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Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 Brings 6 Splatoon 2 Characters For User Icons and New System Functionality

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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update

Nintendo Switch Firmware 3.0.0 firmware update is out that brings new system functionality for the console.

Seth Rollins Named WWE 2K18 Cover Superstar

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WWE 2K18 - Seth Rollins Named Cover Star

2K announce Seth Freakin Rollins as the cover Superstar of WWE 2K18. Also, details regarding WWE 2K18 different editions has been revealed along with the bonus content that will come with it.

Spider-Man On PS4 Pro Will Run At 4K via Temporal Injection, 30FPS, 60FPS Not Really An Option - Insomniac

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Spider-Man PS4 Pro Information

Insomniac confirms Spider-Man on PS4 Pro will run at 30FPS, 4K resolution via temporal injection, the tech that was used with Ratchet & Clank. Insomniac also clarifies why 60FPS is not an option for Spider-Man on PS4 Pro.

Gran Turismo Sport Releasing On November 16, 2017 - OPM (Updated)

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Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Leaked

Official PlayStation Magazine seems to have leaked Gran Turismo Sport exact release date. The publication has listed November 16 as the exact release date of Gran Turismo Sport.

RIME Developers Had More Creative Freedom With Greybox Than Sony

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 Rime Developers Talk

RIME was first announced as a PlayStation exclusive, and Sony was publishing it, but some creative difference made Tequila Works reacquire the rights of the game from Sony.

Sony Addresses Death Stranding Still In Concept Stage Concern, Game Is Revolutionary And Actually Exist

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Death Stranding Gameplay

Sony's Shawn Layden addresses fans conern that Death Stranding is still in early concept stage. Shawn stated that Death Stranding game actually exist, he has played it, it is revolutionary, as promised by Hideo Kojima.

Leaked Unreleased Vehicles And Price Of GTA Online Gunrunning Update

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 GTA Online Gunrunning Update

GTA Online Gunrunning Leaked Vehicles and their cost revealed. There will be more coming in few months.

Anthem: First Person In Hubs, Third Person In World

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Anthem Bioware

Anthem will be third person when you are wearing those Exo-Suites in the game and first person when you are out of it, confirms Bioware.

Monster Hunter: World Targeting 30FPS on PS4 And Xbox One, Might Run At Higher FPS On PC

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 Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World will be locked at 30FPS on PS4 And Xbox One, but can achieve higher on PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wild DLC Features New Maps, Weapons And Lot of New Updates

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 The Frozen Wild DLC

Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC announced at E3 will feature fresh map, new weapons and lot of new updates.