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  • Amazon France confirms GTA V for PC, Available for Pre-order

    Amazon France has a reputation of leaking a game before its official announcement, and this time around the retailer has open the lid from GTA V PC version.

    Grand Theft Auto VRockstar Games has not yet announced GTA V for PC, but it is currently available for pre-order at Amazon France. We have taken the snapshot of GTA V PC version listing at Amazon France (just to be on the safer side, if retailer decide to take down the listing).

    Check out the images below.

    GTA V PC version Amazon France Listing Snapshot 1 GTA V PC version Amazon France Listing Snapshot 2

  • God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo coming in February, Collector's Edition Detailed

    Sony has just announced on official Playstation Blog that single-player demo of God of War: Ascension will arrive in February 2013. Further details on as to what the demo will feature, and when exactly it will arrive will be revealed in coming weeks.

    God of War: Ascension Collector's EditionFurthermore, Sony also revealed details regarding as to what God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition will feature, "Official Game Soundtrack, 48 Hours MP XP Booster, PS3 Dynamic Theme, PSN Avatar Pack".

    You can check out God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition image below.

    God of War: Ascension Collector's Edition

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate will take 16 hours to complete: David Cox

    David Cox, Producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Series has announced that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will take a whooping 16 hours to complete in first play-through.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of FateDavid Cox further revealed that it could take gamers another 12 hours to complete Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate a second time.

    On Twitter, Chris Viscito asked David Cox, "Any idea on total play time for MoF? DS games seem over so quickly."

    To this David replied, "Average first play thru is 16 hours. If you want to collect everything 100%? its longer, second play thru are around 12 hours"

  • Tomb Raider Achievments List Revealed, Full of Spoilers

    The complete Achievement list of upcoming Tomb Raider reboot has arrived on internet. We have the full details below, but beware guys the list if full of spoilers.Tomb Raider So if you are looking forward to Tomb Raider then read at your own risk.

    25% of all documents found.

    75% of all documents found.

    Relic Hunter
    25% of all relics collected.

    75% of all relics collected.

    Looking for Trouble
    25% of all GPS caches found

    Bag Full O' Cache
    75% of all GPS caches found.

    No Stone Left Unturned
    All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.

    5000 pieces of salvage collected.

    200 enemies looted.

    Clever Girl
    Purchased all skills in one category.

    Purchased all skills in all categories.

    Now We're Getting Serious
    One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.

    The Professional
    All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.

    Big Game Hunter
    10 large animals killed and looted.

    Tastes Like Chicken!
    10 small animals killed and looted.

    Feather Duster
    10 flying animals killed and looted.

    Sharp Shooter
    50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.

    50 enemies killed with the bow.

    75 enemies killed with the rifle.

    40 enemies killed with the shotgun.

    35 enemies killed with the pistol.

    Epic Fumble
    Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.

    Get Over Here!
    5 enemies rope pulled off edges.

    25 unaware enemies killed.

    Down and Dirty
    15 finishers performed.

    10 enemies shot off zip lines.

    Former Adventurer
    25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.

    One Smart Cookie
    One optional tomb completed.

    Intellectually Superior
    All optional tombs completed.

    Unfinished Business
    One challenge completed.

    All challenges complete.

    A Survivor Is Born
    Game completed

    Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes.

    20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer.

    Down Boy!
    Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.

    Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.

    Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.

    Good Samaritan
    Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.

    I'm all that!
    Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.

    Sole Survivor
    Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.

    Lights Out
    10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack.

    Master Blaster
    Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive.

    Monkey Around
    Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender.

    New character purchased.

    On My Way Up
    Multiplayer level 10 attained.

    Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.

    True Commitment
    Multiplayer level 60 attained.

  • God of War: Ascension Single Player Teaser Trailer Released

    Sony and Santa Monica has released brand new single player teaser trailer of God of War: Ascension. The trailer is just 30 seconds long, and show origins of Kratos, and things that lead him to become rage-filled monster.

