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  • MW3 developer comments on "Cross Platform Gaming" for Future games

    Cross Platform Gaming, is one of the hot topic of discussion nowadays, and now Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has shared his thoughts on this.

    Modern Warfare 3 screenshot

    In an intresting interview with Australian Gamer Robert Bowling was quizzed about Cross Platform Play, and whether Infinity Ward was looking to feature it in their future games.

    To this Robert replied: "We [Infinity Ward] take things one game a time. There’s no Cross platform play in Modern Warfare 3. Right now, we’re completely focused on that [MW3], and we’ll look at it [Cross Platform Play]."

    He further added, "I think it’s something cool that a lot of people are doing well."

    Bowling might be referring to Portal 2's PS3-PC co-op feature which worked perfectly for all, and Valve has now announced that Counter Strike: Global Offensive ill feature cross-platform play between PC, PS3, and Mac.

    However we are yet to see a game that put PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers against each other.

    Guys let us know your views on this in the comment section below.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic launch date and price details revealed

    Today at Eurogamer Expo, Bioware has announced the launch date of Star Wars: The Old Republic. It will launch on December 20 in NA, and on December 22 in Europe.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic logo

    Bioware also announced the price details as well, For one month's subscription, players have to shell out $14.99/£8.99. 3 months subscription will cost $41.97/£25.17, whereas six months will carry a price tag of $77.94/£46.14.

    Each copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic will come with 30 days of subscription time period.

  • Nvidia to release custom BF3 drivers for upcoming BETA (Update: Drivers available now)

    Nvidia has announced that they will be releasing an all new set of custom graphics drivers for public beta test of Battlefield 3.

    This new set of custom graphics drivers will allow players with GeForce graphics cards to enjoy Battlefield 3 free from the spectre of driver incompatibilities.

    Battlefield 3 screenshot

    The drivers will launch on September 26, and so gamers having an early access to Battlefield 3 beta will get an entire day to download and install them.

    Last year some GeForce card owners experienced certain issues with Bad Company 2 beta, So Nvidia is now going an extra mile to ensure that its customers have the best Battlefield 3 beta experience.


    The drivers are available for download now, check out more details on it HERE.

  • New Stunning Crysis PS3/Xbox 360 Gameplay Footage

    A new gameplay footage of Crysis consoles version has arrived on YouTube. The video features gameplay of fourth mission in Crysis, and anyone out there having doubts regarding visual and graphics must watch this.


    Crysis for PS3 and Xbox 360 is schedule to launch on October 4 for $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points. Watch the new gameplay video below, and let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about it.

  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations pre-order bonus details from GAMESTOP

    GameStop has revealed its pre-order bouns details for Ubisoft upcoming Assassin's Creed game, "Assassin's Creed: Revelations".

    Assassin's Creed: Revelations screenshot

    According to the details revealed by GameStop, fans who pre-order Assassin's Creed: Revelations will receive a free upgrade to the Signature Edition.

    The GameStop Signature Edition is the most expansive pre-order offer in Assassin's Creed history and it features:

    • "Vlad's Prison" singleplayer bonus mission with unlockable sword
    • The Ottoman Jester multiplayer character
    • Ammo capacity upgrades for bullets
    • Crossbow bolts and bombs
    • ACR original soundtrack
    • Assassin's Creed Embers animated short film.

    Assassin's Creed: Revelations is schedule to launch in November. Check out glimpse of all the above bonus content in the trailer below:

  • Microsoft unbans recently banned console caused by "SOFTWARE ERROR"

    Microsoft has just announced that the firm is reversing specific Xbox Live bans that were issued between August 29 and September 9. According to the details revealed by Microsoft some of these bans were caused by a SOFTWARE ERROR.

    Xbox Live

    The console maker is currently looking into the affected console, and has announced a compensation package for the inconvenience, "THREE MONTHS FREE SUBSCRIPTION OF XBOX LIVE" and "1600 MSP ($20)".

