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  • Diablo 3 Rating in South Korea Delayed again

    The launch of Blizzard's action RPG Diablo III is stalled because of the auction house in the game. South Korean rating board is delaying its rating for Diablo III due to their concern over a real-money auction house.

    Diablo 3A spokesman from South Korean rating board said, "Committee members are conflicted about what to do with Diablo 3 because of Blizzard’s information on the game’s “auction house” feature."

    The main cause of concern of the board is that real money in the auction house would be essentially gambling i.e a cash out feature that allows Diablo III players to convert gold into actual money.

    Blizzard has already promised a simultaneous launch of Diablo III worldwide, so this delay in rating from South Korean rating board will definitely hold up game's launch in all region.

  • Skyrim patch 1.4 coming later this month, Creation Kit for PC also incoming

    Pete Hines, head of PR and marketing for Bethesda has announced that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.4 will launch later this month. Hines also confirmed that Creation Kit would arrive on PC soon.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Concept ArtIt is still not clear whether the LAG failures or saved game issue with PS3 version of Skyrim will be fixed by this patch or by future patch.

    Pete Hines said, "I wanted to stop in and give everyone a quick update before the holidays. Patch 1.3 is up for everyone, as is the PC LAA version. The January 1.4 update is well underway right now for all platforms, along with the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop integration on PC,"

    "We know everyone's experience is unique, and it's made a huge difference being able to look first hand at things you were seeing. Through this we've learned the game can get in some states where it severely taxes the PS3 in particular. We've been working hard to find and fix those with your help."

  • How to Take Screenshots in PC Games

    On PC there are many ways to take screenshots of your running Applications or Video Games. Well I'll list some of the best and easiest ways to take screenshots of your PC Games. I'll consider your are playing games on Windows PC, because Windows is the only focused Platform on PC for video games.

    There has been old tradition of pressing Alt-tab during the game and pasting the screen capture in paint and saving it. However this procedure can crash your Hard Disk, belive me it does sometimes, if it's not happened with you then you are lucky till now.

    In Windows 7, Alt-tab-paste doesn't works untill you do the following:

    Right Click on your Game Launcher icon then Select Properties. Go to Compatibility and Select "Disable Scren Composition".

    However as doing Alt-tab is not a good practice, it disturbs your gameplay as well as your PC's health, i'll list some of the best applications available to ease your screenshot capturing process.

    Using Fraps: (Only Free Trail)

    Fraps Screenshot

    Fraps is the one of the most popular tool for Windows users to take screenshots of video games, even it allows to record your gameplay videos. It also gives your FPS statics. In short Fraps is combination of Benchmarking Software, Screenshot capture, and Realtime Video capture.

    But Sadly It's not free, with it's trail version you'll get watermark in every screenshot. However it doesn't cost much and worth buying if you need to make use of it's all three features (Video, Screenshot,Benchmarking).

    Using Screenshot Pilot (Fully Free)

    Screenshot Pilot

    Screenshot Pilot is the best solution if you hunting some free screen capture tool. Just download it, adjust settings according to you. Basically you need to assign the Hotkey which can be assigned by you as per your preference, then during games to take screenshots you'll press that HotKey. After you close your game, your screenshots will be presented in tabs. Save them and Share them.

    I hope it helps you to easily capture screenshots during your gameplay. If you know some other alternative ways which deserves to be listed here then post in comments, i'll surly add them.

  • Syndicate will feature 9 missions from original game

    Syndicate an upcoming FPS game from Electronic Arts will features a total of Nine Missions from the original game. This clearly suggest that developer Starbreeze Studio haven't strayed from the root of the game entirely, although they completely changed the genre from tactical shooter to an FPS.

    SyndicateSyndicate will launch in February 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is a reboot of the Syndicate series developed by Bullfrog Productions. Watch the new co-op trailer of the game below.