    God of War: AscensionIf you guys want to know the true meaning of Brutality, don't miss this trailer. God of War: Ascension will launch on March 12 exclusively for PS3.

  • PSN Maintenance Extended Once Again, New End Time "Jan 19, 2:00am PDT (5:00am Eastern)"

    Not a good news for PS3 gamers across the globe, Sony has just announced that PSN schedule maintenance which begun on January 17 (Thursday) 4pm GMT has been further extended and will not end around around 2:00am PDT (5:00am Eastern) Saturday January 19th.

    Playstation Network DowntimeCheck out below the message from Sony addressing all PS3 gamers across the globe:

    "We are currently performing maintenance to upgrade the software for the PlayStation Network from January 17-19th. This maintenance is scheduled to end around 2:00am PDT (5:00am Eastern) Saturday January 19th.

    During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states “Sony  Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance” when attempting to access the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, or PlayStation Home.

    If you have signed in to PSN within 5 days prior to the start of maintenance (meaning: any time since January 12), you may be able to play games online and enjoy apps such as Netflix, HULU Plus and Music Unlimited during this maintenance period."

    Initially this PSN schedule maintenance was to end at 4am on Friday January 18 (9:00 pm MT, 10:00 pm CT, 11:00 pm ET), however due to some unknown reason Sony has extended the downtime second time.

    Stay tuned for more updates on this. We will update the post as soon as PSN goes Live.

  • Finally Kojima comments on "The Phantom Pain" trailer

    Want to know what Hideo Kojima (creator of popular video game franchise "Metal Gear Solid") thinks about The Phantom Pain trailer?. In a recent interview to IGN, Hideo Kojima has shared his views on The Phantom Pain trailer released at VGA 2012.

    The Phantom PainMiddle Eastern branch of IGN asked Kojima, whether he had seen "The Phantom Pain" trailer?, to this he replied, "Yes, yes I have. I really liked it."

    When asked if he would like to say anything else about it, Kojima replied, “It was very visually appealing. The lighting was very good.”

    In hope of some more details, IGN asked Kojima, "the main character in the trailer looked very similar to Naked Snake, what's your thought on this?", To this Kojima replied, "Oh! [laughs] It might have been an inspiration…"

    Almost all attempt of IGN to get a confirmation from Kojima that Metal Gear Solid V is indeed The Phantom Pain went in vain, as Kojima handles pressure of each and every question perfectly.

    Earlier this week Reddit user discovered a new evident from MGS Comic which confirms Metal Gear Solid V and The Phantom Pain Connection. Check out HERE, what that evidence is

  • Skyrim PS3 version getting Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC in February 2013

    The long wait of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS3 gamers for DLC content (Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard) will finally end in February 2013. On Twitter, Bethesda's Pete Hines has just announced release date of all three DLC content for Skyrim PS3 version.

    SkyrimHines tweeted, "Dragonborn out Feb. 5 for PC. Also out for PS3 in Feb (date TBA), followed by Hearthfire and Dawnguard (also Feb.) Each 50% off first week."

    Last but not least, each add-on will be 50% off during its launch week on PSN.

    Are you guys finally happy, as Bethesda finally made impossible thing possible?, let us know your views to us in the comment section below.

  • SimCity beta dated and detailed by EA

    EA has just announced the dates for SimCity beta, as per the details revealed by publisher SimCity beta will run from Jan 25-Jan 28. If you want to try of SimCity before the official release then register for a spot at "" before 2am GMT on January 21.

    SimCity"It is always an exciting moment to share a game that is still in development with its biggest fans prior to launch," said Lucy Bradshaw, senior vice president and general manager of EA's Maxis Label. "This beta will help the team improve the live service aspects of SimCity to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience at launch. I want to thank everyone for signing up - we are excited to share one of our most beloved franchises with our fans."

    SimCity beta will run from 5pm GMT on January 25 until 8am GMT on January 28. The taster will allow gamers a chance to play one hour gameplay that too for unlimited times.