How to get the Confessed achievement and loop ending in 12 Minutes

Not really how your wife saw tonight going.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Warning: significant story spoilers below for 12 Minutes. Only read on if you have found out the identity of the “Monster.”

As you are working through the mystery of how your wife’s father was murdered and why the cop wants to kill you for a pocket watch, you will come across a significant discovery. You find out that there is no way your wife could have killed her father and that it was likely her illegitimate brother who killed him. During one of your interrogation sessions with the cop after knocking him out, you find out that the nanny your wife’s father had an affair with was your mother, meaning you are her brother and killed the father.

Now that you have that information, you can find a secret ending to a loop. To begin, start a new loop and go into the closet. Grab the phone from your wife’s purse and call Bumblebee. Ask her to tell her father to listen to you guys. Now grab a spoon or knife and get the pocket watch from the vent in the bathroom underneath the medicine cabinet.

Now you are set to begin the Confessed loop. Talk to your wife and select “Talk about her past…” then “Tell her what really happened.” When the prompt comes up, choose “Say you killed her father.” After she believes you, select “Say it’s your fault.” Now the wife will start getting angry. Tell her you will confess to the cop.

Your wife will go to sit on the couch and cry, and you have until the cop arrives to do whatever you want. Make sure you have grabbed the pocket watch from the bathroom and called Bumblebee by this point. To speed things up, you can go into the closet and close the door to get a quick fast forward to him arriving.

When the cop rings the doorbell, let your wife answer the door. She will ask him to listen to what you have to say. Interact with the cop and select “Tell him you killed her father.” After the cop exclaims that you killed your father and married your sister, choose “Say it’s your fault.”

Now the cop will want to focus just on the watch. Select “Tell him about the watch.” You will hand it over to him, and he will leave. When he walks out, your wife will demand you leave as well. Walk out the door, and you will reset the loop and get the Confessed achievement.