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  • Mass Effect 3 Wii U will ship with Extended Cut DLC on DISC, no need to download

    Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 Wii U version will feature all DLC to date on DISC.

    Mass Effect 3The developer confirmed that Extended Cut DLC ending will be the part of the package, and there is no need for Wii U gamers to download it.

    Mike Gamble (Mass Effect franchise producer) said, "The extended ending is basically going to be part of the game instead"

    He further added, "You won’t have to download it."

    Source: Siliconera

  • Wii U isn't going to Work says Analyst

    Wedbush Securities Analyst Michael Pachter has once again raised a question mark on success of Nintendo upcoming handheld console Wii U. According to Pachter, Wii U will not achieve the same success as the Wii.

    Wii UThe reason Wii achieve such a massive success at its launch was because Nintendo was lucky, but this time around Nintendo will not be "getting lucky with Wii U."

    Pachter further added, only those gamers will buy Wii U who are hardcore gamers and Nintendo fanboys.

    Here are the quotes of Michael Pachter:

    I don’t get it. I think that essentially this is a solution in search of a problem. I mean, somebody had an idea–’let’s make the controller a tablet’–and there aren’t many games that are going to take advantage of that.”

    [The Wii] worked, they got lucky, [but] I don’t think they’re getting lucky with Wii U. I don’t think they suck. I just think that they really believe that, ‘If we’re still novel, everything we do will work’. This isn’t going to work. Hardcore gamers will buy them; hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy it. They could put out a piece of cardboard and say that it’ll play Mario and they’ll buy it.

  • New The Last of Us artwork is the cover of OPM Australia's August Issue

    The lastes issue of OPM (Official Playstation Magazine AU) will launch tomorrow on , and can you guys make a guess what is there on the cover of this upcoming issue?, a brand new artwork from upcoming PS3 exclusive game "The Last of Us".

    The Last of UsIt is expected that this latest issue will features some new details, screenshots and artwork. We will keep you updated on this as soon as we get our hands on it.

    In the meantime, check out the cover of upcoming OPM AU issue below. Click on the image to ENLARGE:

    OPM AU: The Last of Us

  • New Playstation All Stars Battle Royale screenshots show Cole and Jak

    SCE has just released new screenshots of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. These new screenshots shows two characters that were revealed recently at Comic-Con, Cole Mcgrath and Jak.

    Playstation All Stars: Battle RoyaleWith the addition of these two characters, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale roster has touched 12 mark. You can check out full list of roster HERE. Check out the new screenshots below.

    Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is schedule to launch on October 23.

    Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Cole and Jak Screenshot 1 Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Cole and Jak Screenshot 2 Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Cole and Jak Screenshot 3 Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Cole and Jak Screenshot 4

  • Borderlands 2 Campaign Length 58 Hours Long confirms Gearbox

    Gearbox Software has confirmed that Borderlands 2 campaign length is 58 hours long. Wait there's more, this run time is with respect to one of the game's five different character classes.

    Borderlands 2Steve Gibson said, "What we like to think about it is, Borderlands is a hobby. Some guide guys just did a playthrough of Borderlands 2 and they reported back to us that it takes 58 hours to play through the campaign – and that’s just one playthrough with one character,"

    "So the depth with which people can get into that…Yeah we look at it as a hobby, and that isn’t even counting the new Badass Points system and how that’ll affect every character you do. We want it to feel like you get more for your money, we’re happy for people to pay their money once and feel that they get ongoing value."

    Steve Gibson further explained why development team drop Arean mode from Borderlands 2.

    "It was hardly used, so what we invested in instead was the co-op stuff. The Badass Ranking System is kind of a measure stick which says, ‘Look how awesome I’m doing in this world.’ So what we’ve invested in rather than Arena stuff is drop-in/drop-out split-screen co-op, and being able to re-adjust your questline a little bit to match up with other players."

  • Activision: Deadpool not confirmed for Wii U

    Deadpool Wii U version is not yet announced, and this confirmation came directly from publisher of the game, Activision.

    DeadpoolLast week during a Q&A transcription on official Marvel Blog, a fan (on a wheelchair) asked panel members, "Deadpool is awesome. I wanted to ask about the Kinect game. Can I play? (a fan in a wheelchair asks)"

    And the panel members simply replied: "You will be able to play on the WiiU!"

    Many took the above reply as a confirmation of Deadpool for Wii U. But the reply referred to Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, an upcoming multiplatform game in development for Wii U and Xbox 360.

    In a recent interview to NintendoEverything, Activision cleared all rumors and said, "No platforms have been officially announced at this time" for Deadpool.

  • Resident Evil 6: ESRB Leakes NUDE Boss Fight details

    Recently ESRB revealed its rating summary for Resident Evil 6. The board gave the game M (17+) rating and nobody was surprised at all about it, as the game features violence, gore and NUDITY (added for the  first time in the franchise).

  • WWE 13 "Austin 3:16" Collector's Edition announced, trailer also released

    THQ has just announced Collector's Edition for WWE 13. This special edition of the game is titled as "WWE 13 Austin 3:16 Collector's Edition" and features tons of bonus in-game content along with the game.

    WWE 13 Collector's EditionWWE 13 Austin 3:16 Collector's Edition features the following:

    • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin special feeder (with ATV) and clothing (Red Skull T-Shirt)
    • "Iron" Mike Tyson as a playable superstar
    • CM Punk Ice Cream T-Shirt

    This special edition is available for limited time only, so pre-order your copy now.

    Watch the trailer for "WWE 13 Austin 3:16 Collector's Edition" below:

  • Making of Halo 4 Theatrical Trailer LEAKED

    The much awaited Halo 4 Theatrical trailer has been leaked on YouTube, although an off-screen footage. The trailer features some new gameplay footage from HALO 4.

  • Game4u announces Monsoon Sale 2012, 40% discount on Games and Peripherals

    Game4u has something pretty special this on-going monsoon season for gamers across INDIA, a whooping 40% discount on games and gaming pheripherals.

    Game4u Monsoon Sale 2012Game4u, a specialist retailer of video games, today announced its most awaited monsoon sale. During the sale period, customers will get upto 40% discount on PC games, console games & peripherals.

    This monsoon sale allows you to choose from a wide and exciting range of games like Mass effect, FIFA, Batman Arkham City Standard Edition, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Street Fighter x Tekken and many more. It’s time to indulge yourself in your favourite game.

    Wait, there's more, an additional benefits for "Team Elite” members".

    So guys if you missed out on some of your favourite games, this is the best option to get it that too at 40% discount price. More details on official GAME4U.

    Game4u Monsoon Sale