Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Ending Leaked, Needs 45 Hours For 100% Completion, Map As Big As Witcher 3's Velen

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Horizon Zero Dawn Ending Leaked

Horizon Zero Dawn ending has been leaked on 4Chan. Also, few additional details were shared related to Horizon Zero Dawn's gameplay length: it requires 45 hours for 100 percent completion, map size as big as Witcher 3's Velen.

14 Big PS4 Exclusives Games Releasing Between June 2016 To February 2017

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14 Big PS4 Exclusives Games

PlayStation Exclusive Games in 2016 is what player are looking out for. Which game to buy in the second half of 2016? This Article features Top 14 PlayStation 4 Exclusives games releasing from June 2016 To February 2017.

Top 10 Open Worlds Games In 2016 To Look Foward To On PS4 and Xbox One

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Top 10 Open Worlds Games

The Title Open World Games itself sounds most enticing that the entire world is open for

Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Theme Screenshots and Video Preview, Available Now Through PS Heroes

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Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Theme

Sony Announced Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Theme. It Is Now Available For Download (Paid) via PlayStation Stores. The Theme Looks Pretty Great In Terms Of Visuals. You can check out the screenshots.