ALU Benefits Also Revealed

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F1 2017 PS4 Pro Enhancements

Codemasters explained how PS4 Pro's Packed fp16 ALU benefitted in F1 2017 development. The developer also revealed that F1 2017 will run at checkerboard 4K/60FPS on PS4 Pro.

Destiny 2 PC Releasing via Steam? Don't Get Your Hopes To High After Destiny Silver Listing

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Destiny 2 PC Version Coming To Steam

Destiny Silver listing on Steam does not mean Destiny 2 will release on PC via Steam. Here are two reasons why PC players should not hope for Destiny 2 releasing via Steam on PC.

No Man's Sky Update 1.31 Adds A Nasty Losing Crafting Recipes Bug

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No Man's Sky Patch 1.3.1 Adds New Bug

Update 1.31 for No Man's Sky fixed a lot of bugs and issues, but added a new one as discovered by Reddit user - Losting Crafting Bug.

LawBreakers Dev Comments On Low Player Count, Positive Reviews On Steam, Upcoming Maps And Modes

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Lawbreakers Dev On Steam Reviews, Low Players Count

Cliff Bleszinski in a recent interview talks about LawBreakers extremely low player count, why LawBreakers has 90 percent positive reviews on steam, and what all news maps and modes incoming.

Conan Exiles On Xbox One Supports Full Nudity In Europe, Partial Nudity In US

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 Conan Exiles Xbox One Version Rating Details

Funcom unveils Nudity details in Conan Exiles Xbox One version. Conan Exiles received PEGI 18 rating in Europe i.e full nudity support, and M for Mature rating in US i.e. partial nudity support.

Destiny 2 Dev - Players Can Cap FPS via Config File, In-Game FPS Counter Support Confirmed

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Destiny 2 PC - FPS Tweak Possible via Config File

Bungie confirms in-game FPS counter support for Destiny 2. The developer also revealed that Destiny 2 FPS can be capped via game's configuration file.