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Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break 2 in production rumor

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Psycho Break 2

Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break 2, the next survival horror game info leaked.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Basic Packs Tip

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Mass Effect Andromeda Tip

Here is an interesting tip on Mass Effect Andromeda players must buy basic packs first in the multiplayer.

Resident Evil 7 Director Explains Differences Between New And Old Chris Redfield

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Resident Evil 7 Chris Redfield

Capcom has explained the difference between Chris Redfield character model in Resident Evil 5 vs Resident Evil 7.

Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-Release Trailer vs Actual Gameplay Comparison Reveals Downgrade

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Mass Effect Andromeda Graphics Downgrade

Take a look at this direct-feed on Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-release trailer vs Actual Gameplay comparison footage. It confirms a graphics downgrade.

Helium Filled Second Generation 12TB Seagate HDD - The Titan Storage drive

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Seagate 12TB Drive

Seagate introduces 12TB Enterprise Capacity hard drives for performance and durability.

Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Investigating Further Skin Tone Options

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware is aware of Skin Tone options in Mass Effect Andromeda and they are working on a fix. Sadly, there is no ETA on it.

Nintendo To Double Switch's Production For The FY Ending March 2018

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Nintendo Switch Production Increase

According to new report from Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to double the production of Nintendo Switch for the Fiscal Year Ending in March 2018.

Mads Mikkelsen Loves Emma Stone In Death Stranding Rumor

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Emma Stone In Death Stranding

Mads Mikkelsen has commented on Emma Stone being in Death Stranding rumor. Speaking to fans at Saudi Comic-Con, Mads termed the rumor as "I really like that."

New Prey Video showcase bunch of deadly Typhon Aliens

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Prey is upcoming firs-person shooter game held in a space station where Typhon Aliens escape confinement. The video shows a few bunch of them with their strengths.

Popular turn based strategy game Civilization 6 now has a Demo on Steam

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Civilization 6 Demo

Civilization 6 now has a demo, that allows you to play 60 turns of China, along with tutorials for those who had never tested it.