Fortnite Update 13.30 – full patch notes

Update 13.30 is here.

Fortnite Summer Splash

Fortnite’s 13.30 update is available to download right now on your platform of choice. While no official patch notes have been made available yet, we do have the below from the Fortnite Community Trello, where Epic Games track ongoing issues and advise us of what will be covered in any new patches.

If you have been struggling to get chests to open at the Authority, then this issue has been resolved, along with the missing floating rings for various challenges. It’s actually a fairly lowkey patch on the problem fixing front, but we have yet to get into the game as the update is still downloading.

Epic has advised that this update is a little bigger than usual, and reputedly this is down to a necessary change on the Nintendo Switch to improve frame rate stability. You can find the notes from the Community Trello below.

Battle Royale

  • Supply Drops at The Authority not opening when searched.
  • Floating Rings not visible on platforms with lower settings.
  • Black rectangles appearing behind player when turning around in the Storm.
  • Gliding not working properly around The Authority.

Save the World

  • Goin Constructor animation issue.
  • Ammo is consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up.


  • Players names are cut off in voice chat tab of social menu