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Mass Effect Andromeda Animations not as good as compared to Mass Effect 1

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Dead face animations in Mass Effect Andromeda, is disappointing gamers to some extent, as ample of them consider the previous edition was more polished.

New AMD Radeon Relive Driver offers Performance Boost for upcoming Andromeda

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AMD Radeon Relive Driver

AMD Radeon 17.3.2, features bug fixes and performance boost for upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda and For Honor game.

No Patch In Work For Mass Effect Andromeda Character Creator Issue, Day 1 Patch Included In Early Access

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Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch

Bioware has officially confirmed that currently there is no patch in work for Mass Effect Andromeda, and the early access build on the game includes DAy One patch on both Xbox One and PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn soon get a new DLC, Get ready for Expansion

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Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

Guerilla Games MD Hermen Hulst hinted about a new expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn, coming soon on PS4.

Nintendo Switch game development easier than PS4

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, sold 2 Million copies worldwide, is a logical successor of Wii U and replacement of Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo Switch Equips Nvidia Tegra X1 Standard Chip, Not Custom Built

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Nintendo Switch Nvidia Tegra

It has been officially confirmed that Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia Tegra XI Standard Chip. All the reports about the Nintendo Switch chip being a custom version of Tegra XI has been put to rest once and for all by a TearDown from Tech Insights.

Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access Trial: An Amazing Tip On Not To Waste 10 Hour Time

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Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access Trial Tip

Here is an amazing tip to avoid wasting Mass Effect Andromeda EA Access 10 Hour Trial.

Resolving PlayStation 4 Network Bug after Update 4.50

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PS4 Network Bug

PS4 Update 4.50 has a cause network connectivity problem with the online gameplay, well there are some tiny fixes you can try out.

After Ryzen 7, AMD to launch Mid-Range Ryzen 5 in April at starting price of $249

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AMD Ryzen 5

AMD, on 11 April will launch four variants of mid level Ryzen 5 processor line up under the latest Zen Architecture.

Destiny Weekly Rituals New Solo Missions, PvP, Items Detailed

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Destiny: Age of Triumph Details

Bungie has finally detailed Destiny: Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals will be available in Solo missions, PvP, items and many other things.