    Gamers who are affected don't have to do anything, Microsoft has already began the process of reversing the bans and updating appropriate accounts.

    Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse said, "In this case, it was one of those very, very rare circumstances where we were using software on the Xbox 360 to assist [in policy enforcement]. An issue came up that we felt the right thing to do after we determined some [consoles] weren’t tampered with was to undo the suspension."

    Did you received Xbox Live ban between August 29 and September 9, without any reason whatsoever?, Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 gets new patch

    NetherRealm Studios has just released a new patch update for Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat. This new patch carries fix for various glitches, several gameplay tweaks. It also adjusts the balance of the game.

    Mortal Kombat

    PS3 version of the patch will be released in a few days time. You can check General Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks:

    • Fixed a couple of crash scenarios.
    • DLC billboards should now behave correctly on Xbox
    • You should no longer see online desyncs on Xbox that are related to alternate costumes or classic costume DLC packs.
    • MOTD handling and displaying code was tweaked.
    • Fixed a bug that could have resulted in tweakvars getting corrupted.
    • Fixed a crash in player select if you tried to exit out while the dlc box was open.
    • With the exception of Human Cyrax and Human Sektor, everyone’s alternate costumes should behave the same as their primary costumes and have the exact same move properties.
    • You can now block after a dash forward is completed if it was cancelled into from a special move. You canceling out of a dash into another dash was normalized for most of the characters. Dash Block canceling remains the same.
    • Wakeup attacks should have better invulnerability on them if done in the first 4 frames of the wakeup window. (this was added as a hotfix tweakable value)
    • You no longer get a completely free throw attempt after someone blocks your jump punch. The opponent has less block hit frames but chained combos from a jump punch will remain the same.
    • There were several reactions that could freeze players just before they landed from attacks and reactions such as Kano’s Airball and Cyrax’s Net air reaction.
    • Made many minor hitbox adjustments.
    • Tweaked the negative edge window.
    • Several low attacks were being parried incorrectly.
    • Nightwolf and Kenshi can no longer still absorb a projectile if they get hit out of their enhanced reflects before the recovery frames start.


  • EA: We want to take Activision's 90% shooter market share down to 70%

    The war between EA and Activision is known to everyone, and there's no secret that EA is going after COD. Now in the latest episode, EA has claimed that the firm want to take Activision's 90% share of the shooter market down to 70%.

    EA vs Activision

    Check out below what EA's Jens Uwe Intat said:

    "We will give Activison a hard time in the space. And we have done it when we won back the football category from PES. That’s what we are doing in the shooter space. One of my favourite sayings is ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. We might not do it Day One, but we are going to take a decent amount share from Activision. In broad numbers, Activision has 90 per cent of the shooter market, and we want to see that go down to 70. I would be even happier if they were left with 60 per cent."

    No one will doubt if i say EA has played a smart game right from the first day. If you go on and on comparing your product with the most popular one available in the market, it will definitely stick in consumers mind, in short "FREE MARKETING".

    What you guys think about this, let us know your views in the comment section below.

  • Crysis PS3/Xbox 360 release date and price revealed

    EA has revealed the specific launch date and price of Crysis 1 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

    According to the details revealed by publisher on its official blog, Crysis 1 wil launch on consoles on October 4, and will carry a price tag of  $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points.


    Yesterday some stunning new screenshots of the game was released by EA and Crytek, check them out HERE.

  • New Skyrim info on quests, perks, factions and game world

    The latest issue of Edge Magazine features some fresh and new details about Bethesda's upcoming RPG "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The new that surfaced are on quests, perks, factions, the game world. Check them out below.

    • There is an Ice Golem creature.
    • By befriending faction leaders, those positioned at a lower rank will be less harsh.
    • You are able to make factions fight each other.
    • Newly-revealed perks include a decapitation one and a running-with-shield-up one.
    • A new kill animation allows you to kill off enemies trying to crawl away.
    • Gourds are an included ingredient in recipes.

    Skyrim will launch on November 11 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.