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Electronic Arts and Blackbox brings us the next installment (to be more precise 18th) in  Need for Speed franchise with "Need for Speed: The Run". The game begins with the story of Jack, who has got himself into HUGE problem with bad mafia people. Now Jack has to make his way out of this trouble by winning "$250 million dollar" race from San Francisco to New York.

With Need for Speed: The Run, EA took a huge risk of moving the franchise in a completely new direction. So the main question arise here, Have this HUGE RISK of EA paid off or not?, let's find out answer to this question in our Need for Speed: The Run review.

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Single Player Campaign

Need for Speed: The Run single player campaign will take almost 6-8 hours (not 2 hours as rumored) to complete depending on player skill level. The campaign features a total of 10 stages, and each stage have multiple races to complete. Players will come across many variety in each races, and the best part is that they have to complete their goals and objectives in order to advance to next stage. In Need for Speed: The Run only term "FIRST" counts, there is no room for almost or "SECOND" place.

The different types of race that gamers can expect in Need for Speed: The Run include flat out sprint races, police chases and checkpoint style races. When gamers have competitors, they will be required to pass through a designated amount of cars.

I very much enjoyed the single player campaign of Need for Speed: The Run. The one thing that really took me by surprise was the fact that the game features many sequences outside car. There are many quick-time moments in the game, and all are very cool. The very first time player will come across this is when they have a little issue with VEGAS PD. When you are prompted by on screen button images, press the required button to execute the action. These quick-time moments along with short cut scenes really tell an AMAZING and AWESOME story that keeps gamers on edge.

Challenge Series

The Challenge series mode is another fun and addictive mode in Need for Speed: The Run. In this mode gamers goal is to complete various challenges across different tracks. Different challenges gets unlocked as gamers play through the campaign mode. The medal players will earn in this mode will be based on the goal they complete for example besting the race in a certain amount of time.


Need for Speed: The Run multiplayer also provide gamers with wide variety of races to go against the world and their friends. There are lots of challenges to complete that will unlock many new items such as cars, profile backgrounds and many more. Players are able to gain XP in both single and multiplayer portion of the game.

Autolog System

The popular Autolog system makes Need for Speed: The Run so much fun to play. It provides tons of re-playability value. It really feels great, when you beat your friends times, and then let them know via friendly message across AUTOLOG. This popular system is present in single player mode as well as Challenge Series mode.

Lots of CAR

Blackbox has added lots of cars in Need for Speed: The Run. We got Limited Edition Review copy of Need for Speed: The Run, and it contains few extra cars. Players will be able to unlock cars in both single and multiplayer portion of the game. So all NFS: The Run gamers out there, get ready to put some extra hours in if you want to unlock everything in the game. Players also gets chance to unlock quite a few extra goodies in the game that will help represent their profile online.

Need for Speed franchise fans who want REPLAY VALUE, you got it with THE RUN.


Blackbox used Frostbite 2 engine for Need for Speed: The Run. It's the same engine used for Battlefield 3. Now you can just imagine the level of graphics and visuals in Need for Speed: The Run. Players will blaze through beautiful natural environments at top speeds, and the frame-rate never suffers. The game really looks GREAT. All the car models in the game are good, it's true that they won't match up with the likes of Forza 4 and GT5 but still they look very close to their real life counterparts.


Sound is very entertaining and makes your mood into racing very much. You actually feels the thriller of action racing with engaging sound during your gameplay. But at few places in videos where Jack talks i actually felt the voice was coming lot later after his speakings. But overall sound is very great, same like Hollywood movies (we can compare with Fast and Furious).


The risk that EA and Blackbox took with Need for Speed: The Run has really paid of pretty week. The game brings something fresh and new to Need for Speed franchise. With Need for Speed: The Run, developer delivers an insane amount of jaw dropping gameplay. There should be no doubt in the mind of series fans whether Need for Speed: The Run worth or not. Its a must have for ALL as it provides very different and entertaining racing experience.

Rating: 9.5/10

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