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  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories coming on Nov 2 confirms Konami

    Finally Konami has revealed the release date of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The game will launch on November 2 for Playstation VITA.

    Silent Hill: Book of MemoriesHere is the official press release we just received from Konami: "Developed by WayForward, the new game marks the first appearance of the acclaimed horror series on PlayStation Vita. The game also introduces multiplayer elements to the series for the first time, as players work together within the mist-shrouded areas of the titular town.

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories begins with the player selecting a customisable character. The player then receives a book which, it transpires, has the power to change the past. The action takes the form of a skewed top-down adventure with the emphasis on action and exploration.

    Players are thus challenged to solve a series of tests and puzzles which rewards them with puzzle pieces that are needed to access the next area.

    A wide range of Silent Hill elements and adversaries make a welcome return as the player finds out more about the book, and in multiplayer mode players work together in a quest to gather the puzzle pieces and conquer the huge boss creatures which punctuate the gameplay.

    Silent Hill: Book of Memories also allows users to share Items between characters, including items to restore lost health and to boost endurance."

  • Forza Horizon Demo coming on Oct 9, launch trailer released

    Microsoft has just announced the release date of Forza Horizon demo and also release launch trailer of the game. As per the details revealed by publisher, Forza Horizon demo will arrive on Xbox Live on October 9.

  • WWE 13: Number of DLC Characters revealed by Strategy Guide

    It seems like the cover of WWE 13 official Startegy Guide has revealed the number of DLC characters for the game. As per the details on the cover of official WWE 13 Strategy Guide, number of DLC characters are 21.

    WWE 13If TRUE, the will be the biggest dlc ever for WWE videogame. You can check out the cover below.

    Click on the image to ENLARGE and on the text in RED color (right hand side), it reads: "Tips for all 21 DLC Characters"

    WWE 13 Official Strategy Guide Cover

  • New Halo 4 screenshots show Ragnarok map beauty and more

    We all know that Valhalla map makes a comeback in HALO 4 but with a different name i.e "Ragnarok". Some brand new screenshots of this Ragnarok map has arrived on internet showing the beauty of the map and also vehicles that will be available for gamers during the match.

    Halo 4Check out the screenshots below. Halo 4 is schedule to launch on November 6 exclusively for Xbox 360.

     Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 1 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 2 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 3 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 4 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 5 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 6 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 7 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 8 Halo 4 Ragnarok map screen 9 

  • New Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX scan show first screenshots

    A brand new scan of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix has arrived showcasing some of the first screenshots of the game. The game was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2012.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will include HD version of Kingdom Hearts 1, Chain of Memories with full trophies support. In addition to this, gamers will also get to view HD movies from 358/2 Days.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX will launch in Japan in 2012. Check out the scan below, click on it to ENLARGE.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Scan

  • PlayStation Vita price cut coming in 2013: Sony

    Sony UK head Fergal Gara has confirmed to Eurogamer that Playstation VITA will receive a price cut in 2013. No details was revealed by Fergal Gara as to when this price cut will be introduced as he added that it's "still under discussion".

    PS VITA Price CutFergal said, "We always aim to establish price cuts. So the question is not so much if, but when. We won't have an across the board pricedown this Christmas. But what you will see us doing is work very hard with our retail partners to add value to the product to make it more compelling.

    "Even this week, there are some tremendously attractive bundles out there, for example Wi-fi Vita plus LittleBigPlanet at the £200 price point. There's the wi-fi product again plus FIFA 13 plus Uncharted Golden Abyss plus LittleBigPlanet at not much above the £200 price point.

    "We will be working that very hard over the coming weeks as more and more software arrives."

  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta begins on October 5

    Major Nelson has revealed the exact release date of Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta. It will begin on October 5 exclusively for Xbox 360 gamers across the globe.

    Medal of Honor: WarfighterThe multiplayer beta will give gamers access to new multiplayer mode called HotSpot, where players “attack and defend randomly-selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia.”

    Not only this, gamers who will get access to Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta will get 60 minutes of Double XP when the full game launches.

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter is schedule to launch in late October for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • New 14 Minutes Super Mario Bros U Gameplay Video

    A brand new 14 minutes long video footage of Super Mario Bros U has arrived on YouTube. The game is schedule to arrive on November 18.

    New Super Mario Bros Wii UNew Super Mario Bros. U is a new, side-scrolling adventure featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad … and your Mii character! Now's your chance to step inside the Mushroom Kingdom and explore new worlds, new power-ups and new ways to play.

    Watch the new gameplay footage below.