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Pokemon Go Will Receive New Multiplayer Features, Gym Closed For Remodeling

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 Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go Solstice Celebration almost half completed, and recently it was updated on the support site that Gym’s are closed for Remodeling that hints upcoming new features.

Bethesda Marketing Boss Talks About Why Elder Scrolls VI Development Will Take Time

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Elder Scrolls VI

Peter Hines Bethesda Marketing Boss, says Bethesda Game Studios does not want to recognized just by two titles, Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

Crackdown 3 Dev: QA Testers Completes It In "Around Two-and-a-half hours", They Are Inhuman

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Crackdown 3 Full Game play

Crackdown 3 can be completed in less than 3 hours from start to finish.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Will Run At 4K/30FPS On Xbox One X, Not Have Exact Specs For PS4 Pro: Dev

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 4K Resolution Confirmed

Monolith has confirmed Middle-earth: Shadow of War will run at 30FPS and native 4K resolution on Xbox One X, but the figure for PS4 Pro version of the game is not yet decided.

Death Stranding Gameplay Impression From Mark Cerny - Best Sense Possible A Kojima Game

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Death Stranding Gameplay Impression

PS4 Pro architect Mark Cerny has seen Death Stranding gameplay and this is what he thinks: Death Stranding shows a certain clarity of vision, and got a Hideo Kojima touch.

Devs: PS4 Is Like A 5 Year Old PC, Xbox One X Is A High-End PC Crammed Into Tiny Little Box

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Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro - Devs Share Their Views

Multiple developers shared their views on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The first one compares PS4 to a 5-year-old PC, whereas the second one says that Xbox One X is very much like a high-end PC.

Destiny 2 Exec Says: Would Never Hold Back Destiny 2 Performance On Xbox One X, No Partner Told Us

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Destiny 2 Xbox One X FPS

Destiny 2 30fps limit across platform led to a debate that Bungie is restricting 60fps limit for Xbox One X due to Partner’s (Sony) interference.

Spider-Man PS4 Info - Singleplayer Only, Miles Morales Role Bigger Than A Cameo, You Can't Kill Anyone

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 Spiderman PS4 Information From E3 2017

Spider-Man PS4 info from E3 2017 - The game is singleplayer only. Spider-Man/Peter age is 23 years in the game (has been Spider-Man for eight years), Miles Morales role is not a cameo.

Spider-Man PS4 Dev - Yes, There Will Be Alternate Outfits For Spidey

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Spider-Man PS4 Alternate Outfits

Insomiac Games confirms alternate outfits for Spidey in Spider-Man PS4. The developer however did not share any update on the number of alternate outfits.

Xbox One X - Microsoft Explains Why You Can't Pre-order It Right Now

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Xbox One X - Why Retailers Asking Pre-orders

Microsoft's Albert Penello explained why Xbox One cannot be pre-ordered right now at Amazon and other retailers (including Microsoft Store).