Female Lead in GTA V: An Awesome Idea?

A female protagonist in GTA V would have been an awesome idea, but by making all three main protagonists in GTA V (Micheal, Trevor and Franklin) of the same sex (i.e M for MALE) Rockstar Games missed a golden opportunity.

For the first time in the franchise history they could have easily created any one of the three lead protagonist as female for single-player portion of GTA V, and would have left the other two as male protagonists for players who prefer playing male lead.


For players who think GTA series and female protagonists doesn't go hand in hand and the franchise is all about men and only men, do you remember "Catalina from GTA: San Andreas"?. She was much better than Carl Johnson, and players had some awesome moment during their journey in San Andreas.

Females in Grand Theft Auto series have been portrayed in numerous roles such as "wives, girlfriends, pole dancers and more" but not game in the franchise had a female lead. So enjoying GTA V universe as a bad-ass female protagonist would have been an altogether different experience, but alas for fans this is not going to happen.

The topic of "female lead protagonist in GTA" has received mixed response from fans. Some says its a great idea, whereas majority are of the opinion that female lead doesn't suit GTA series. Here as a perfect example, a comment from Kotaku reader on Female Lead GTA topic:

"I do feel sorry for all the women enjoying GTA while waiting for a female protagonist, but I think it wouldn’t suit the game in the same way as Vercetti or Bellic has and will do respectively.

"I apologies to the women but I think men look better (personally)"

But What Rockstar Games think about a Female protagonist in GTA series topic, we have not idea whatsoever.

All i would like to see from Rockstar Games is a female lead protagonist with her own gameplay story and mission (by any mean either in main mission or via DLC).

What you guys have to say about "Female Lead in GTA V: An Awesome Idea?". VOTE Below and also Share you views with us in the comment section below.

Female Lead in GTA V Would Have Been An Awesome Idea?
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Abe's picture
Abe (not verified) posted on Sat, 2013-03-16 12:40
great idea! so is playing with barbies.. come on, seriously?
Lord Chauncey 's picture
Lord Chauncey (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 17:57
I think Betty white would fit nicely into gta v
Bobyall's picture
Bobyall (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 17:52
I think a badass female would be AWESOME!! If They put a female into the game it could show how women can stick up for themselves in a fight. Also a woman could have different abilities to male protagonists such as: High athletic skill, Jumping and running Etc, Be more controlled and would be good in a diplomatic event like interogation and could use pistols and smgs more effectively! Personally I think its a brilliant idea.
A MAN's picture
A MAN (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 21:34
Reply to Bobyall; Men are more athletic than women, plus one is a black man and therefore good at running and jumping. Women are also weak so cannot use guns properly (don't be deceived by films that show otherwise). I think you will find the Rockstar developers are male and therefore this is also their opinion.
OhComeOn's picture
OhComeOn (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-03-28 19:28
Can I remind you that this is a game? It's not like the women are going to be REAL. Also i'm there are plenty of women that are not "weak" and can "use guns properly" ....such as those in the armed forces, not to mention those that excel in all sorts of sports (come on, the Olympics, dude?!). Some women many be stronger than some men, lets not make generalizations here please. These flimsy excuses are rubbish, it's just a character after all. I think it would be pretty awesome to have a bit of a CHANGE!
ANOTHER MAN's picture
ANOTHER MAN (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 21:36
Yes, indeed. I agree with this man.
radi's picture
radi (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 16:30
wouldnt feel right playing with a female as the main character. aint no female raw enough to be like niko bellic, cj, tommy versetty etc.
Danny's picture
Danny (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 15:31
Lost me at "Catalina is better than CJ." What?
joe's picture
joe (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 13:34
the female protagonist should be Ashley Butler from gta iv (off the drugs ofcourse)
Paul's picture
Paul (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 12:11
Incorporating a butch female lead would be even more sexist than sticking with men as it would imply that femininity has no place at the core of the game so she would have to be feminine. Swaying hips, full chest, make up?? Where do you draw the line? Rockstar knows their audience and in a game that is all about crime, violence and immature (but hilarious) dialogue, radio stations, graffiti etc etc etc it is so clearly a game suited to men and while there are women who play it and who will disagree with me you are in the minority and nobody makes blockbusters for a small audience... Thankfully because playing as a female would completely kill it for me.
Paul's picture
Paul (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 11:45
The whole GTA theme is underdog, solo, small time criminal starts out shovelling shit for nasty low food chain crooks or gang bangers and then makes it big. What do you think nasty, low food chain crooks and gang bangers would do to a young unconnected woman "fresh off the boat" so to speak? The clue is in their name...
ronnie's picture
ronnie (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 09:41
Catalina is better than CJ? xD You must have never even played SA to say that.. A female lead would be good for the females, but I think the majority will still prefer a male lead. It just suits the game more, with all that violence.
John's picture
John (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 08:54
They would have to remove any unarmed combat or any activities that require physical strength if GTA had a female protagonist. Would we really believe that some 100lb girl with arms like twigs is beating the shit out of some 200lb gangster? Would having a female protagonist actually add anything to the game? No.
Sorena's picture
Sorena (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 07:25
WOW Great Idea Very Nice Make It
Sarah's picture
Sarah (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 04:27
fuck this feminist bullshit, it would be hard enough to believe that she wouldnt be raped by hardened killers every 5 minutes, let alone be able to fight worth a damn
mark 's picture
mark (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 08:20
What a sad comment...even sadder that you're such a pathetic man you have to hide behind a women's name......what a loser...
ziggy's picture
ziggy (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 15:09
He speaks the truth and if you can't see that, then your opinion is void and you have no right to insult him. You are nothing near mature and you should feel ashamed for not looking at this seriously.
mark's picture
mark (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-03-17 16:56
you say HE speaks the truth, yet HE calls himself sarah, thus HE has to hide hie pathetic sexist comments behind a womens name, HE is a sad loser, as are you.
mark's picture
mark (not verified) posted on Sun, 2013-03-17 16:53
your reply makes literally no sense whatsoever, are you mental?
LAME's picture
LAME (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 01:23
You must be the only that thinks catalina is better than cj
LAME's picture
LAME (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 01:23
You must be the only that thinks catalina is better than cj
Joseph's picture
Joseph (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 00:01
Don't really see a problem with it, considering there's 2 other characters to play as. Who knows. Maybe Rockstar actually implemented more than 3 main characters and are just keeping it from us, like Ubisoft did with ACIII (Haytham Kenway AKA Connor's dad). Unlikely, but it would be cool to see that happen.
Kristoffer's picture
Kristoffer (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-03-14 17:49
Yes! I mean, why the f*ck not?
DontheIII's picture
DontheIII (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-03-14 22:13
It just wont look right. unless she was a cyborg that can fly!
YoMomsYo's picture
YoMomsYo (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-03-15 11:44
yes and yes

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