Do You Want The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition For PS4?

Yesterday someone at neogaf community posted image of amazon page listing Last of us game of the year edition for ps4, but that's not true its a complete haux someone smarty made it up. But it's a valid question to ask, shouldn't we have it?

The Last of Us from Naughty Dog was a masterpiece and once in a lifetime experience but the fact that only Playstation 3 players enjoyed it was bit disappointing. Both Sony and Naughty Dog can rectify this issue by releasing The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition for Playstation 4.

The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition

However time and again we have heard Naughty Dog saying that they have no plan to release an enhanced version of The Last of Us for Sony's next-gen console, Playstation 4.

There can't be better title to warm welcome gamers to their new console. And it makes sense, taking out best PS3 best game of the present year and adding it to PS4 lineup, which will also show difference of both consoles gaming experience in terms of graphics capability and all, which will attract more gamers towards PS4.

Debating on whether its possible for Sony and Naughty Dog to bring The Last of Us to PS4 is out of context because we are already going to see an enhanced version of Tomb Raider (2013) for PS4 and Xbox One from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, so if they can do it why not Sony and Naughty Dog.

So questions that need answers are whether Sony is willing to bring "The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition" to PS4 and whether there's still demand for it in market?

In my opinion Playstation 4 gamers definitely want to see The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition, and for Sony releasing it in Christmas 2013 will be the BEST. But still we would like to ask you guys: Whether Or Not You Want The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition For PS4?.

You Want The Last of Us: Game Of The Year Edition For PS4?
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john's picture
john (not verified) posted on Thu, 2014-01-09 02:19
Please bring it out I have it for a ps3 love the game I have played it 5 times and would love to play it on a ps4
Michael Papa's picture
Michael Papa (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-12-30 02:53
Hello! I've started the petition "Sony Computer Entertainment & Naughty Dog, Inc: Release an enhanced version of "The Last of Us" on the ps4" and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:
eremenko's picture
eremenko (not verified) posted on Mon, 2013-12-16 09:59
I'd love to see it ported over but I can't see it happening. There's a big difference between TLoU and Tomb Raider. TR saw a cross platform release including a better looking PC version it's not difficult for them to release an enchanced edition for the new consoles because they are essentially running PC architecture. The ps3 however is a very different machine. Combine that with Sony's desire to make the Gaikai game streaming library a success story next year and I very much doubt we'll see any kind of re-releases of past games until we know how that is received.
Hansello's picture
Hansello (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-12-13 15:33
I never played on PS3 and would love to play on the PS4, especially as there are very few games out for PS4 at the moment. With a bump in graphics too, I would pay full price. Maybe they could introduce a voucher scheme for existing ps3 owners to tempt in the re-players?
Ray's picture
Ray (not verified) posted on Fri, 2013-12-13 02:04
Christmas 2013 ? not possible even if they decide to at this moment. They should.
Ron's picture
Ron (not verified) posted on Thu, 2013-12-12 19:21

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