  • Half Life 3 hints found in CS: GO File

    Well it seems like there's no stoping to teaser related to Half Life 3. This time around some interesting Half Life related teaser was found in the latest build of CS: GO. A reddit user "Lurkertron9000" found Gordon Freeman’s face on one of the textures from CS:GO.

    Half Life 3 T-ShirtAll thanks to Lurkertron9000 we have the full anaylsis for you below. Check it out (Images are below).

    Gordon’s face appears in the top middle of this one Well at least a guy with glasses. I might be reading too much into this. Seriously Valve?

    It mentions ’3' Half-Life characters. Eli is crossed out, maybe because he is dead. Breen is a different color, with the 2 next to Eli reflected his color. Gordon’s name is marked with a 3.

    There is a sign post with 3 points on it in the bottom-left on this one

    The number 6172010 is in the middle of this one. Any wild speculation on what this might be? GothicFighter suggested over on /r/halflife that this may be the last day of E3 from 2010. Ummm… ? Well, the date is true for sure.

    It says “Bugs fixed: 3?.

    The numbers 917 and 91 are specifically circled. Tenuous I know. Any ideas?

    There is a guy holding a gun under the word Elevator, apparently named Carl.

    The number 3 is the only one not crossed out in the middle of this one.

    Let the gossip begin… again. I know this is silly, but its fun, so why not?


    Half Life CS: GO Hint 1 Half Life CS: GO Hint 2

    What you guys think let us know in the comment section below.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moogle Trailer

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 publisher has just released a brand new trailer for the game showcasing mythical creatures Moogle and also detailing the role he plays.

  • Get Star Wars The Old Republic two months early in Australia via EB Games

    Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic is schedule to launch in March in Australia, however thanks to EB Games many die-hard Star Wars fans can get it now.

    Star Wars: The Old RepublicCurrently EB Games is fulfilling Star Wars The Old Republic pre-orders with imported version. As usual imported version stock are limited in store as well as on EB Games website. These imported version of Star Wars The Old Republic will run on American servers.

    Fans who are thinking that EB Games is breaking embargoes, we would like to inform you that Bioware previously said that there is no ban on importing copies of the game.

    So be quick guys what are you waiting for.

  • WWE 12 online patch finished, few more weeks needed for approval

    THQ has announced that development work on WWE 12 patch has been completed, however few more weeks time is needed for approval process. The news was confirmed by Corey Ledesma on his personal Twitter account.

    WWE 12Ledesma tweeted, "Quick update: #WWE12 Patch is finished. However it can take a few weeks for it to be approved and ready for deployment. We'll keep u updated"

    The patch is expected to launch by the end of this month, however nothing is confirmed yet. We just advice WWE 12 players to be patience as we don't want THQ to release patch in haywire.

  • Hidden Commands to check PS VITA System Information

    Want to check out the system information of Sony's Playstation VITA?, well its an easy task, all you need to do is follow the step given below and within few seconds you will get complete system information of PS VITA.

    Playstation VITASteps to find PS VITA System Information:

    Note: Following Command is for getting Extended PS VITA System Information

    Step 1:

    • Go to "Settings" and then to System and further navigate to "System Information" to view

    Step 2:

    • Press "+ L Button + R Button + Left button" for several seconds

    Step 3:

    • Release the button and immediately Press Start

    Step 4:

    • PS VITA System Information will be displayed.

    Playstation VITA is the latest handheld console from Sony. It was released in Japan on December 17. In Europe and North America PS VITA is schedule to launch on February 22.

    Need any help?, let us know in the comment section below.

  • Mass Effect 3: Check out New ENEMY

    Bioware has already said that Mass Effect 3 will be the hardest game in the franchise as the game will feature many different forms of aliens and giant robots. The only task and objective of these aliens and giant robots is to stop players from saving the earth.

    Mass Effect 3The developer released a brand new screenshot of the game today that showcase one of the new enemy. You can check out the screenshot below, its really BIG. What you guys think?, let us know in the comment section below.

    ME3 screenshot