Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Microsoft commented on Playstation Network Outage

    Microsoft has commented on Playstation Network Outage issue that has plague gamers all around the globe. In an interview to Electronic Theatre a representative of Microsoft said that their sympathy are there with PS3 gamers, as they won't be able to play their favourite games online.

    Microsoft logo

    "Of course it’s regretful that Sony is encountering issues at such a busy time, and Microsoft takes no joy in the problems gamers are having playing their favourite games online.”

    “That being said, we are expecting Microsoft’s robust online network to see an increase of traffic from those gamers who own both systems. Being able to play their games via the Xbox LIVE network could make all the difference for some gamers, and the Xbox Nations event will allow all of them to do just that – whether they have a Gold subscription or not.”

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 dated for Europe

    Level 5 has announced the European and North American launch date for White Knight Chronicles 2. The sequel to original RPG will launch in Europe on May 20, and in North America on August 2.

    According to the details from the developer White Knight Chronicles 2 plot will continue the story found in the original game in the series, and it will include redesigned dynamic combat system which will allow gamers to create and customize attacks and also combine different combos.

    White Night Chronicles

    The single player campaign of the sequel will last 30 hours. The Georama feature is in the game will let player create their own customizable online town

  • Shigeru Miyamoto: Wii 2 coming

    Wii 2 is indeed in development, and the confirmation has come from none other than Mario Creator "Shigeru Miyamoto".

    Shigeru Miyamoto

    In an interview to Edge, Shigeru Miyamoto was quizzed about Wii 2 and was pressed for some concrete detail on it, to this he replied:

    "Don't ask!, "Even when the Wii launched we were developing new hardware, work on 3DS had already started. It's a matter of when we announce it."

    When asked if Nintendo will make an official announcement at E3 2011, Miyamoto said: "Please wait. Be patient until we decide."

  • Marvel to reveal new MMO soon

    Some recent tweets from Marvel's official twitter accounts points out the a new Marvel MMO game is currently in development. Check out the screenshots of the tweet below:

    Marvel twitter account screen

    A complete bio of the MMO has been posted on MMMSociety twitter account, it reads as, "The Marvel Massively Multiplayer Society is your gateway to the Marvel Universe, Marvel's upcoming epic MMO."

    MMM Society tweet

    These tweets only points to one thing, Marvel MMO currently in development. More details about the game will be revealed soon by Marvel.

  • Final Fantasy Type-0 official website launched

    Square Enix has just launched the official website for their upcoming game title Final Fantasy Type-0.

    At present the official website for the game features a new background music, wallpaper and tons for battle and characters information.

    Final Fantasy Type-0 screen

    Final Fantasy Type-0 is slated to release in Summer 2011 in Japan for Playstation Portable. You can check out the webiste here.

  • Honest Hearts DLC promotional image revealed

    A very first promotional image for Fallout: New Vegas upcoming DLC "Honest Hearts" has appeared online.

    The image was found on Xbox Live, gamers can get the image by searching for Fallout: New Vegas on Game Marketplace, and then choosing the option Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer (HD).

    The image will appear in top-right corner, featuring Honest Heart logo and an angry man who is covering his nose and mouth. It has been reported that the man in the image is Joshua Graham, also known as the Burned Man.

    check out the image below:

    Honest Hearts DLC

  • Crysis 2 PC patch v1.03 coming out next week

    Crysis 2 PC version will receive a new patch v1.03 next week, according to details revealed by "Cry-Adam" at "

    Check out below what Cry-Adam wrote on website:

    A new Crysis 2 PC patch is coming next week and we’d like to give you a preview on some of the changes that will be included.

    Crysis 2 screen

    Complete patch note was also revealed, details below:

    PC Changes:

    • Vote-kicking feature added.
    • Added a reserved slot system for server admins.
    • Further improvements to anti-cheat measures.
    • Objectives are returned if they end up in forbidden areas.
    • Fix for Nanosuit Modules that could not be leveled in some circumstances.
    • Fix for some instances of errors logging into multiplayer that would report “Could not connect to Gamespy”.
    • Fix for unlock tokens failing to be awarded if a player quit a game in which they leveled up before the end of the round.
    • Fix for inconsistencies with weapon zooming.
    • Fix for outdated stats being saved when a client leaves mid-game.
    • Fixes to the Nanosuit Reboot option available at level 50.
    • Fixed several weapon exploits.
    • Fixed a rare issue where auto-aim, stealth kill and grab would not work on an AI.
    • Reduced memory footprint of sound.
    • Optimized full screen effects on some graphics cards.
    • Optimized SSAO on some graphics cards.

    Please note this list is not yet finalized and there may be more changes added before release. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to your feedback on the game once the patch is out.

  • Duke Nukem Forever Uncensored trailer

    Gearbox Software has released a new trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. This new 2 minute trailer for the game is Uncensored and it feature all the thing that fans want to see.

    The trailer shows off all the  bloody, gory, urinating, stripper pole dancing, school girls kissing action that Duke has to offer. Watch out the trailer below:

    Duke Nukem Forever is slated to release on June 14 in NA, and on June 10 everywhere else.

  • Shadows Of The Damned launch delayed

    According to the reports from GameSpot, EA has delayed the launch of Shadows of the Damned on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

    Shadows of the Damned which was schedule to launch on June 7, will now launch on June 21, no reason was revealed by publisher for the delay.

    Shadow of the Damned screen

    Shadows of the Damned is a psychological action thriller, and it has been describe as pair's "vision of hell, taking gamers on a journey through a demented underworld"

  • Child of Eden for PS3 delayed

    Child of Eden Playstation 3 version launch has been delayed. According to IGN, Playstation 3 owners will now have to wait till September inorder to play the game. Initially it was schedule to launch on June 17.

    The only good news for PS3 owners is that Child of Eden will launch with Playstation Move support.

    Child of Eden

    The launch of Child of Eden Xbox 360 version is as per schedule, i.e June 14 in North America.